Author Topic: If You Had Few/No Video Games And All You Found Was RPG's Would You Be Unhappy?  (Read 370 times)

Seether posted about only finding sports games in a recent post, SO I wondered
If you were new into collecting and all you found were RPG's? or one only one genre at where you were looking would you be unhappy.

I probably would not be unhappy as long as if I didn't own all the games already
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I would grab those in a flash. One of the reasons I bought a 3DS is because it has so many good RPGs.


that really depends. if all of a sudden all I started finding were RPG's I would be extremely happy. at the bare minimum I could sell them and finance other purchases through online store fronts. but if the tables were turned and RPG's were valued and produced like sports games are now then I think I would be unhappy about it. part of collecting to me is finding things that you never knew existed or you know are rare/uncommon. so if all I found all the time were common games regardless of genera I would be on a whole unhappy about collecting.

I notice that strangely when I bought Haunting Grounds for the PS2. it is a rare game that any day I would be happy to find it but this particular day at the used game shop I went to there were 6 of them. I was happy to see it but that went away rather quickly when I realized that this particular day it was a common sight. very odd and I hope I never have to see something like it again.
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Rpg's are fun and all but they are far from the best thing ever at least in my opinion.

I would be kinda dissapointed though since the genre's that I enjoy the most were never rpg's from the very beginning. i learned to appreciate them and played certain rpg's in the past wich were not pokemon on especially shady sites for roms but they were never my favourites.

plenty of systems have tons of rpg's there is no shortage old or new, only on the genesis it is a bit on the smaller side but even than in my opinion it is plenty.
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I'm pretty happy with my RPG collection. If I don't already have it I either don't like it, haven't heard of it, or it's likely a super-expensive one like Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Never been the biggest RPG guy, anyways.


It's my favorite genre, so I'd be pleased.
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I loved/ have loved RPGS since my collecting started, so I wouldn't be unhappy. Same for platformers, beat em ups & shmups.

I would not be thrilled about racing games, FPSes, licensed games or extremely m-rated content. I typically don't play these.

I'd be happy with puzzle games at first, but it would get stale after awhile.

Would be a step up over finding crap sports titles lol Would I only like to find RPG's? Probably not, but wouldn't be the worst thing.

Seether posted about only finding sports games in a recent post
Cmon, don’t encourage him.

As for your question, I would for sure be unhappy.  Firstly, I’m pretty picky when it comes to RPGs.  Secondly, when only one “flavor” is available it makes everything else more appealing.
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i don't collect for monetary value so i'd be thrilled to find games that i'd love to play all the time. i imagine those who collect to retire on wouldnt be pleased tho lol.


RPGs make up a huge majority of games I really like so I wouldn't mind. I find them particularly fun to collect even if I don't actually think I'll like the game, it's just enjoyable somehow.

I'm not the biggest RPG fan anymore, so I'd have to say my interest in gaming would diminish a little if RPGs were my only option.

Jrpgs for the SFC in japan at the time were as common as sports games in the west. I wasn't there during that period but I'm guessing they got fed up likely.

I mean, I'd still be having fun, but I tend to view RPGs are something to take in small doses because they're just so much bigger than other games. There's worse genres you could get attached to, but I'd still get fed up with it gradually