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I thought I'd create a game bug and workaround thread based on older games that do have bugs (especially older consoles) where fixing the bug would seem impossible today.

First off if you ever bypassed a bug in any older and unpatchable video game. How did you work around it?

OR if you even know a bug to begin with. On any older game. please report it here. So we know about the bug in a retro video game.

I think I know how to fix a problem with Tiger Woods PGA tour 2004 on PS2. and read the solution on a vary old forum that probably don't exist online anymore.

 if lets say your on a tournament winning streak and you lost one tournament in season mode and you were, all of a sudden cut or kicked out of the next round because you lost it. and then the game will freeze

(How To Avoid This Bug) (this information seems wack but strangely it worked) :-\

If you ever play this game you need to either turn off the in-game music or restart your PlayStation 2 more often to not face a freeze up, Or, Simply turn off the in game music, not just the volume. After I read and did this I never had this game freezing bug again.

now since I read about this that makes is not specific to my game, every (NA) copy of that game apparently has this issue

Just yesterday on the same video game I encountered another glitch that made ever single golf shot I took say it was out of bounds, I simply quit the game and got back into it and it fixed it somehow.

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The Sketch glitch in Final Fantasy VI can be avoided by not using Sketch on any Vanished enemy, or playing on the SNES Classic (which fixes this bug).