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A Legend Reborn?
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From the ashes it spawns. Ripping fibers from the gaming universe with it's every movement closer to production. Our 90's heart still in it's clutch pulsing as it comes closer.  Never forgiven, never forgotten but out to seek it's revenge and haunt our catelogs yet again.  And as much as this seems satirical I forewarn all of you of your impending doom.  This is not the works of a Jimmy Fallon monologue nor my imagination this time.  This is realer than we could have ever imagined.  The atom bomb to the gaming universe, the one to stop the polarity of earth,  the one to hault the entire industry for a moment of silence as it graces store shelves for it's grand return.  As if one wasn't enough.  We all must bear it again.  The father of them all, the meme, the myth the legend   :(

What could it possibly be you may ask?  What could be so sinister, so meme worthy,  so funny and comical that it could honestly end modern gaming as we know it.  I'm sure some of you know but this text can't convey tone.  Here I sit.  Cup full of scotch.  Bomb shelter on the ready.  Stocked with good games.   As the fall out of this one bad game is enough to change our memories of what a game actually is.   It's that bad.    May my children and brothers venture fourth in the bomb shelter and keep good games for the future of humanity.  I am too far gone for I have already seen it.

Viewer discrection is advised, viewing beyond this point makes you one of us.  The seen can't be unseen

It's back for souls.  Here it stands, in the wake of it's predecessor.  Back by propehcy to bless another console gen into oblivion as it almost did with the greatest gaming gen of all time.   We fended it off for many moons but it's back for blood.   Just gracing the same shelf as BOTW or COD will make those games suck just by touching it.  It's an even more potent strand of meme than the original shaq fu.  The prototype hybrid.  The final run.   The end.

I warned.  I can only warn once.  We all must bare this on our minds.   Shaq Fu is back.    Let it sink in.

Shaqwave is a confirmed move.   The shaqwave.    :P

Good luck all.   I must head west.  Their is a cleansing center in Santa Monica that is supposidly helping those effected by Shaq Fu radiation.  Come join me fellow gamers.  We can be pure again.  :)

All jokes aside, where do you stand with this crowd funded revival?  Do you think it could possibly be awesome?  I mean the battle system looks fun and inviting and the gameplay pictures look nice.  But the thought of Shaq Fu being good is like Superman 64 being good or something.  It's tough to wrap the mind around  ;D.    Will you be buying Shaq Fu Reborn?     I think It might be awesome or the end.  it's two ways it can go.  No grey area with this :).

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Re: A Legend Reborn?
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I am... actually cautiously optimistic here.

Here's the thing: The original game meant us to take it seriously. This does not. It seems our new developers know a game about a basketball player trapped in a kung-fu movie plot is inherently absurd, and it's running with it. Why is that important? Let's say the game is presents us something impossible, like people actually firing off martial arts magic fireballs. If the game is serious, it's going to attempt to be 'realistic' about it... small, controlled fire spits that could conceivably come out of a flame thrower in reality. Your magic will be toned down in favor if making the spells we see evenly matched to create the illusion of a properly fair battle system based on real-world standards. In other words- something easy to make boring & easy to screw up with bad controls/balance. However, if the game is choosing to emphasize the un-realistic nature of magic battle? Screw that wimpy fireball, he's gonna conjure a frickin' FLAME DRAGON that coils around the screen and then shoots fireballs out of its own mouth becuase it would be AWESOME! Conceivable realism is abandoned for grandeur and spectacle. Now, if this stayed a fighting game, it could be difficult for a small indie team to keep balanced & create smooth controls. But, they've switched to a beat 'em up, and that changes EVERYTHING. You don't have to make every character equal now- in fact, you want the player to have better moves than the mooks. It also lets you simplify the controls, since a beat 'em up is more crowd management than complicated combos.

I'm not gonna rush to preorder it or anything, but I'll keep my eyes on it- this could be the game we should have had back in the 90s.

Re: A Legend Reborn?
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This is actually up for pre-order physical on Gamestop for NS/PS4/X1.


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Re: A Legend Reborn?
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I really want this to be at least playable.  It might even be good. 

I have a feeling that it probably should have been a Steam/PSN/XBL/eShop game, but good on them for getting a full release.