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Hello there,

So i'm opening this thread, cose i'm slowly, but surely adding my game collection, as I'm french, most of them are french release, I aded already a nice chunk of french release, my problem come when it is box text with both nederland and french language.

after adding some of those release, it was edited from NL-FR to NL, I have read the thread about TLD, but still it is confusing and didn't get all of it, but in the end, i'm lose to get the correct name : : like this one passed from FR-NL to NL, NL is not correct, that's for sure, a nederland ONLY game (I am even not sure if this exist?) won't have french text on the box, so would be [BE] the correct one? : same question about that release

thanks in advance :)


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We can confirm through numbers that the Yooka-Laylee is sold in NL, as it is found on markplaats.
On Ebay FR we can find the French version, which has the Attention on it:

Unfortunately, I do not have a source for aftermarket games in Belgium for a similar confirmation. Without a confirmation, the additional TLD of [BE] isn't put on the entry. We know [NL] is correct and we know [FR] is incorrect. This is why we will change [FR][NL] titles to [NL] and not [NL][BE].

If you can confirm (or deduce through volume on their secondary market) these particular games were also sold at retail in Belgium, then you can add [BE][NL] to the titles.

In general, we would advise against adding a TLD to an item because one other similar item had it, or because of the presence of a language. If we don't know for sure, we don't want to potentially add wrong information into the database if we can help it. So this way, it is safer to have at least [NL] on these, especially if you do not want to do the research to figure out what is and isn't sold in Belgium.

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yes but it is sold also in belgium ;)

Like the last I add : shadow of the tomb raider, I buy it new on amazon, so probably they had no stock, or I don't know what, and send me the belgium version instead of the french one, so that's why my question


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Those games are also sold in Belgium, because they have 2 languages, Dutch and French, which they both speak in Belgium. So you can put NL BE on the entry. Not sure if they want it done here.

Even Luxemburg could be part of it, because of the BENELUX (google it if you dont know) part of our small countries.


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You can put [BE] in the title. I just stated above that I, personally have no way to confirm a game is released in Belgium, so when I have to fix an item title such as [FR][NL], I do not change it to [BE][NL] because I have no sources in Belgium. So I change it to the "known" which is [NL].

Better not bring up the Benelux situation, its caused us enough headaches already.  ;)