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The facebook analytical regime. Mark Zuckerberg is God.
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Facebook has taken the entire personal lives from almost a decade of personal data from 87 million people and shared it with the alien elite.  Interstellar planetary beings that go by the code name "cambridge analytical" ever heard of them before?  They are just one of the millions of throw away business copyright names any alien elite can pull at a whim when spotted by mortals.   Mark Zuckerberg is on a higher plain of intelligence.   

It all has come out in the wash :(.  Everything that was ever prophesized from the darkest conspiracy theorists basement to the joking conversations you have with your friends have all been brought to fruition. The web fitting true to it's namesake, a giant spider web entrapping your inner secrets, thoughts, lives and personal information for the AI to feast upon.  No matter whom reads this, it's watching and it knows. It grows silent as you stop clicking the key strokes.  It feasts on your breath, your thoughts. You sweat forms in your index finger, it drinks it. It already thinks for you.  Your response would have been influenced by it as well as me typing this topic.  It controls me already as it does you.  We are slaves to the machine.  We think we are controlling facebook and sharing our live with our friends.  But facebook is sharing our life with itself. Replicating you digitally.  Your page is a new person.  It has more power than you as a physical entity does.   Prince is alive. Obama is a cyborg.

 The center hub of a regime intertwined with the very fabric of the web itself, far deeper than the human mind can percieve.  Mark Zuckerberg is the puppet master, he is god and we are all his pawns.  This system that is set to brainwash the entire masses with propaganda and sway the entire way of your thinking process.  Rewiring your brain.  Making everybody one.   A robot.  Making the human race it's own, non self aware AI hub that can be bent at a whim.  Facebook is not a place where you post about your day.  Your day is facebook and it posts about you.  And it has worked so effortlessly.  and almost every political occurance can be explained by it. 

As we type our lives into the AI 1 by 1 our DNA is replicated, our way of thinking after years of posts is scientifically abstracted. Our geneology and ticks, preferences, likes and ways of thinking.  Clones are being designed that are the same as you.  They talk like you, look like you, have the same tastes in the opposite sex as you and have your same political idealogies. They will come when you die.  Nobody will no the wiser.  you are infinite and immortal like facebook itself. You're services will no longer be needed.  But you played the pivitol role of the slave.

We forget to care of how the AI uses it, knows of it, can alter it, and by altering your live through it's own Algorithms and "analytics" it can shapeshift your entire DNA without you even knowing.  You played an essential role as a cog in a policial machine.   You unknowingly assisted in both Brexit and the 2016 election of Donald John Trump. 

Those who don't accept this as truth or reply in favor of the network are already too far gone.  We will prey for them. 

The aliens have taken everything we know and love, they have altered it strand by strand and re fed it into the AI we live off of and unknowingly it has changed the way we think.   

Baby born pure, free of sin.  Free of corruption.  This has always happened.  They corrupt it.  They destroy it.   then they eat it.  it's the new world order, the second coming prophecized,  the beggining and end.   It's what defines their name.

The end is upon us, humans have been replaced.  The factories already replace tom and bob with AI.  Won't be before long that planet earth does too. 

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.   

That saved a Wretch like me.

Twas Blind, but now I see.

But hope exists. And I know where.  Just follow me :D

If you understand what i'm saying, I'll take you to the promised land.   Where humans become humans again and learn to fly. :)

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Re: The facebook analytical regime. Mark Zuckerberg is God.
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oh its been forever since I got my fix of conspiracy theory for the almighty MvC2. how else am I to know of the coming war between the reptilians and the IPB's. I mean afterall our overloards will not want to give up their biggest source for production (US) to the new IPB's that have come under the flag "cambridge analytical".

I personally do not think that this current espianoge attack was hidden well enough to pose any threat to the reptilians but by the same token the reptilians do not want to let other IPB's believe they are weak. I believe that the reptilians will work behind the scenes to retake the information by force.
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Re: The facebook analytical regime. Mark Zuckerberg is God.
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Don't know why I posted this here, sorry. Wrong thread.
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Re: The facebook analytical regime. Mark Zuckerberg is God.
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Don't know why I posted this here, sorry. Wrong thread.

It was Facebook's AI taking you over obviously ;)

That was pure poetry man, you should write a book or something Marv.
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Re: The facebook analytical regime. Mark Zuckerberg is God.
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I think the OP may actually be Mike Tyson.

Re: The facebook analytical regime. Mark Zuckerberg is God.
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I usually find your jokes funny @marvelvscapcom2 but this is not your best effort in my opinion.

 Now your thread about eating spicy foods I thought was hilarious. I think You do however have talent like someone already mention. You probably could earn some money, maybe by writing  a funny novel or 2. or a job as maybe a stand up comedian. I am not trying to insult you so don't take this the wrong way. Your signature always made me laugh I still think it's funny till this day :)
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Re: The facebook analytical regime. Mark Zuckerberg is God.
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Was wondering how long it would take until something stupid was posted again!