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Hey Folks,

Just wanted to say that if anyone is looking for a box protector for Pokemon Pinball or Perfect Dark for Game Boy Color, I've found a great alternative if you don't feel like spending an arm and a leg to import one from the Netherlands.

I've found that a SNES box protector fits nice and snug on these oversized GBC game boxes. Vertically they actually fit like a glove, but of course horizontally the protector extends about an extra inch on either side. Still though, it fits so perfectly that it won't even slide around in the protector unless you give it a good shake.

It honestly doesn't look half bad, and hey it's much better than box just sitting out butt naked in the wind.  ;D 

If you want a protector that's tailor made for these oversized boxes, the ONLY one available is made in the Netherlands, sold here:

There's not too much info out there about this particular box size, so just felt like sharing this with the community here.

- Retromangia

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Interesting, thanks for the tip :D