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Data compiling?
« on: July 10, 2018, 03:18:31 am »
Hey, new to these forums, so sorry if this isn't the place for this. I was just wondering, is there really no compilation of the data entered for each game? Not things like supposed value (saw that post already), but more so amount spent on collection, what games were purchased on what day, etc. I know you can see the individual values under each game if you put that info there, but I was just surprised I had yet to see a feature like that.

I figure if I wrote a small program I could have it read and interpret an exported CSV file of my collection, but I'm not sure if I have the time. Just wondering, and putting that here as a point of discussion.

Re: Data compiling?
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I don't honestly understand what you're asking or suggesting... but if you export your collection to csv (this feature exists) and open it in Excel or something, it shows you when you added it to your collection, as well as purchase price and purchase date if you entered those values.

Re: Data compiling?
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Like, is there no function on VGCollect to see all the data I've entered for the games in my collection? Like since I've put a price for each game, is there no page that can show me the total of all the prices I've entered? Or like, is it possible to select a day and see what games I added to my collection then?

Each game has data we can enter for it, but there's nowhere I can see this data compiled. That's what I'm asking about.

Re: Data compiling?
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Re: Data compiling?
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the only way to do that is to export it and sort it through there. this site currently does not allow custom sorting methods or data searches for personal collections
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Re: Data compiling?
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Currently there is no tally made on your profile for prices entered or collection value. I'm not certain how many people use these fields to begin with. I have seen this type of thing used on other sites, for example the toys collecting site

And that is a good example for me to introduce this word of caution. As shown on that link, that site says my collection is worth just under $5,000, but this is not accurate. That price indicator is not market value of my collection, but the value determined on these two factors:
1. It only counts items that have price data entered. Since I do not put in price data, any items in my collection without price data do not count towards the total.
2. Prices paid per item are determined by other collectors. With the exception of retail products, collectors aren't known to actually pay market value for items that they buy. Something might be worth $100 in the secondary market, but I paid $20 for it.

Basically, collection value calculators are unreliable because items without price data are not counted and collectors (on average) do not pay market value.

So in the end, I think that while it is possible to do the thing you ask, it is ultimately not worthwhile to implement a valuation system... unless a developer were to do it because they could. And for why there is even one on that other site... well they did have an accurate market valuation system in place, but it could not be worked out with the data provider any longer and the function was reverted to reflecting values based solely on user input.