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The Only Main Problem with the PS3 Super Slim
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PS3 super slims are vary reliable and they last a long time but, Their is this thing called the limit switch, it is a tiny switch that controls the entire Bluray ROM Deck, and a lot of time you may think your laser is dead but it is not. this is a vary tiny and small and delicate peace to fix and it is vary easy to break off on the PlayStation 3 Super Slims without you even knowing it's lose. It can cause game freezes if lose or it becomes broke. It will stop the PlayStation 3 super slim from reading all discs when broken off. It is located under the front of the case that easy comes off exposing the screws you use to open it up. this switch is tiny and is located right next to the sliding door. under the frontal surface part of the case that comes off easy

You may need to check this out because I found it cheaper to get this fixed by a non SONY PC and console expert then to buy another used one.
Sometimes the power cord is also jiggly and you may need a new PlayStation 2  or PlayStaion 3 av power cord or this system will shut off and crash in other news

You can just gentilly touch this switch and with the tray open you can see of the entire Bluray ROM Deck move and shift. but it is vary hard to see and easy to break off so be careful
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