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Hello everyone :) 

Today I pose the question and I was inspired by these funko pop collectors who color categorize their favorite pop culture icons based on the shades of their garment. Green with Green and Red with Red.  It makes for an asthetically beautifully collection and I have since considered doing it with both game labels and pops in general :D   But which video character is the best for each color of the inclusivity rainbow?  The rainbow that states all colors and hues can live together under harmony and that the most beautiful thing is only visible after the worst of rains.  In lieu of a belated pride month post.  Here are my picks for each color of the rainbow.



Maaaaario has graced our TV sets, the importance of eating psychadelic shrooms for their nutritional properties of course and that it's always ok to jump off your best friend letting him fall into a pit of desolation and death if it is for personal gain :)   But all jokes aside Mario is a legend and I can't see myself putting any other red character above Mario. It's like putting a blue character above sonic.  What kind of idiot would do such a thing. 


Vault Boy

We apologize for the checkered PNG background being haphazardly left in.  We paid Pat the Nes punk 25 bucks and a bag full of jaw breakers to crop out the picture but he didn't put much effort into it. Much like his content :)   But what we failed to do, and because of lack of federal funding to the VGC PNG crop patrol you are left with Vault Boy. Who like Mario isnt blue but wears blue so is perdominantly blue to the eye.  I always loved Vault Boys asthetics and I love the post nuclear fall out type of atmosphere the games have. He is just fun, I love the animations in game.  I just really love fallout and miss it :)   



I mean he's Chara freaking Zard lol. Having a first edition of his card as a child made you the coolest kid on the playground but having it as an adult surprisingly makes you the coolest in most social gatherings.  Kanye has opted to wear one as his new chain medallion until further notice :)   Charizard is cool.  I love the orange color of him.  I feel pokemon characters might chart a few times here so be forewarned. 



Tends to break pots and doesn't reimburse said pot owner.

Also I take back what I said earlier. Spiderman would beat up Mario pretty bad and is cooler.


Hola, Mi Nombre Es Victor!  Marvel Vs Capcom2 has been sued formely by Patrick the Nintendo Entertainment System Hooligan for libel. I will be your new host for the night although I have to go in like 5 minutes because I have a 105 pound labrador that has to pee.  But this category in case you can't tell is for white characters.  I was thinking of any useless white characters that I can't stand for more than 2 seconds but Eric Trump isn't in video games luckily.  Their are a lot of great options for here and I can't wait to see all of what you guys pick :)   Snoopy is a childhood hero to me and my moms favorite character ever. She collects him so honestly I have nostalgic memories and a soft spot for him. I love his 2 very underated video games that I have played.  Snoopy vs the red baron is surprisingly an incredible flying shooter game. 





I love the inklings both orange and purple but always pick purple inkling girl as the playable character of splatoon, she just seems more agile and I love the color purple of the ink and splat :)  Their just arent many purple characters I care for and I love the fan art like the one made above. I even got the amiibo. 

Also Crash is better than charizard. 

In all seriousness though, what are your favorite color characters for each color of the beautiful rainbow?
 I know this isn't off topic so I won't share much but just know to all the people of this amazing forum who I consider like family at this point, you guys have given me the best 4 to 5 years I have shared in a gaming community and weather
you are green, purple or blue love is love and margainalization of affection, condemnation of love, and barring humans of any creed the right to marry is among many big smudges on our society. Gaming has made great bounds to be inclusive but it isn't fully there yet.  Characters like Lara Croft made it so female representation in games wasn't just the damzel role, and african american characters like clementine from walking dead, who give a spotlight on multi cultural epicness will always hold a place in my heart. You all humble me.  And just know that the world will try to opress you and hold you into this bubble, but their is no rose without a rosa parks. And it is better to stand for something than fall for anything Dare to stand.  Dare to be called a simp or SJW in the face of hate and lies.  And just let them never take away the shine that is deep inside you.  I hope all of you have the best day possible  Don't expect this from me often as I know "soap box" posts are overdone in many forums but just know I love you all and you all shine in you own special way.  And even if your dream is out of reach, Even if your are 45.  Samuel L Jackson didn't become a household name until that age and Lucille Ball was a C rate actress until she started the I love lucy show in her late 30s.  You guys all are winners.  Soldiers.  Gifts and the best!

Thanks for sharing

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