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What Is Your Favorite Playable Video Game Character Or Hero
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My all time favorite video game hero is Duke Nukem, I also think he is the funnest video game character. I never played Duke Nukem forever because of I heard people say it is a terrible game and I can imagine seeing some of the footage online. I also have mostly every one of his games and expansions
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Re: What Is Your Favorite Playable Video Game Character Or Hero
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I'm quite fond of Bayonetta myself.

Re: What Is Your Favorite Playable Video Game Character Or Hero
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This is so tough because I love so many. :)

Here is a list of some of my favorites and than I'll try to decide a winner from the lot.  :D

Big Daddy

Big Daddy will always be one of my favorites ever :).  He literally has a drill for an arm and can shred monsters like fleshy fabric.  The whole nautical apocolyptic vibe of Bioshock and how the Big Daddy carries itself gives a looming sense of fear throughout the whole game.  The glowing Yellow eye holes and the vintage rusted metals that form his structure.  He's just epic to me.  I like how he has this father vibe as he protects the little sisters but he's also creepy, and powerful.  The idea of slaying these to free all of the little sisters from the clutches of the ATOM poisoning them was what made the game so special to me.  The atmosphere and the underwater vintage theme was propelled by big daddy's epicness. 


Pikachu is a huge piece of my childhood and I love him.  He's cute, brave, heroic and shoots lightning from his cheeks. :).  I always pick him in Smash Bros. and he's the only character i'm good with.   Pokemon Yellow is one of my favorite games of all time and growing up I couldn't wait to get out of school so I could play more with my Pikachu companion.   He's just awesome in many ways. 

Clementine (Walking Dead)

Clementine has grown in identity and the way Tell Tale has handled her path in the main plot of the series has engaged the player in her background more and more with each installment.   You start with her as a child protecting her in a post apocolyptic world and now she's a teenager who more times that not saves you.  And has become a hardened but also sympathetic rifle toating, zombie slaying bad ass.   Clementine, epsecially in the 3rd installment of the walking dead series has just gotten this grit and quick wit style of combat and verbage that make her just overall a cool character.   I just kinda like the whole kid lost in a zombie world vibe and somehow she manages to hold her own even while trying to raise a kid of her own that she adopted from the other couple that died.   It's deep, it's dark and I can't wait for season 4 :).   

Those are a few of my favorite playable characters.   I have so many more though.

.Ratchet and Clank
. Jak and Daxter
.Franklin (GTA V)

All huge picks as well. 

If I had to choose one of them all,  I'd have to say Pikachu for now.  Too much childhood memories.   I like Pikachu in Video game, Anime and Movie and merch form.  He wins on all fronts for me and is my favorite childhood video game character as a whole.  :).   

Re: What Is Your Favorite Playable Video Game Character Or Hero
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+1 for Bayonetta. 

I like BJ Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein too.


Re: What Is Your Favorite Playable Video Game Character Or Hero
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I'm quite fond of Bayonetta myself.
+1 for Bayonetta. 
I could not agree more. Bayonetta is without a doubt my favourite videogame character of all time.

She's just a fantastic character in every sense of the word. Her personality, her powers, her design, just everything!

But the main thing I love about her is absolutely her personality. She's sassy, nonchalant, playful, sarcastic, funny, the list goes on. She's powerful as all hell and knows it, even the biggest foes can't break her style. On top of that her sexuality is executed perfectly. She knows she's sexy, and is not afraid to use her sexiness and sassyness to mess with her opponents, but instead of being slutty she always has a sense of maturity, strength and control around her. She won't let anybody beat her around. But on top of that she also has her soft side. Her motherly side, or her deep caring for her friends. Her interactions with her friends are just as great if not greater than her interactions with her foes. She's the kind of person I would absolutely want to be friends with. Her personality is so strong, so likeable and so fun that she always stands out as one of the most unique and fun characters out there to me. If there's someone I would call my favourite video game character it'll always be Bayonetta, and it'll take a miracle to knock her off that throne
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