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Basic for SC-3000
« on: May 24, 2020, 12:04:22 pm »
I have a couple of cartridge for SC-3000 and I wonder if they would have their place in the DB since they are not games, per se. So before adding them, i would like to check with you Guys. Let me know what you think.

Here is an example:



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As it stands currently, the way the database is constructed, the BASIC SK-III cartridge, being made for the SK-1100, which is an SG-1000 peripheral, would be considered an SG-1000 cartridge and not an SC-3000 cartridge.

That being said, we have a general separation of types of devices we track here: consoles vs computers. Where consoles we would track non-game items, such as BASIC for Atari VCS, Photo CD Operator for Sega Saturn, or the Game Boy Advance movie titles. The topic of tracking non-game software for computers and besides operating systems, there have been negative views of tracking productivity or other types of software. That isn't to say that there aren't users who do want to be able to track those types of items here, there are some who are more into collecting computer items than video game items, but unfortunately there are not enough users that want such a thing to warrant the inclusion. Because with this, it is not just as easy as creating a category and letting people make items in there, but there would need to be some oversight involved and we are already too far behind on that with what we have already.

So the answer is going to be no. We do not currently track non-game software for computers, either PC-based or for micros. That includes computers made by Sega, Commodore, Amstrad, Sinclair, NEC, etc.

Re: Basic for SC-3000
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Great, thanks for the detailed answer tripredacus, I really appreciate the input.