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Me I don't really play that many video games anymore because for me there are not stupid but all too frustrating and hard for me to enjoy. Maybe it's not really the games themselves it's just me not being fast enough or having constant migraines when I play video games or needing to itch my skin while playing and requiring me to stop the game and do that or I'll start losing progress. I now play games like the sims 2 and SimCity 4 although SimCity 4 can get annoying when no matter what I do I can't earn money for my city, and the city won't build because of some kind of hidden mechanic I am not doing,

I hate requiring to look up a guide to beat a certain game

to stay on topic I'll say something stupid like a clown boss that keep beating me no matter what I do to try to defeat it. or a boss that kills me in one hit than followed by a one minute boss victory dance or scene that would be un-skippable each and every time the boss wins
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Re: What Was The Stupidest Challenge Or Boss Your Ever Encountered Opinion
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I for myself always hated beating Gades in Lufia II in the 1st encounter to gather his sword, for it always took me hours and hours to level up just enough to not be wiped out instantly.
Always cursed my greed for his blade ...

besides that, black Summons in Final Fantasy X also cost me some sweat, especially Bahamut and those three bug type Summons ... I also do not like being forced to look up guides and that's what was necessary to come up with a halfway helpful tactic ...

EDIT: I totally forgot: Chocobo race with balloons and birds in Final Fantasy X ... If you're a kind guy and want to test your anger management to the fullest, just try to reach the goal at 00:00 ... it brought out so much hatered in me, that I was scared of myself!!
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Re: What Was The Stupidest Challenge Or Boss Your Ever Encountered Opinion
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Do you mean stupid as in really difficult, or stupid as in a boss encounter that’s just plain dumb?

‘Cause I can think of a couple of the latter easily…

First the final boss of Bioshock. At the end of such a great game, it’s disappointing that final boss (name redacted due to spoilers) is so unbelievably easy. Over multiple playthroughs he’s always been a pushover.

Second, that god-forsaken Batmobile boss battle in Batman Arkham Knight. I was constantly muttering to myself during the whole battle how frustrating and stupid the whole thing was. It’s a shame the rest of the game is so good when you have to slog through all the moronic Batmobile segments.