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WTT various games and more
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:54:13 pm »
Making a new topic because I have quite a few games I'm looking for and wanting to trade. I am still looking for a model 2 Saturn controller, but have a bunch of games I'm looking for too, and wanted to make a general thread.

Here's what I have:
Super Paper Mario - Wii (Nintendo Selects) - like new
Sonic Heroes - Gamecube - Plastic case torn in a few spots, sticker on manual and disc
Crazy Taxi - PS2 - Very good
Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex - Gamecube - tear on front plastic of case, no manual
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Gamecube (Player's Choice) - art slightly warped, no manual, sticker on disc
Sonic Unleashed - Wii - very good
Virtua Racing - 32X - CIB
Motocross Championship - 32X - CIB
Metal Head - 32X - CIB
Golf Magazine 36 Great Holes - 32X - CIB
Bram Stoker's Dracula - Sega CD - Complete (w/o foam insert), but case in poor condition, crack on front, broken bottom hinge.
Stargate - Genesis - no manual
X-Men - Genesis - CIB
Cool Spot - Genesis - CIB

Looking for (with at least case):
Ico - PS2
Jet Set (Grind) Radio - DC
Chu Chu Rocket - DC
Crazy Taxi - DC
Code Veronica - DC
Parasite Eve - PS1
Katamari Damacy - PS2
Okami - PS2
Ecco the Dolphin - DC
Saturn model 2 controller

Let me know if you are interested! I can also provide photos, just ask :)

EDIT: I'd also be willing to combine any of the games for others, depending on what it is. Same for the controller. All games are NTSC-NA