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First Person, 3D Tactical War Simulators Discussion
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I'm not referring to games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Metal Of Honor (etc) I am only referring to an actually single player war simulator's or this would include 1-3 shot deaths in a single player campaign.

The original "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon" for PC. Ghost Recon 1 is like Call Of Duty. Except for the fact you don't see yourself holding a weapon, and that both you and the computer soldiers die in, 1 to 3 shots maximum. This is a realistic war simulator game. imagine being in the woods and you have 4 soldiers against tanks limited ammo and hidden in camouflage  guys with machine guns. and the odds of dying is that same as your enemies, on the single player campaigns.

I only like to play Ghost Recon on cheats when I had it a long time ago on PC, the 1 playable character dying in 1-3 shot with both you and your enemy with machine guns.

What are your current thoughts on "Ghost Recon Series", OR other 3D Tactical War Simulators alike like the "Brothers In Arms, Road To Hill 30"
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