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Monster Hunter
« on: September 19, 2020, 04:14:15 am »
I don't know if anyone else plays Monster Hunter, I'm a newer fan who just got into the series with World when it launched, as it finally felt like I could enjoy the series for the first time.  Figure we could have a thread for anyone who is playing the series, talk about whatever we want, and of the upcoming games as a World 2 is guaranteed and my guess will release early 2022, but until then I'm actually very hopeful for Monster Hunter Rise on Switch. 

I tried to play Generations Ultimate on Switch, but it's a port of a 3DS game and I thought it just looked and played poorly and that old Monster Hunter style is real rough.  This looks like an inbetween of what World and classic Monster Hunter, so I'm hoping it runs well and the bug whip thing for mobility and climbing is pretty awesome and unique compared to the Clutch Claw in World.

And for more to talk about, there is Monster Hunter Stories 2, but I've never played the first.  I guess it's turn based action with a cartoony aesthetic?  Nothing wrong with that.


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Re: Monster Hunter
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The only Monster Hunter game I've played is 3 Ultimate. It's a fantastic game, probably the best (if not only) 3rd party exclusive on the Wii U.

I've been meaning to try World but haven't picked it up yet. I've really tried to stay away from the 3DS Monster Hunter games because I can just tell that I would despise trying to play that game on a handheld.
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Re: Monster Hunter
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I've been playing MH since the PSP days. I'm super hyped for Rise, even more so than I was for Iceborne. The game is giving off heavy Portable 3rd vibes, which is one of my favorite entries. The flagship being a fanged wyvern in a similar style to Zinogre (my favorite monster) also isn't too bad, haha. Glad we have something similar to classic monster hunter with some updates to the gameplay. Really looking forward to it and hope they add in more of the Portable 3rd favorites in.

As for stories I wasn't really too big of a fan of the original, wasn't bad, just par the course monster gathering game. This one looks to be a lot better aesthetic/gameplay wise so far so I'll give it a shot as well.

Re: Monster Hunter
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2020, 04:46:50 am »
I'm bummed that I sold my PS4 a few weeks ago since I'm getting a PS5 next month, because I did it right when Monster Hunter World is releasing the last of its big new content and some other updates too, and I'm gonna miss the new Halloween event which ends a week before the PS5 comes out lol

I'm hoping they just make the event stuff permanent, so that I could just pick which season I want the Gathering hub to look like and what tickets I can earn.  I heard that everything was downloadable rather than limited time events before World, because the games were generally on handheld and couldn't be online all the time.  It's what I heard they are doing with MonHun Rise next year too and it would make sense to do for World now that the game is for the most part finish short of maybe small event stuff they'll do till whenever World 2 comes out.