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Hello everyone :D.   Today we have another clash off between two hypothetical games begging for your pre order slip at the local best buy. But only one can get your deposit. Two aspiring games that beg for that spot on your shelf and to be loved.   :)

Chīzukēki no sekkusu(Cheese, cake, Love)

Cheesecake!  The desert duo we all know and love, so suculent, so much chemistry.  Like a symphony of a thousand soft spoken poems whispered into the ear of a angel, but the complex struggles of sexual tensions between cheese and cake formed into a hentai romance exchange that left both dejected but longing for more.  Play as cake, a diva girl whom's heart is captured by the rustic simplicity of something so much so beneath her beauty.  Cheese with the humble upbringings of working for povershed families,  but with the charm to have won over her from her frosting to her center.   

During their sexual affair,  cheese melted,  and Cake is afraid of the perverted truth that lies within.  Pregnant with twin cheese cakes,  she hides the truth from her violent abusive step father pie who wants nothing more than to see her become a wedding cake even though she's so much more happy with being a birthday cake.   There to make children smile but the damning demands placed on her head make her crack,  with a bottle of codene cough syrup,  Cake sits in a dark room, rain trickling against the paneled glass of her 3 bed room and contemplates killing herself.  Poisoning her cakey layers and dooming herself to being thrown in the trash.   But just as she plans to the tapping on the door shifts her attention,  and it's cheese. 

 "I know what your family thinks of me, and I know a cake and cheese don't belong.  But who's society to say what belongs?  Did Pepperoni and Cheese belong together until it happened?  Did crackers and cheese belong?  I could die without you but i'd die living a thousand lies.  I don't care what people think,  and I don't care what people say.  Because all that matters to me is your beauitiful velvety icing, and your glistening strawberries.  Your candle glows through a thousand thunder storms that lie in my heart and you are the match to my kindle to guide me through the rain.  I'm not a cheese for a pizza.... i'm not a cheese for a burger... i'm a cheese for a cake.....   Cake..........  "Will you marry me?".     Cake with tears rolling down her icing agrees and informs cheese that she's pregnant with twins. 

 They both hug and cry.   Fearless of the social norms, and fearless of what is expected of them by intolerant naysayers.  Fearless the face the world lonesome.  Just cake and cheese forever. The secret becomes as heavy as a thousand boulders for cake to handle,  Cake's family would reject her if they ever found she had been sexual with cheese or ever agreed to be beyond work partners.   So as Cake you must confront your father,  and slay anyone in the fridgerator who dares to hate upon you with a katana blade with eternal love.   Because although cheese is simple, cheap,  and you are elegant, and royal he truly loves you and for beyond your pretty exterior and that's more you can say for any other food. 


The game plays like a tell tale games, where you imput dialogue to tell the step father off and such and anime style arcade fighter cut scenes are a epic flair on the unique formula :D

Jason and Michael Myers Disturbing the Peace Simulator 2018

Next up we have Jason and Michael Myers DTPS 2018 :).    Play as beloved local hero and part time alcoholic deputy Hendricks as you get a noise complaint due to the fact mass murdering serial killers Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees have been playing loud hip hop music and are partying with local Pirus gang members in Watts California while drinking "dirty sprite" and have told passing cars quote "That thing go rah rah rah p****".   

Their is also suspicion that Michael Myers was seen with underage scantily clad females in a jucuzi smoking satan's cabbage but the claims are from a frequent caller named Martha Stephenson who lives down the street, who has already called police on various minor offenses and has lost credibility in terms of seriousness of her claims.

As a deputy on the beat, you have to partake in the role of politely informing masked serial murder Michael Myers that the music is bothersome to the neighbors and give him a stern warning while leaving with the famous cop quote of "be safe" upon your exit.  While also checking on the rumors of minors getting intoxicated or influenced by drugs which even if proven to be legitamate you will wink and leave without troubling anyone due to the fact you love Michael Myers and he's a machette weilding badass.   

"Better than Final Fantasy VII" - IGN 


Which game would you put your 5 dollar deposit on? :D

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definitely DTPS 2018 that seems like it can go soo many ways and have so many ups and downs with the story and gameplay elements. it would be fun if we are called on them multiple nights in a row and it gets more serious offenses each time culminating in the arrest of the 2 (or the brutal murder of the player).
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Too much drama in that cheese cake game. I’m going DTPS on this one. Seams like GTA with Voorhees and Myers, but why does Jason have a Dubs hat on in Watts?


Cheesecake Sex sounds like a fascinating topic that I'd love to delve more into, especially with the foreshadowing of a meteor-related plot twist on the very cover, but I can't read kanji so the language barrier means I would have to settle with Jason and Michael Meyers Disturbing the Peace Simulator 2018. I've heard some of the plot leaks and I have to say I'm particularly looking forward to the scene where Jason and Michael finally kiss. I probably shouldn't spoil it for the rest of you but what comes after is the real plot twist, believe me. Let's just say we'll be expecting sequels very soon. One of those rare games that can truly be considered art.