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do you own any pets?
« on: November 24, 2021, 11:13:22 pm »
What type of pets do you have? We have 10 ducks,5 chickens,2 gecko lizards,2 tegu lizards,1 tortoise ,4 dogs and lots of fish.
The dogs are my favorites though we have a pitbull a bully a American bulldog and 1 mut how about you guys Any pets?

Re: do you own any pets?
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Placemarker until I can get to the PC for pics later. I do wish VG collect had an upload from gallery versus image address which seems overly complicated. But I digress :)

I have 1 120 pound Labrador and dogs are mans best friend adage is so true. He's affectionate although one track minded lol. I feel 90 percent of his thoughts are raiding the trash for burger wrappers and licking himself in inappropriate ways :)  The thing most owners would hate that I love is that he does mot obey really lol. He has a human like personality.

I also have 2 cats. One is basically a vegas burlesque dancer the other is such a beautiful fluffy grey dream. Loyal and he hints fruit flies lol. But more later. Happy thanksgiving wartoy.


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Re: do you own any pets?
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3 cats and a betta fish.

Scooter is one of my cats and he has cancer. Skin cancer. We just had to cut his 2nd lump off at the vet. He's 12. I'm hoping this is it, but being its the 2nd it's not good. Poor guy has his paw all wrapped up right now.

Kittie is our oldest. 16 and still going.

Candy is the youngest and she's a sweetheart and a fluffball. But she's got a meanstreak when it comes to other cats in the neighborhood.

Sugar is the fish, got it for my daughter after she was upset she couldn't win one at the fair. Candy, the youngest cat, loves the fish. Watches it all day.