Author Topic: Timesplitters 2 HD hidden in Homefront Sequel finally found and playable  (Read 242 times)


Edit: Code was found in just a few days, check the comments for the pictures with the code.


Have you played Homefront The Revolution for PS4, One and PC? The game is a sequel from Homefront and it was almost cancelled after the original THQ closed their doors but the game was saved after Nordic Games bought the license and published it under the new THQ brand "THQ Nordic".

It's the game any good? Frankly I don't think it is bad but it feels indeed kinda unfinished and had terrible frame-rate and performance problems the last time I played it and I am unknown if they were fixed at all.

Anyway one of the easter eggs for the game was a playable arcade that included 2 remastered levels from a pretty loved FPS named "Time Splitters 2", you must forgive me but I have never played that game, but I am aware it is well regarded by most people that played it, included some of my friends.

Obviously some people were hoping for a full remaster since two levels weren't just enough, and just a few days ago one of the developers revealed that the full game was actually available using a code.

The problem? thought? The developer has mentioned that he forgot the code and the only notebook that it had with it is also lost, even a friend that had the code also lost it because he was banned from Discord the other place the code was also saved.

So, pretty much this remake is the perfect definition of lost media.

But don't worry I guess, what I assume it will happen is that one data-miner will make sure to find the code somehow, so hope is not over yet.

If the code is finally found, I think it will be worth spend a couple bucks for the game even if is just for play the remaster of such a beloved game.

This thread will possible be updated if the code is found.

Maybe I shouldn't have sold the game...
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I can´t believe devs still dont keep backups of their games
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I played the demo for Homefront: The Revolution and couldn't figure out how to enter a building and gave up on it.

Cool easter egg though.

I have played both.  I really enjoyed Homefront Revolution, I still need to go back to it and check out the DLC.

I played through it twice matter of fact.  I lost my save file due to PS's shenanigans with cloud saves and they lost my save file... so I played through again just so I could play the level or two of TS2 hidden in the game.


So, just my experience, but it's not the full game, it's glitchy, and it makes Homefront crash... a lot.

And for anyone who doesn't know, you have to play through 80% of Homefront to get to TS2, so that's going to be a huge deterrent for folks who just don't like Homefront.