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Why is Switch not considered a handheld?
« on: January 12, 2018, 11:25:21 pm »
I know many of us see Switch as a hybrid but wouldn't that mean it's both a handheld and a home console? Essentially putting it in both categories or into it's own? Why is it disbarred from every "handheld of the year" category in most publications?  Is it out of pitty for the Vita and 3DS?   I mean sure it can be docked and played on a TV but it's still a handheld console considering you can play it as a handheld.  The console itself is portable and can be played without being attatched to a tv.  It's by definition a handheld.  I'm confused. :)   I don't know if anyone else has thought of this and how it should be classified.   I almost think it's a handheld more than it is a home console.  It's pretty much a handheld that happens to attatch to a tv via hdmi.  Not vice versa imo.

What are your thoughts on this?  I feel BOTW should have gotten handheld GOTY added to it's accolades but maybe i'm asking for too much.  :D.   

Re: Why is Switch not considered a handheld?
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It is a hybrid, but it's marketed as a console you can take with you on the go, not a handheld that you can hook up to your TV, which is a a pretty big difference.  I only bought the Switch because it is a console and not purely a handheld like the 3DS.


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Re: Why is Switch not considered a handheld?
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Handheld, home console.... these designations are for the past. Switch makes these designations irrelevant.

Actually I think the Switch is rather large to be classified as a handheld unit. As Kamikazekeeg wrote - it is really a home console that happens to be portable in my mind. When I am on business trips I leave the Switch in my suitcase until the hotel and pull my 3DS or Vita out on the flights or at the airport. I love the reactions I received when I pulled a Game Gear out on a flight a few years back. People thought I had an illegal device in my possession.
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