Author Topic: Has Anyone Ever Used Facebook As A Photo Host?  (Read 178 times)

Has Anyone Ever Used Facebook As A Photo Host?
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On most internet photo servers, your older collection photos get deleted and taken off the internet, I have used Facebook as a photo host in the past to link collection photos to a facebook URL. But not anymore because it interferes with my Christian fan page, But I find it annoying when I want to see a photo but the photo turns into a cat meowing and a sign saying photo not available.

Why do photo servers take off our game photos? Facebook usually don't take photos off unless it is nudity or violent due to the no violence and nudity laws of Facebook.

 Does someone complain and report our photos? Just because they can or to be annoying on other photo host sites? it is annoying

You can do this on the forum by first uploading a photo to Facebook and then right clicking on a pc or laptop than copy image URL, and paste onto the forum by right clicking while writing a post.

 then highlight the Image URL, then Select the button just right of the red button up (tiny Mona Lisa) top before posting on VGcollect
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Re: Has Anyone Ever Used Facebook As A Photo Host?
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I block Facebook and their CDN on all computers except for one...

The cat meowing example, that is specifically related to photobucket. This is not an example of the host removing the images. The user had removed or moved them. PB was not smart and ties images directly to albums, which is the opposite of what Imgur does. If you moved a photo to a different album, any instances of that image remote linked that you had already post previously would no longer work. Images that Photobucket actually removed would get a totally different placeholder image. It looked like this:

But it is moot now, since only those who pay for hosting on Photobucket will be able to have anything but the speedometer image to appear.

Re: Has Anyone Ever Used Facebook As A Photo Host?
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From what I remember a few years ago when I still had Facebook, I noticed that the URL for pics on FB would change.  So any pics you linked to a forum would no longer show up.