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Box Text keeps getting denied
« on: February 16, 2018, 03:29:08 am »
I have been trying to put in box text for games that I have that had been added recently but the box text keeps getting denied.  This are digital titles and I am using the synopsis for the games taken from the games official page on the Microsoft store (where the game are downloaded from).  Per the style guide that is the correct way to edit box text yet they are getting rejected.....can anyone help shine light on why?

Two in particular I have done that got denied are ZOMBI and Shadow Warrior for the Xbox One.

Per the style guide:
"The Box Text is the synopses that is on the back of the game packaging. This should be written into this field, and no other notes, or descriptions. If the game is a download title from services, such as Steam, XBLA, PSN,, etc. Then the synopsis would be found on those service's official pages."


Re: Box Text keeps getting denied
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Most people dont seem to understand that sometimes what you guys send in as updates dont quite appear that way in our approval options. Our screen there looks very weird sometimes and its hard to tell what is actually changed. If it looks like jumbled garbage or doesnt look like anything is different than the original, Im going to refuse it. Send one in and if I see it, I will look at it and try to figure out why its being refused.


Re: Box Text keeps getting denied
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It may be the amount of text you are putting in. Digital game box text should be limited to 2 paragraphs. This has been discussed many times in the past.

The style guide is kind of bad for this specific situation because the first post says to put the synopsis (as you quotes), the 3rd post says to put the summary, and the Steam rules say to just put 2 paragraphs:

Enter the text displayed in the store page under "About This Game." You do not have to copy everything, since some descriptions are pretty huge - just a paragraph or two is enough.

There are other reason why box text can be rejected, and it relates to how well we can see if it is obvious it was just a copypasta job from another website. Some times people end up copying things from a webpage by accident and they end up on an entry, such as URLs and other such things.

Re: Box Text keeps getting denied
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Slightly off topic but It would be nice if there was a reason given for edits being denied.

I've put higher quality box art on some games to have it denied, and with out a reason it can be impossible to guess what you to offence over.
Just a link to the FAQ isn't enough.


Re: Box Text keeps getting denied
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It has been requested, I certainly would look forward to this change. It would certainly save me PM space!