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Premium box (Japanese)
« on: December 26, 2018, 07:05:41 am »
Hello everyone, I'm new from today, I added my gaming list but some premium or special edition are missing in the database.

As example Sengoku Musou 3 Z Premium Edition.

Should I add it by myself, even if I'm a new user or should I request ?

I did some edits for the barcode / serial.

Hope to help in future.

Thank for your useful website.


Re: Premium box (Japanese)
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If you can't find special editions or any specific game in the database feel free to add it yourself. It is definitely encouraged.
You should probably look at the style guide thread just so you get a general idea of what you should and shouldn't be doing when adding or editing items,22.0.html

Also, welcome to the forum friend! I hope you like it here!


Re: Premium box (Japanese)
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Many of the Limited Edition, Special Package, Premium/Treasure Box type releases are missing from the database. So if you have any to add that would be great. I have been adding quite a few into the PS3 [JP] category lately, sometimes hard to find box art pictures.

Please do not use pictures such as the one you put into your post on a game entry.

Re: Premium box (Japanese)
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Absolutely add it yourself- I've been doing it since the day I signed up. It's actually a big part of why I signed up, given I tend toward the niche so there's always something I have/get that isn't in the system already.

I remember during those first few days how clear it was these guys are going for the most comprehensive collector's list out there. Having to check my games for little details I didn't realize existed (like NES carts with different numbers of screws) made me really apperciate the effort this community's put forth. We'd love it if you helped out in this massive undertaking!

Re: Premium box (Japanese)
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I understand, I will do so. BTW for the picture I can take by myself because I possess the boxes, but it will look like amateur. So that's why i tried to find on internet.

I will try to do my best because I'm living in Japan so I can find those rare premium boxes, etc.

Again thank you for your warm welcome. It's actually not common nowadays.


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Re: Premium box (Japanese)
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Welcome to the forums!  :) It's good to have more people from Japan on the site as that's definitely one of our weaker areas in the database.
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Re: Premium box (Japanese)
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GameFAQs has most of the fronts and backs of the premium box games, at least for recent systems. It definately is missing some, but rarely is there one they don't have.