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My Genre Primer for Some Folks
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The Primary (Root) Video Game Genres:

Action: Games which focus on and require player skill and reflexes to play.

Action Adventure: Games with elements of both action (reflex, timing, button-mashing) and adventure (puzzle-solving, inventory management) games - a hybrid of the Action and Adventure categories. (A GROSS EXCLUSION BY THIS SITE)

Adventure: Games that require primarily logic and problem-solving to complete in the context of a narrative, with little (if any) action game mechanics.

Miscellaneous: Games that don't fit into any other categories or are an un-categorizable
 mix, including board games, collections, and applications.

Puzzle: Games that focus on the player's logical and thinking skills, often solving problems outside of the context of a narrative.

Racing: Games that focus on controlling a vehicle or other avatar in a race against a time limit or other vehicles/avatars.

Role-Playing: Games that put the player in the role of a customizable hero (or heroes) to complete goals or quests.

Simulation: Games that put the player in the role of controlling a virtual object - a ship, a plane, or even a life.

Sports: Games that simulate real or imagined sporting competitions.

Strategy: Games that focus on careful and skillful thinking and planning in order to achieve victory, and the turn-based or real-time action scales from world domination to squad-based tactics.


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A game with a customizable hero and and emphasis on completing quests and having a party does not really describe an RPG very well (at least the way people understand RPG video games these days).

More to point, I'd have to say that an RPG has a heavy emphasis on numerical stats, and the game mechanics revolve around these one way or another.
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