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Re: OOS - Playstation Classic Already Basically 50% Off
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Incredibly unhelpful reply this morning:

In order to receive the gift card I should place both items in my cart and order.  After pointing out that I had already RECEIVED the product the said the gift card credit should be in my account by Saturday.

Finally got the $25 but it took another e-mail and they didn’t associate it with the right product.  I’m not going to say anything.  I got the $25.

Also, looks like it is in stock for $70 now, but no more gift card offer.

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Playstation Classic Already Basically 50% Off - UPDATE in COMMENTS
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Now it looks like the normal retail price is down to $60.

And if you have Cartwhell for Target you can manipulate it all the way down to around $36.

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Re: Playstation Classic Almost 50% Off - UPDATE in comments
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Here is another link for getting the PlayStation Classic Mini console, I got mine a few weeks ago in store as a gift from someone for $30 USD
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