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Which would you rather buy? Round 5!!! Violent Cow?
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Hey everyone :)   Back with 2 more pre order posters in the local gamestop :D.  If you seen both of these out for preorder. Which prototype game would you be more likely to put your pre order slip on if you had to pick one?  :D.

Samurai Cow

Introducing Samurai Cow!! :D.   In this game you play as a omnipotent super hero cow who is starting an ancient uprising of killer assassin calves spoken about in folklore. Armed with the blade of a million cows that was dipped in cow blood, the cows whom have ancient Samurai heritage that were slaughtered for meat come back in spirit form.  As a cow you will lead millions of cows in a hack and slash regime to take over every farm in america and take over the entire world with savagery and violence. The cows will feast on the meat of every farmer in the word.  Slurping flesh off bone and showing humans what it's like to be lower on the food chain than them for a change.  Carl Cow is a vicious, relentless and emphaty free dictator cow who wants nothing more than the entire world to be only cows.  This includes killing dogs, pigs and even rewriting history to worship a cow god who had ruled the earth this whole time watching over us but we betrayed his trust by killing billions of cows.  Coming 2018  :).

Playstation Boxing Deluxe!

If you do not want to play as the cow regime and slay farmers under moon light and chew the blood soaked grass afterwards. This game asks some of the age old questions :)   Who would win in a fight, Kratos or Ratchet and Clank?  Who would win in a fight?  Crash bandicoot or Sack Boy?   In this game take control of over 20 sony characters in an epic boxing tournament with special powers and intense PS4 graphics.  :)

Samurai cow will be available for PS4 and XB1 for 59.99 with a special edition for 200 dollars that comes with a numberled limited cow hide.   

Playstation Boxing deluxe will be PS4 exclusive for 59.99. 

Which game is more likely to get your preorder slip? :)


Re: Which would you rather buy? Round 5!!! Violent Cow?
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definitely samurai cow! I have already had my fix of playstation ip fighters in playstation all stars battle royal.

Im also sure that the guest appearances in samuri cow will be as entertaining as the concept. imagine a level placed in Hollywood and getting to see all the famous people and turn them to your side using cow mind control for propaganda purposes, or one in the capitals of the world and getting to see the global leaders as you rally your cow army to attack. imagine having to figure out the controls of a military aircraft as you transport your cows around the world to spread your influence.

I also imagine some hillbilly duct taping 2 swords to a cows legs and accidentally getting hacked to pieces, which would start this game off.
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Re: Which would you rather buy? Round 5!!! Violent Cow?
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