Author Topic: has Anybody Else Wanted To Start Their Own Online Radio Place?  (Read 291 times)

First you would need a spare PC, and not use your daily gaming PC unless you want the video game sound effects to play on the live radio servers. You need a LAN cord I would not use WIFI connection because otherwise your listeners would not get as clear of a connection speed, and less connection mean poorer sound quality or more buffering on your outer connections of the outer rims of the Internet. make sure your equalizer is not harmful to anyone's eardrums or ear sets. get Licensed and pay ASCAP or another company at least once a year. Don't run any ads or talk too much or few ads and less talk is fine also. Make the station interesting. Compile all your favorite songs into your personal playlist and lean how to use VLC version 3.0.3 I like that one the best because that version can compile over 28,000 audio recording but not any more than that 29,000  audio files is too risky. CASTHOST is who I associate with currently they are a Canadian and American company that offer data services for a fee. The bigger your data plan is the more it will cost you. You also need a reliable Networking service also known as an ISP in order to reach out and inwards across multiple devices across the world or wherever country you do not choose to ban but CASTHOST does not let you ban countries or states. CASTHOST is currently a reasonable priced data service for web admins or at least for radio servers they are reasonable.

Music does not matter some people even use video game music for there free service or bleeps and bops too. I use copyrighted music, but got my paid license and pay once a year. make sure you choose a wise name for your station I use an angelic theme and a custom angel mascot with a Facebook page and several free listed databases across the Internet that you must register manually to enter into their databases. CASTHOST does not always do things like they should be done in my past experience like enabling certain features.

You could just use the CASTHOST auto server and just upload your music with limited data plans. But use my own PC for the grinding and don't currently use Auto DJ service in which is a CASTHOST feature and involving using the CASTHOST service for playing the music instead of your own personal computers.

This helps if you want to own your own radio station but do not know networking as well as I do. Because I use a port and pay for my own webpage as well. I am connected to the world wide internet and I among bragging but currently get a minimal of 60,000 listeners in a 24 hour period depending on the time. In other words I work my ass off in doing a life long charity service to the public in owning 5 different internet main channels they are all listed under Oldgamerz Community Links under the "Video Showcase Forum" on this web forum of VGcollect

Serving God is worth the cost and the way I look at life is I am not going to live forever so I might as well (try) to (help) improve the lives of others, and give the life to others I never really had.
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MY RADIO STAION (Licensed but not a business)
64k stream ACC format sound meaning

Clearer Sound Quality for Half the internet data Usage
over 28,000 song playlist and 100 automated DJ talk and history lesions "commercial free" "No subscription needed"

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