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Naming Muumit cover variants
« on: January 11, 2019, 07:46:45 pm »
So games in Muumit games series have been released several times with slightly different covers.
At the moment most of the variants share the same name. Since there is quite a few games I thought it would be better to ask here before I start editing.
Here are the games and my suggestions for naming the variants:

Pre Windows 95 releases by WSOY:
Currently differentiated from other releases by Windows version they are recommended. Probably good enough.

Jewel case releases by WSOY:
game name - jewel case 

DVD case releases by WSOY:
game name  - WSOY

Releases by Nordic Softsales:
game name  - Nordic Softsales

Releases by Games4Kids:
game name  - Games4Kids

Releases by Games4Kids and Nordic Softsales:
game name - Games4Kids and Nordic Softsales

Any objections?


Re: Naming Muumit cover variants
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I think what you suggest is fairly good, but I'd put the publisher/variant in parentheses, i.e. "Muumit ja näkymätön lapsi (Jewel Case)" "Muumit ja näkymätön lapsi (DVD Case)" etcetera.
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Re: Naming Muumit cover variants
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For titles that are in a different packaging, you can put (jewel case) on jewel case releases and leave DVD case without a descriptor. Using "edition" in descriptor should be removed, as it is not a proper edition and this text is not on the packaging.

Muumit piilosilla (Jewel Case)
Muumit piilosilla (Win 3.1 edition)

This won't work because 127373 is jewel case also. AND the "Win 3.1" isn't correct, as you can see from the picture. Try to use some term actually on the cover. From the two I linked above, you can see a difference such as "PC & Mac" vs "PC / Mac" or "WSOY" vs "CD WSOY" etc

Having the publishers in the title as a descriptor is fine.