Author Topic: Does Anyone Have Experience Buying Games and Accessories From Etsy Online Store  (Read 687 times)

I just happen to be looking at etsy's online store today and I found this section dedicated to video games and video game accessories, I thought it was vary interesting. Etsy sells other thing besides games and accessories they are becoming sorta like amazon more like Walmarts online store they have some vary interesting things like a PS2 chocolate controller bar

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I bought a reproduction sample of Metal Warriors for SNES on Etsy a few years ago. It took quite some time for the item to arrive but the item was as advertised and worked ok.

I've never bought any actual games from Etsy- they're typically more expensive than Ebay. I have picked up several homemade knick-knacks over the years.

As far as getting completely ripped off, Etsy has been better than both Ebay & Amazon marketplace- I've never not gotten a thing I ordered. It does, however, tend to require a bit more patience that those sites. Not only are you dealing with things that are typically made-to-order, but people who aren't necessarily business savvy enough to properly analyze & communicate how long your items will take.

Communication is key- Etsy sellers are often quick to respond to messages, as long as you're polite and understanding of the making process, things should be fine.


I've bought a few games of Etsy. most all of them repros of retro games never released.
Its where I got a copy of Waluigi's Taco Stand on N64 and Penn & Teller on Sega CD.
"Happy game hunting!!!"


I have visited Etsy on a few occassions and looked around, especially for repro carts, but never buy anything. Sometimes due to pricing, other times because I never find what I'm looking for. I might still give the place a try someday.


Have purchased a couple of times, months ago purchased some Animal Crossing stickers for my daughter, at my second time there got a lot of them because the delivery took quite some time but they do warn you that this can happen so you gonna need to be patient if you order something from them.

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