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Inquiry regarding variants
« on: October 23, 2018, 02:56:51 pm »
In my quest to obtain all Final Fantasy XII PS2 releases worldwide I see that there are two variants for the AU/NZ market.  Items numbers are below.  I'm assuming the -ANZ suffix is due to it being a revision of some kind?  Hard to find information on this specific revision. 

Anyway my question is do these qualify as a new entry?  The disc has the different item codes with the -ANZ added in case you were wondering.  I received and added the one on the bottom but need to know if I should be adding all of them as I get them.  My gut says yes since these are officially release variants.

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SLES-54354: Original release (AU/NZ) [0]
SLES-54354/P: Platinum release (AU/NZ) [0]
SLES-54354-ANZ: (AU/NZ) [0]
SLES-54354/P-ANZ: Platinum release (AU/NZ) [1]
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Re: Inquiry regarding variants
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In my opinion these qualify as a new entry.


Re: Inquiry regarding variants
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/P-ANZ is the New Zealand release, it should have the New Zealand OFLC rating on it.

New Zealand OFLC rating list,8623.msg145238.html#msg145238

Picture showing the ANZ version:

Re: Inquiry regarding variants
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Thanks for the replies guys.  I've only been able to capture images of the discs and not cases from ebay auctions for only a couple of variants in the past.  So the one I have has /P-ANZ on the disc but the AUS rating sticker on the case (image below) and has the blue M AUS rating on the case insert.  I've seen a few others with that variant suffix but with an AUS rating sticker or the blue M rating on the case insert.

I created an item entry for this but am unsure how to label the title taking in to consideration the mystery of these variants.  I believe the ANZ variant was for both NZ and AUS but that only the rating stickers were different between these countries.  That's my opinion.

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Re: Inquiry regarding variants
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What is the number on the spine of the case you have?

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