Author Topic: Your Own Thoughts On General Entertainment?  (Read 249 times)

Your Own Thoughts On General Entertainment?
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My favorite type of entertainment are video games, and music and, shows and sometimes even the television networks, also books when I want to relax and read something interesting, I like photos too but not sick ones. I do like sporting events but my most favorite type of entertainment involves music and video games today. But work is even more important in life because it takes work to build video games and make music and write books and even good photos and artwork is hard to make as well. Without work in place nothing would exist not even garbage or food to eat would exist. I love life but I am not happy all the time. The reason why I try to entertain people even on this forum sometimes is because when other people are happy and free I am also happy and free. But I do not go to negative places on the internet on purpose. Sometimes learning how to do something is entertaining, but school or college in my own opinion is never entertaining at all but sometimes a job is full of excitement and sometimes even entertainment comes with it. I believe in three things in life work, play, and proper education.
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