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I'm guilty I do have a few duplicates in my collection. But I don't understand why even a collector would (for example), actually buy the same game on both Xbox and PlayStation. Unless it was as a gift.
(or lot). To me that sounds like a waste of money, as the same with buying a new game that is the same as another game you already own somewhere in your collection.

Some collectors like a variety of colors, and some have already stated that they own more then one PS4 to have more saved games in the future. But that is a good reason in my opinion. But for anything else more then 2 of an earlier generation console lying around. is kinda not something I would prefer, at the moment unless, it was given to me for free.

Sometimes the game is different on a different console. but most times it is the same game. Only on a different controller and console. For example I played both "Call Of Duty Finest Hour" and "Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One on both the Gamecube and PlayStation 2 and there is not a single thing different gameplay wise, just that the PS2 version on one of them has multiplayer option and the Gamecube does not.

Sometimes it may have a new feature and thrown you an extra hambone (A new feature) to be tempted to buying, but to sound like a V8 commercial you could have bought something else and it would have been a new experience.

And sadly sometimes it cost more for the same experience on the same exact game, I don't currently understand looking back.
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Some games I love so much that I enjoy experiencing them on different consoles and different versions. At one point I was hoarding copies of Shenmue and Shenmue 2, but I realized how legitimately crazy it made me seem so I got rid of the extras. I do still have various ports and region releases of those games, but that's it. I do have a few games I've never played, but have several different versions of them. This is due partially to finding these games and their ports for great prices somewhere and me just not wanting to let them go, or finding out after I already bought a specific version of a game that there was a much better port on another platform.


It'll probably sound weird but because I have so many games I want to have some way of making my absolute favourites stand out amongst the others in my collection, which for me just means buying as much random shit related to them as possible. I'm never happy with the amount of memorabilia I can find for them though (sometimes I can't find any at all) so I just start buying alternate versions/platforms of the game too to appease myself. Some other times though extra copies just fall into my hands one way or another or if I start collecting for a new console and am struggling to find new games I'm interested in I'll just buy games I already have on another platform.

And then a while back my main platform of choice changed from Xbox 360 to PS3 and I don't actually like playing on my 360 anymore, feels weird. So if I decide I want to play a game I only have on Xbox 360 I might buy it on PS3 since PS3 games are dirt cheap now so I can play it on that instead.


FF7 for example because I wanted a PC copy. Crysis for example because I saw the game CIB at an expo and only had the CD. SM64 NTSC-U because I didn't own it and later NTSC-J for speedrunning. Japanese copies mainly for collecting, english for playing like my english and japanese of Ocarina of Time. Hollow Knight is an example of it being gifted to me on an account after I already owned it, so it just came with the account. Similar situation with Sonic Generations, owned it on steam and a friend gave me a ps3 copy. That being said I try to not end up with too many copies of the game, especially in the same media (crysis being the exception).
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Only in the cases where it was completely remade (Resident Evil) or I also want a handheld version.

3 main reasons:

1) Multiplayer. Some friends are PC gamers, others Playstation, and others Xbox. As Sony's still dragging their feet in the mud for crossplay, having a copy for each of my systems allows me to play with any of my friends.

2) Double dipping achievements/trophies. I like collecting these, and a 2nd release gives me a good reason to replay the game again and still get some sort of reward.

3) Just a good deal. Sometimes you just find a great deal on a game and need to pick it up for the deal's sake.

And as a minor reason: I forgot I already owned the game. There've been a few times where I've gone to put my newest acquisitions away and find that there's already a copy of that game sitting on the shelf. Whoops.

Like many have said, if I pass a game store and see a striking deal I can't resist - Bougth another copy of Tekken 4, mint for 49p the other day!

Beyond that I will have different variations of games, Steelbooks, Special Editions, HD Remasters etc.

i think the only time I've ever bought a 2nd copy of something that wasn't a DEAL was Shenmue II on Xbox, as I genuinely wanted a backup copy incase current one tanked.


Only if its for my Dragon Quest collection


I do have 2 cib dragonball advanced adventures for the gba

One of my favourite games of all time so yea a 2nd copy would hurt me in that case.

Not to mention that I wanted to have a 2nd lose cardridge for multiplayer since the 1vs 1 battles are pretty fun. But seeing as a gamestore sold a cib copy in excellent shape for only 7 $ I guess a cib spare isn't to bad instead of only going for the lose cart option wich I might have scored for free in some lots.

i also for fire emblem shadow dragon got the pal and usa version, same games but this is one of the games that introduced me to the more old styled games and one of the games that I had from back in the day.

If it's cheap and if the game means something to me than I'll gladly keep a 2nd cib copy.
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I have 3 copies of the game Madagascar for PS2  ;D

The reason is I used to buy big lots for PS2, and a few lots had Madagascar in them.  So I ended up getting 3 over time.  And then nobody really wants it because it's Madagascar for the PS2.  So I just keep them.  It's actually pretty funny.  My brother got me a madagascar for PS2 too after I had 2.  :)

As for buying the same game on 2 different consoles intentionally, I don't think I could do that.  I know a lady who does this and buys 4 games total.  2 for Xbox, 2 for PS4.  2 to keep sealed and 2 to open.  She has bad compulsive disorders of some sort and even her opened games get repackaged in their original celophane meticulously. 

I will buy remasters or ports though, Like the PS2 games on PS3.  But only because they usually upgrade them someway.

I got tempted to buy kingdom hearts 3 for both because of a major dilhema.  Because Kingdom Hearts was always a playstation exclusive and I grew up playing it on PS but now its on Xbox but my Xbox One X is 4k 60fps and has achievements that I like.  So I might get it for both down the road.  But so far I chose Xbox for the 4k.  :)

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Multiple copies of the same title on the same system? Rarely, and usually it's the normal release and the Greatest Hits version which is usually different enough to merit being a separate release. As for the same game on different platforms? I have TONS of those. PS4/PS3/Vita, PS2/Wii, PS2/Xbox, XB360/PS3, SNES/Gen. Some games I just have to own, whether they were released on their own or as part of a compilation. Pac-Man is a prime example of this. I've had Pac-Man Fever since the 80's and as far as I know there is no known cure.  :P

1.It might of been I forgot I had one or I bought someone's complete collection or a donation.
2.I might be going for a complete set.
3.Got another copy to play multiplayer with friends.
4.To cheep to pass up

This has been why that's happened to me in the past.


That would mostly be do due to using GOG connect, where some games can be transferred into your GOG account from you Steam account. The games available vary and are only available for a shory amount of time. But you can still redeem them, thus having them on both platforms. It's a great feature to be honest, even if it's only available at their seasonal sales.
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Most times, it's because I ended up buying games in a lot hence inevitably ending up with a double or two. In the case of my two copies of Twilight Princess HD Collector's edition, the first one J bought, the seller never replied. He started piling up negative feedbacks one right after the other. I figured I was effed and was waiting to file my claim to get my PayPal payment refunded. Sure that I would never get it, I found another copy and bought it. Lo & behold, the first seller actually shipped mine. So, two copies.

Other than that, I may do a collector's and standard version or buy the "complete" edition down the road as is the case with Witcher 3.
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I don't have duplicates. It's pretty easy for me to understand having more than one copy though ... better condition disc/box/inserts/manual for starters. The pure scarcity of a title for another.