Author Topic: Your Different Ideas About What To Play (The Break From Routine Gameplay)  (Read 156 times)

How many of you have video games in your collection that is different from what you usually play on? I made this thread for both receiving and giving ideas to keep us gaming. If lets say we are board with our collections how can we keep ourselves busy?

My Ideas for playing something different

1: have any of you tried actually playing a golf video game that maybe somewhere in your collection, or maybe a whole season or playoff mode on any sports video game.

2: Have you ever tweaked the options to my the game play differently? like a harder difficulty OR taking off a game play mechanic or changed the controls to make the game difficult to play? Most of you said last time that you guys already do this

3: Have you ever tried or played or emulated an Atari 2600 or a 2nd console generation game lately?

4: speed running?

5. Play online, play offline

6: play with a different controller on the same console

7: How about a casino video game, or a board video game

those are 7 of my idea I have more but I want to keep this shorter and leave the rest up to you guys and girls
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For most systems I only collect games I actually have an interest in playing, but for SNES I have a goal of having a complete North American retail collection, so I'll get games even if the genre doesn't appeal to me.

Edit: You mentioned speed running. Depending on the game, I might pick up the Japanese release because you can get through text faster due to fewer characters.

All games in my collection, with the exception of the sports titles, are purchased with the idea that I will eventually play them. It might be a while before I get to them, but I will get to them...eventually.

Edit: You mentioned speed running. Depending on the game, I might pick up the Japanese release because you can get through text faster due to fewer characters.

Depends on the game though. There are quite a few games where other languages like French is the fastest, like with Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

I mostly just play to have fun. There are certainly a few genres that I play a lot more than others, but outside of a few genres I'm pretty open to most types of games. Despite my dislike for the vast majority of stealth games, I still have the Metal Gear Collection and hope someday the franchise clicks with me.

I was playing Slime Rancher recently, which is a bit of a departure for me- I usually avoid first person games like the plague becuase I have a lot of trouble with the camera & movement. For some reason, it's not a style that works with me very well.

I don't really have many great depatures in what I play, becuase I do tend to play a little of everything. Just as an example, you bring up the 2nd generation specifically- but that's not an odd thing for me to play. I own 6 consoles of the 2nd generation, it's a normal part of my gaming rotation. There's defintely genres I play very little of- racers, fighters, survival horror- but I dabble in all of them sometimes. I suppose there are 2 areas I just don't really get into- sports games, and liscensed titles. I don't think sport games will ever change- not only do I not like sports, but so many of them have gone to town with the lootbox/microtransaction as a core part of the game, there's just zero appeal for me there. Liscensed games, on the other hand, is due to youthful bias of all liscensed games I played as a kid being terrible. I could defintely be pulled out of my comfort zone there with a little prodding.

I do a lot of switching between genres to keep it fresh.  Bored of platforming?  Check out an FPS.  Shooting people got me down?  Some turn based tactical combat.  Constantly changing it up like this is what has really kept me into games since I stopped playing WoW 5-6 years ago.

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Every once in a while I'll buy a big game on a whim, or something I wasn't really planning to get just as it comes out. It's a lot of fun to go into games you haven't been following the news cycle for with no preconceived hype or expectations. That's what I did with Sekiro and God of War and they're 2 of the best games I've played in recent years.