Author Topic: How Long Did It Take For You To Beat Any Mario Game At First? Or Did You?  (Read 622 times)

I always wondered how long do you think it took for you to beat any Mario game especially the classics

Have any of you guys played through a Mario game before? and made it to the end? without any cheats I heard Super Mario World has 72 levels

I've played a little bit of "Super Mario Bro's 1" but I keep losing all my lives. mostly at the beginning of the game like in world 1 But I never played any platform Mario game growing up and I just wounder, I stink at Mario games but I never actually took the time to beat any

What was your first play through of any Mario game like?
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I had played the original Super Mario Bros and its two sequels on the NES, but I never owned any of them growing up. My first Mario game that I owned was Super Mario 64. At 9-years old it took me probably half a year to beat it, and then another few months to get all the Stars.


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I think I’ve finished all of the main console ones. I never finished the ones on the OG game boy.

The first one I finished was SMB2 some time in 1989.


I remember when I got Super Mario Bros. 3 day one, and beat it the same day.  What's funny is the power went out while I was half way through, erasing all my progress.  I just shook my head, started over, and still finished it that day.  It is still my favorite Mario game of all time.
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I've played the first but never beat it. Haven't played SMB 2 or 3.

I think the first Mario game that I really sunk my teeth into and beat was New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, cuz' I'm young.  :o
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I didn't actually have any Mario Bros. games for my NES as a kid, but I had Super Mario World for SNES, so that's probably the version I completed first. I had Super Mario Land for the Game Boy as well, but I don't think I ever actually finished it.


I honestly couldn’t tell you.  I’ve beaten pretty much all of them, and I’ve been playing them since I was 4 or 5 so I’d don’t have any real recollection of how long I played them or when I built them.

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Not sure how long it took but I beat the first super mario but only by using warp zones. I never finished sm2 or sm3 I played them alot but never got into them the way I did Super Mario World for the snes. I completely fell in love with this game once I started playing it I played it all the way threw with out playing other games till I beat it. Even today I still think it's one of the best games I've ever played.I also really enjoyed Super Mario 64 not sure how long it took to beat but I do know it was a really long time.I don't normally like platformers but these two games held my attention all the way threw.
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Mario Bros- no ending, so never beat it, lol

SMN0 Beat it ONCE back in the 80's. I'm pretty sure I used warp zones. I got to Bowser many, many times but always died. Ran under him one of the most excited I ever got while gaming, haha

Beat SMB 2 and 3

Never played anything since, though I have a couple games on the Wii-U I'll hopefully get to play someday.

I beaten First Mario Game, Mario RPG (My favorite RPG game of all time)

I think that the only mario games i beaten, and played others.  XD i am not as much platformer this days, my wife is, i am more of adventure.
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