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Separate Steelbooks
« on: February 04, 2020, 07:25:59 am »
How should we handle steelbook editions where the Steelbook originally came separately, like through Best Buy?

Should the Steelbook get its own entry?  What if the game is now housed in the steelbook and the doesn't have original case?  A steelbook entry for the game?

I'm asking specifically for Mass Effect Andromeda, which does not have a steelbook entry in PS4.

Re: Separate Steelbooks
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I would assume if the steelbook is given to you at the same time as the game, you could list it as a steelbook edition ("Best Buy Steelbook edition"?). It wouldn't be all that different than a collector's edition with additional tchotchkes. You'd have to note in the description that the steelbook was packaged separately, & when adding to collection, the honest thing would be to check the boxes for game/manual/other, since you are technically missing the original case. No idea what the photos should look like.


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I think they're listed in accessories for the console or something. Like the Shenmue III steelbook
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Re: Separate Steelbooks
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2020, 10:29:43 am »
A steelbook goes into accessory category under these circumstances:
- It is sold on its own
- It is sold with a game but not packaged together*
- It is included in a set

* There are instances where a game does not have a (brick and mortar) retail release, but is sold as an online exclusive such as those from GAME or sometimes with the "limited release" publishers where the "Pack" has no physical enclosure, but is a name attached to an online SKU. The "pack" then includes a sealed copy of a game, and a (most times) sealed empty steelbook, but there is no outer packaging to contain these items except for the shipping box from their warehouse.

A steelbook goes into the game category only when it is sold in retail packaging and has the game media inside of it, such as with PS2 or PS3 steelbook editions. In this case, the steelbook would not get a separate entry in the appropriate accessory category.
Final Fantasy XII Collector's Edition is a steelbook release that is in the game category. There should not be a separate entry made in the PS2 Accessory category just for the steelbook, because it is part of the packaging.

And as hoshichiri says, you can put into the description of a steelbook, or a game release, that it was "sold by x website/company where they included x other items" or something to that effect.

Re: Separate Steelbooks
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Thanks for breaking it down!  I’ve been going through the PS4 category and noticed there was no steelbook for MEA, so I wanted to check!


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Interesting thread, was wondering about this myself as well since I have a decent size steelbook collection of games which were not packaged together with the game, but just as a retail "add-on" or bought separately.

Might add them into the accessory section one day when I have the time ;) Some are pretty nice like the Assassin's Creed Syndicate one or the Witcher CE edition one which I bought separately.
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