Author Topic: Do you buy Mulitplayer Focused Games just to play the Single-Player Campaign?  (Read 294 times)

I do actually, I own most the mainline CoD games on PS2, PS3 & PS4 - But I never buy them upon release. The majority of them I got a year or two again as they're cheap. But I didn't get them for online but jsut to enjoy the campaign. As CoD BO4 has removed its campaign I have zero interest in picking it up in the future.

Another big appeal is these games have Co-op but on the earlier PS3 titles the Co-op was absymal - World At War was pretty much unplayable due to cropped screens and the game struggling to run.

I agree with the appeal of a 4-6 hour campaign, sometimes it's nice to have abnd at a budget price I am happy to gather them.


Not a lot but I did it for Halo.


I often do this, but since these kinds of games usually see a new release every year, I wait until them to become cheap in order to buy them.
For example, I just got Battlefield 1 a couple of weeks ago for the equivalent to US$8,00 and it was pretty worth the price!

I'll have to say I'm a no. I buy them, rarely, when I think I can get a friend to jump on with me. Retro stuff is a good example. I have loads of beatem ups that I buy on the off chance someone comes over and just really wants to play Turtles 2 for the NES. But I struggle to play them alone for more than a few levels.

A recent example is Splatoon. I have tossed and turned about getting this game. I still haven't pulled the trigger (no pun intended). I just don't have any friends with a Switch. I've heard good things about the Story modes, and the Salmon Run mode looks like a blast. I just don't think I would enjoy it with all the other games to be played. The price will never go down either as a Nintendo 1st party :(

I do pick up games from like 2 generations ago when they are super cheap, but rarely to actually play through the campaigns, more so just to experience the games themselves.

Sure, when they're bottom dollar.  I finally bought most of the CoD and Battlefield games just so I can play through the story mode at some point, those games got dirt cheap lately.

Yep, definitely agree with this. Now is a good time to get them since they're all on sale.
This.  I’ll happily pay $5 for a decent 5-10 hour shooter campaign.  Usually don’t regret it.

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Most FPS I bought for the single player mode. Hell, before 2011 I couldn't play online anyway!  Even now with a few exceptions like the first Destiny and Plants vs. Zombies, I dont play much online. I've played every Call of Duty up until Black Ops IIII, and since Activision decided to omit the single player campaign,  they can kiss my hairy ass. $110 for a stripped-down online dude-bro shooter with a $50 season pass for some crappy map packs?  No thanks.
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