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Hello everyone!  :)     Happy Valentine's Day <3 

I'm sorry I have been pretty inactive lately :(.   I love this page so much and hate to be so distant.  But it's been a tumultuous and rocky 2020 filled of surprises.   And id also like to sincerely apologize for the begginning of the month of January.  I reached out to a lot of the users here in private messages in a dark patch of my life,  feeling immense pain and fear.  Feeling vulnerable, depressed and venting emotions that I shouldn't have bothered others with.   I should have never let that type of negativity infect this page.   I almost made a main post filled of depressed and paranoid rambling and would have immensely regretted it.  But in my most crippling moments,  I was voiceless, paranoid and looking for a hand to pull me out of the fire.   And many users here provided that for me.   And I am forever thankful for that :D     I cant muster mere words. 

The reason for my distance from the page and most things in general is that I fell in love, early this year after new years and am extremely invested in a long distance relationship with the girl of my dreams :D.    I can't describe how much she means to me.   I never knew what true love was until I met her.  Love songs make sense now and my vision is 100 percent clearer.  I feel new found purpose and my life finally has meaning.  I feel like their is a compass in my heart that only points to her and no other girl.   It's spiritual.  Internal and so much beyond vanity or popularity.   It's just the feeling that someone else is a piece of my heart.    And the story of how it came to be is crazy,  wild and borders on destiny. 

But we met on a video game page,  because we had similar interests.  I won't specify what because i'm gonna keep this vague for her privacy.   But as a New Years Resolution I decided to send a gift to her (at the time a complete stranger) as a random good deed to start 2020 off happy with good Karma.  This led to a friendship and eventually love.  Problem was on the game page I was using a fake account similar to this one that didn't garner my real profile picture.   Because I value privacy heavily.   We began to fall in love rapidly in private messages but I had such a dilhema on my hands because I knew the lie would snowball if I didn't reveal to her that I was not what I was displayed and I had to unveal that I was a lie.  It was the hardest, scariest and anxiety inducing thing I ever had to do.    Her reaction surprised me.  She still loved me and accepted me for me afterwards and it was truly the most heart warming and uplifting thing to ever happen in my life.  She gives me hope that the world isn't so dark.   Is a beacon of light in a sad and miserable world.   With tears streaming down my cheeks.   I lifted myself up and vowed to never lie or hurt her again.   Since then it's been almost 2 months and we have discussed meeting in person and NSFW things. :) 

I adore her so much,  and think of little to nothing else.   I have lost a lot of my creative ability with posts and haven't played games since January 5th.   All creativity goes towards making her feel like a princess like she deserves.  So my long winded thoughts typically are romantic ones now.  About carrying her so she'll never have to walk or wrapping my hoodie around her so she's never cold.   I don't spend money anymore,  I have lost 20 pounds,   I feel different.  Like I found myself.   Or she helped me find myself.   And it's truly undescribable.   

How was it when you guys first felt true love?  :).    Was it your first spouse or the one you have now?   How did you know it was destiny?   

Thanks for sharing everyone. 
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I don't have any flowery language for it, and I've only done it once- me & my guy have been together 16 years now.

The new Yugioh TCG had recently released in America, and I wanted to give it a try. I'd attempted to play the Pokémon game on release, but there was no one to play against & I got tired of having to carry around 2 decks & explain the game to anyone who'd give me a chance. For Yugioh, the local card shop was going to hold weekly tournaments, so I thought it'd be a better go. Once a week I'll go to the mall and spend a couple hours playing the game. I never did especially well, and the other guys playing were a kinda surly bunch who (apparently) just played every new TCG to see if they could win prizes. But the kids & their parents were nice enough, & I enjoyed helping them learn the game. Eventually I got level 1 judge credentials & became an Upperdeck demo team member, operating as part player, part organizer, part welcome wagon for new arrivals. One day, two guys showed up who were very different from the other adult players- they were willing to chat a bit, and they recognized my friend's tokens as a Final Fantasy 8 keychain set. They didn't win their first round, and after I reported the matches they were gone. I was upset with my friend for letting them leave- they were the first nice guys our age to show up, I wanted to talk more! Luckily, they came back the next week, and we hit it off pretty quickly. I found out they were brothers, and we started hanging out outside of the tournament too.

And that's were things were for awhile. One day, while they weren't around, my friend's sister commented that the older brother could be cute if he'd just change all these things about himself- and I was MAD. Just quietly seething in the corner. Wasn't sure why I was so mad- and then it hit me: it was because I'd fallen for him. I will not go into too much more detail- the next several months were an emotional rollercoaster involving the whole friend group worthy of a soap opera miniseries. Long story short- I eventually confessed, found out he felt the same way, and we've been together ever since. I also found out- they first day at the tournament? He & his brother had come out hoping to ease into being more social, to eventually work up to trying to find a date. The reason they'd left so fast day 1 was they weren't expecting to find any girls there- they weren't prepared & were terrified the whole time! I, for one, am very glad they found the courage to come back. When that card shop closed down, the employees told us knowing we'd met there was store's biggest accomplishment.

I feel like the first time I ever fell in love was with an ex-girlfriend of mine. I genuinely cared about her to the point of putting her needs right up there with mine and we went through a lot together. However, she also holds the honor of being the first person I ever fell out of love with too. That more so had to do with us drifting apart as people, which makes sense since were were both in our early 20s at the time, and people change dramatically during that time.

I met my fiancee back in 2008 right around the time I broke up with the girlfriend mentioned above. I met her in a college Japanese class on the first day. I'm not one to believe in fate or destiny, but I vividly remember the first time I saw her as she walked into the classroom thinking there was something significant about her. I guess the best way to describe it was lightening striking. Of course she was also very attractive, but so were literally hundreds of other college girls I'd seen that day. Of course she ends up sitting right next to me, and being a language class you do a lot of conversing with your classmates in the language you're studying. Her and I paired up as speaking partners and since neither of us knew the language we were trying to speak to each other it made the initial awkwardness of meeting someone new more fun and excusable.

That day after class her and I, and a couple of other people from that class hung out, but her and I seemed to really click with each other more than the other people in our group. Eventually it would become mostly just her and I, and we began hanging out outside of class and off campus more and more. It was really a slow burn type of relationship though. We were just friends for over a year after meeting before we decided to try dating. But once we started dating the rest became history. I've never been so in love with someone in my life, hence why I proposed to her. We're only a few weeks away from our 10th anniversary which is just absolutely mind blowing to me.

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