Playstation 3

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Playstation 3 "Fat" - No Backwards Compatibility

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): NA
Developer(s): NA
Platform: PlayStation 3 Hardware
Genre: NA
Rating: NA
Item Number: NA
Barcode: NA
Release Date: November 2007
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
05-20-2012 starfox6456303 Front Box Art new
03-24-2012 hexen Platform / Category 195
08-28-2011 ryuukitsune Release Date - Year 2007
08-28-2011 ryuukitsune Release Date - Month 11
08-28-2011 ryuukitsune Created

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amace04 Message
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darkrelease Message
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daveit Message
davidisownage Message
day0 Message
deallison Message
decapitatedinsects Message
deceptixx Message
deckard Message
densetsu1 Message
dickie Message
diegomode Message
dillsta Message
diztar Message
docsamson Message
doctorlaudanum Message
dualstrike Message
egm16 Message
ekziro Message
fabianodias Message
ffxik Message
fighterpilot562 Message
figurinivlc Message
forgvn Message
frankdatank Message
frisbe86 Message
fuzzbop Message
gamerbears Message
giddue Message
goldengloden Message
grave Message
greglusk5 Message
gummo Message
halle89 Message
heavymetalheart Message
hernandouro Message
hexen Message
hoshichiri Message
hslick Message
hurrican3 Message
huxley Message
icheissesatch Message
igarrett Message
inexodus Message
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ismokesourdiesel Message
itssilverlps Message
jasonkelly4L Message
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jmw2002 Message
JunkieHeretic Message
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karinamori Message
katori Message
kayva Message
kittenbreath Message
koal0313 Message
kqedequalsvolvo Message
krisstoff Message
kuro Message
kuromimi Message
leheron Message
lexortega Message
linktothepast Message
linuxfanman Message
lordmeatpie Message
m0x50 Message
mandrake43 Message
marzgurl Message
matthoyt9 Message
matto3008 Message
maximo310 Message
maximpact Message
merlininkazani Message
merlinyesreally Message
mhwarrior Message
minimoogle Message
MiPeYnEsS Message
mnac Message
momentsago Message
monkersville Message
mooshue Message
mrtoon Message
mrtux Message
multiarcadejr Message
muya Message
NandaTunes Message
neal1231 Message
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nefarious Message
neverdie2012 Message
nickknack Message
nsignific Message
omega27 Message
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patrick710 Message
phantom813 Message
plisse Message
prstyles27 Message
psyniac Message
puggletron Message
qwasyx Message
rappaport0 Message
raureru Message
rayman Message
rayne315 Message
rckb507 Message
reaperman Message
redbakon Message
reddhand Message
resflo15 Message
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retroswimau Message
reztierk Message
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rjuhasz Message
rkoredux Message
romando Message
ryuukitsune Message
scottmakesmurderfun Message
sesshouga Message
shadowmn214 Message
shinymossy Message
shon900 Message
shuyette Message
silverback86 Message
sirjorah Message
skaarg Message
skrillex725 Message
sneeven09 Message
sonicfan53 Message
sonicthedhedgehog Message
specialjam Message
spectre51 Message
starbronze21 Message
starfox6456303 Message
stepdadtrav84 Message
subpop Message
sugarain Message
supercosta Message
surgione Message
suspiciousscout Message
swalsh187 Message
TadBalcones Message
talonlardner Message
tbhatt Message
tdj8922 Message
TeamBigRig Message
telictiro Message
thatguy183 Message
thecollector0o7 Message
TheHunterPersian Message
thomascozine Message
tighe Message
timd4222 Message
timd4222 Message
tlayman Message
travieyak Message
trinisete Message
truemod Message
tyuiop159 Message
usmcveteran0651 Message
vampireinthesun Message
vanilla Message
vanillagorilla418 Message
velting Message
venomintegra98 Message
videodvd Message
vincentetaix Message
violetsoda Message
wartoy Message
watermelonbanzai Message
wbvdb Message
webassaicollection Message
wimvdb Message
wimvdb Message
xstonekinghtx Message
y0zora Message
youkoaoshi Message
ysssk Message
zmanisfireproof Message
zodiacin308 Message

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crazyninja232 Message
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