Author Topic: What is the most addictive game you have ever played? (Tetris Discussion)  (Read 244 times)


Definitely Monster Hunter for me, with the GCN Animal Crossing as a close second.


I have never, ever, played a game as much as when I was stuck into Diablo II and Age of Empires III on the PC way back when, it just went on and on, absolute joys. I can't wait to bite a chunk out of my backlog so I can go back to some of these old favourites.


I think it was Pokemon Red back in the days of the cinder block Game Boy.
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I do love tetris but only in short bursts it's not as addicting to me as other games Here's my top 5

5.Zoo Keeper

Their are alot more games I've been highly addicted to but these are some that Quickly come to mind.


Every game that has mod support.
Still updating collection.


I was addicted to Final Fantasy VII way back when; I played it every day, non-stop until I beat it. I was so enthralled by the game that I actually remember skipping food, shower, and sleep at least once. Good times.

The other game I remember being addicted to in recent years has to be Mario Kart DS. It was my very first experience playing online, so I remember playing Wi-Fi matches constantly every day, from dusk until dawn. Matter of fact, I played the game so much that one of the hinges of my first Nintendo DS Lite broke, and the control pad and ‘A’, 'B', and ‘R’ buttons are stuck. The DS still works, though, but all I can play are stylus-based games on it.

My main addiction when it comes to games, although for me is more of an obsession, has to be Pokémon. My life was changed ever since playing Red Version.