Author Topic: If You Had A Choice Between A Cheap Used Modern Game Or A Used Older Game?  (Read 195 times)

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My question is if you were at a store either online or offline. *example*  lets say there was a $5 USD PlayStation 3 game you didn't have or a $5 PlayStation 4 game you didn't have and you could not buy both for some reason.

which one would you buy if all you had was enough money for 1,

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Personally, it would depend very much on what the game was.

Though, given that I play my PS4 substantially more than my PS3 nowadays, I might be more inclined towards the PS4 game.

It varies wildly based on my mood & what the actual games are. I'm not concerned with a game's age, only its fun factor.

This depends souly on the game in question. Whether its newer or older doesn't matter to me at all.


It just depends on the game.
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In this specific situation, if it is the same game, I will always pick up the PS4 version over the PS3's simply due to the fact that I like the PS4's controller a lot better than the PS3's.

In other situations, however, if I need to choose between a generic PS4 title like, let's say, Days Gone or a shooter such as Seirei Senshi Spriggan for the PC Engine, with both being sold by the same price, I'd definitely go the retro way!

Like many have said it would depend on the game - I do have more confidence in buying PS4/PS3 games used due to the durability of BluRay! PS1/PS2 games bought Online for example can be a gamble - Even when deemed in Very Good condition, I've ened up very dissapointed. It's also the reason why the PS3 is the console I have most titles for!


used older game


Yeah it's really the game and not the age, or the platform.

Like so many others, I’d choose the better game, age notwithstanding.

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