Author Topic: If You Had A Lot Of Money Would Spend It On Media Or Gambling or Both  (Read 180 times)

If I had a ton of money I would spend it on video games. New CDs and bills and. I don't see the benefit in buying a bunch of lottery tickets or going to real life casinos.

I rather spend money on traveling, food, golfing, and just about everything else including charity all except for gambling.

In short, I think gambling is a waste of money, because chances are if you played the lottery or gambled long enough you probably lost more money than you ever gained. sometimes enough to buy an arcade cabinet or new console or game or even a house.
Life on earth is only temporary and If you believe in God and do good in life. You can continue to live with any possessions  you desire, in the afterlife, as long as you do good and don't do evil in real life.


If those are the only two opinions: media or gambling, I’d definitely invest in media.
I’d get started by buying The Walt Disney Company.


Gambling Media obviously.

Once I was rich id never ever gamble.  I dont gamble now.  Gambling is the government tool to keep poor poor by chasing false hope. 

If I was rich id make sure I had my bills paid to the point where id never have to worry again. Escrow accounts ect... id buy a nice car, a nice house. Then spend the rest on pops, games, godzilla toys and pizza like the oversized kid I am lol   ;D.

Id also give 90 percent of it away by buying hungry people food and paying bills for single parents and those in need in my city. 

But out of the 2 options definitely media.  A lot of games and fun. :)

I'd do both. If I suddenly came into a large sum of money, the plan is as follows:

1) Secure enough money in savings for interest to cover basic living expenses, thus eliminating the need to work.
2) Buy a home, paid in full (and with enough in savings to cover property taxes with leftover for maintenance.)
3) Pay off familial debts and/or provide expensive necessities (homes, cars, etc.)
4) Frivolities (like media & gambling) and charity.

Gambling is something to be handled with great care- it shouldn't be your retirement plan, and no money should be applied to it that's necessary for anything else. However, if handled with great care, it can be a fun way to pass an afternoon. Example: there's a local casino with a membership program where, after you check in & play for 2 hours, gives you a $15 food voucher-enough for the buffet. So, if you can stretch $15 on penny slots over two hours, then it's effectively a no-lose situation.

If you can trust yourself to not get caught up & overspend, it can honestly be interesting to analyze the games as you play, see how they hold up as an actual game (answer: usually terribly) and what their gimmick is to get you to spend more money. My favorites tend to have multiple 'bonus games', which gives a feeling of accomplishment for reaching the bonus, even without necessarily letting you win big. The most insidious gave the illusion of improved odds for faster betting, encouraging button mashing without thought of how much it cost.

Even if I was a billionaire I wouldn't gamble. Gambling, including playing the lottery has never appealed to me, most likely because I understand probability and math more than most who do gamble. As for if i had a lot of money, I'd have an insane collection of games, arcade cabs, pinball, and so much more.


Rich people gamble all the time, it is called... investments! I am not rich but am gambling already.

But if I was, I would buy pinball machines.

Why is gambling even an option?