Author Topic: Does it appeal to you to have hundreds of blu ray movies, in the same way...  (Read 256 times)


that it appeals to you to have hundreds of video games?

Or do you find movies to be even more a case of one and done consumable content?
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I'm not really a movie collector, but having access to a lot of the classics like Star Wars, LotR etc. is always nice. Same goes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe if you're a huge nerd like me.

Not really.  I watch a lot of movies, but I only buy a few movies a year and though there are ones I want to buy to own on blu-ray, I'd never really have a giant collection of movies like I would games.  I don't really watch movies over and over compared to games.

I always look for a physical copy, but redeem the digital codes for my sister (who prefers Movies Anywhere). I enjoy collecting for VHS and Laserdisc more than DVD and Blu-Ray.

I used to when I was still a full-blown weeb (not the half-baked version I am now ;p), but I've actually been selling things off I bought cheap & never watched/left no impression on me/etc.

My mom is the movie junkie of the family. I'm pretty sure her DVD collection rivals or surpasses my game collection, but we've never found an appropriate tracker. Anybody have any suggestions? We've been hoping for an idiot-proof free app with a barcode scanner and a robust database.



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Props to you for remembering all this stuff.
It's a gift and a curse.

And I am all for conversation starting.  I even participated pretty verbosely in the previous thread, and I've enjoyed most everything else seether has made lately.
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With the exception of the collector's edition of Stranglehold that includes "Hard Boiled", as far as movies go, I don't own a single Blu-Ray; I do own DVDs, but they all take a two-row space on one of my bookshelves. I like watching movies from time to time, but I'm never in a hurry to watch one regardless of how much "in demand" it is (I'm good at avoiding spoilers), so I tend to watch them when they get aired on TV. Like for example, I just recently saw Ant-Man that was aired on USA Network a night or two ago. Now, if a movie really piques my interest, then I'll "yarr har fiddle dee dee" it without regret. However, I can count the movies I have seen that way on the fingers of one hand.

There are a few TV series that I like that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection, like Breaking Bad for example. I'm more into that than movies, actually.



I really love movies!
I definitely spend more time watching movies than playing video games, but nevertheless, I don't have any enjoyment in collecting the former...
Maybe it's because older or classic movies are more easily accessible through legal mediums (not that I really care about things being legal or not, it's just because I usually don't have the patience to go through the other way around...) than retro games, or maybe its because I would usually replay a game much more often than I would rewatch a movie... I don't know...
Also, used DVDs around here tend to be much more expensive than used games...

I often buy Laser Discs of movies that are hard to find through other means, though. The quality is in pairs with that of DVDs and the prices are usually in the mark of ¥54 (US$0,50).
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Sure.  I prefer to make endless posts on message boards though- that's my kinda collection!