Author Topic: Do y'all have your digital games added to your collection list on this site?  (Read 530 times)

I use this site to track what I OWN when I go to conventions and retro stores. I use HLTB to track my actual backlog. Yes, I need to enter things twice, but I find it cathartic. I also have an Excel sheet for personal tracking, in case either of the online tools go down.

I don't consider digital games to be mine forever. If you look at the WiiWare service... all those exclusives are about to disappear for good. I can't get Gradius Rebirth anymore... outside of buying a console with the game already on it. So on this site, I don't track digital.

I also don't like to buy digital games anymore. I don't mind DLC, but I have been trying to find it all on sale, so yeah. Celeste physical? I might bite. The Messenger? I need that shit on disk. Or I just won't play them. I have too much stuff anyways.

I absolutely have them on here- it's easy enough to just open up your stats page to get a breakdown on what you've added from each category. It helps me keep tabs on what I've bought downloads for- both to prevent myself from buying them again (becuase I'm shopping away from the in-console store that day), and to help me prioritize what to get when/if they do get a physical release. If I need to see what I have for a specific console? Just pick it from the list- all the digital stuff is separate categories anyway, so clicking 'PS4' gives me discs, digital is listed under 'PSN'.

While everyone is certainly free to choose what they use this site for, I feel like 'you don't technically own digital, they could take it away' is a weak excuse. Technically, your physical copies can be taken away too- by fire, flood, burglars, crazy exes, misbehaving child relatives, or just you doing something stupid. I'm not sure how my 360 hard drive breaking down and taking my copy of Scott Pilgrim with it is any different than someone stepping on my Saturn Rayearth disc... save for Scott being easier to replace, since I'll only need someone to copy their file onto a flash drive so I can put it onto my replacement hard drive once I get my profile loaded in. I'm not at all a fan of digital, I do feel it's entirely too ephemeral as well- but I don't think we're so far down the rabbit hole that companies are ready to start yanking your paid-for permissions away and telling you' tough, buy it again on newer hardware'.


Can you import a spreadsheet or something similar to this site as a way to auto add stuff as opposed to doing it one by one?


The only games I put into here are ones on other platforms besides Steam.


Definitely, even though they are mainly Switch titles that will never get a physical release. It lets me keep track of what I bought and what to keep a lookout for. I have discovered plenty of Indie titles that are fantastic games and it’s a shame that some will never get a physical release.

I’m in the same camp though - always go physical if there is an option to do so. Digital is always a last resort.
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Yes.  I find it extremely helpful to have a full catalog of the games I have available to me.  It mostly helps in the prevention of duplicate purchases.

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No, because I don't actually own the digital items I purchased. I know Steam and various other services have ways you can trade in digital titles to get discounts on newer ones, but this is simply a gimmick used by these services to get you to buy more games that you otherwise may not have bought. I can take the HDD out of my computer and post in on ebay for $1000 just because it has hundreds of old PC games on it. They are files and regardless of how I obtained they are little more than IPs that I do not own, nor do they have any value.

With that said, I do consider something owned if I own an actual physical copy of a digital game, even if I don't have a way to run the physical version of the game. I've ran into this situation with several older PC games I own the big boxes for, but I guess regardless of whether or not I can get it running, or if there is a digital version optimized for newer OSes, I still technically own it and it is a part of my collection.


Nope. You don't own digital games, they are rented to you and can be stolen from you for any reason. To me tracking digital games would be the same as tracking pirated games, they are very similar except a pirated game is worth more to you...

Can you tell I hate digital games?

I came here to post this but someone beat me to it.


Yes I do. It's a feature on this site, might as well use it.
I collect vidya games and vidya game accessories I tell you what.


Haha, yes. Most of my games are digital, but I'm working on buying physical ones instead.


I do, but I can see why some don’t.  I only track my games, no hardware, accessories, etc.  Although I do create listings for everything just in case someone else wants to track that particular item.
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For me digital only games just don’t exist, so not only do I not add them, I also won’t buy them.  :D
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For me digital only games just don’t exist, so not only do I not add them, I also won’t buy them.  :D
Same here. And if I happen to get one for free on PSN Plus, I will nevertheless try finding them in the wild and, only then, add it to muy collection here...


Barely. I think I have a few WiiShop titles added but none of my Steam Library. I've considered adding them in the past, just never got around to it.

Too lazy lol I haven't updated my list in a year at least