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Modern Video Games / Banner Saga 3 - What's Your Opinion?....
« on: June 28, 2019, 11:08:37 pm »
Hi all!

First of all, if you haven't played the Banner Saga and stumbled across this through curiosity, I'd encourage trying it! The trilogy is super cheap on disc now. I also want to express that overall, I enjoyed the experience and hope to see more in the future. Lots of good things to say. Need to nab some posters from the official site. :)

Moving on... every once in a while, I like to write up a review for a game. Throughout last year and the early part of 2019, I spent time playing BS1-3, and writing a review on each entry.

One and two were straightforward enough, but after finishing BS3... I'm stuck. It's 90% done, but I've been sitting on it for a while.

So I'm looking for opinions. I sort of know where I sit, opinion wise, on two things, though I'm having more conflict with the second. So I want to hear what you think!



... OK, so I'm curious about two things.

1. Battles for Juno's group. Were these nearly impossible for anyone else... especially the finale? In general, the problem wasn't enemies, but the wave timer. Ivan's group felt (stats/ability wise) weaker and harder to use than Rook/Alette's group, which combined with the time limit, made things really tough... playing too defensively could put you in trouble; if you didn't eliminate the first wave in time, it was practically a guaranteed loss.

The ONLY thing that allowed me to win a lot of these, including the finale, was exploiting Juno. I would keep a friendly part member in the corner of the map, and send her among enemies (hopefully in the center or across the map); her power enabled her to control an enemy (inflicting damage), low health made her a target, enemy killed her, revive her with enough power to control an enemy again. Rinse, repeat until you win.

What's your experience with this? Anyone else use this exploit? Did you find this caravan's battles to be significantly harder? I also lacked trinkets for this group, so I'm wondering if that was a problem too. I had *some*, but Alette's group was much better off. (Buffing Canary to be a glass canon with a -3/+3was great haha)

2. The ending. This is what I'm really conflicted about. How'd you feel about it? I know this always leads to big discussions, I don't expect everyone to agree. This is a tricky topic for many games. But I'd like to hear your opinions.

3. Feel free to add anything else. :)

Thanks in advance. :)

Modern Video Games / Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition: Back in Stock!
« on: April 12, 2017, 06:27:21 pm »
Hey all!

Atlus had a notification a few hours ago that limited editions are back in stock at Amazon, at the standard 89.99 price! If you've been wanting one, now's a great time to pick up a copy!  ;D

As of the time of this posting, Amazon says they are still in stock.  :D

General / Quick question: RE Mercenaries on XB1 and RE4
« on: April 07, 2017, 08:59:02 pm »
Hey all! A quick question.

One of my favorite parts (er, well... probably my favorite part, actually) of RE5 was the unlockable Mercs Mode. I saw that it got a Gold Edition release on PS3, and it appears that the PS4/XB1 port is basically the same thing. But I had a few questions about it that I was hoping someone could help with...

The wiki says "The Mercenaries United is a minigame available in the PS4 and Xbox One release of Resident Evil 5. It is a combination of the game's The Mercenaries and The Mercenaries Reunion. All characters and stages from both modes can be selected from the beginning.[1]" So is Mercs mode unlocked from the start (i.e. I don't have to finish the campaign again)? Are the alternate costumes also unlocked, or do those still have to be unlocked again before they are usable?

As for RE4, I had never known until perhaps some time ago that there was even a Mercs Mode in it. Does anyone know if/how it differs between console versions (GC/Wii/PS4)? Just curious.

Thanks!  :D

I think it's kind of unfortunate that these extra modes were kinda flushed down the toilet as they were, in favor of the newer design in RE:R/2. I really liked Mercs Mode as it was presented in 5 & the 3DS version (the touch screen inventory is a great addition), and I wish I knew why they felt it needed to be changed (or, rather, replaced) in later releases. The new enemy levelling (i.e. either being two shot kills if you're too experienced or bullet sponges that make winning impossible if you're too inexperienced) is kinda offputting to me at the extreme ends. I liked the weapon loadouts/level design present in RE5/Mercs3D, both which felt pretty balanced to me.

Hi everyone!  :D

I'll keep this short: I picked up a copy of Breath of the Wild for a friend (since my Walmart still had one and his were all out), but it ended up that He already bought one. So, instead of returning it to the store, I thought I'd offer it on here first. I'm letting this sell for the retail price ($99.98) plus tax and shipping (rounded up to the nearest dollar), so all my costs are covered. It's never been opened, just bought it yesterday and brought it home. You can see a few pictures below!

I would like to explicitly state these things first though, to be clear:

*If you want the package insured, that can be tacked on to shipping for you. Otherwise, unless it's free, I won't insure the package. Insurance is like $2 I think.
*Will be sent via USPS. Shipping will probably be about $15 - $20 it looks like.
*No scalping, please. I totally understand keeping something unopened and deciding to sell it off later, but my intent on selling this, for this price, is so that someone
doesn't get scalped. Don't make me come kick you in the noggin' on Ebay.  :P

Pictures below! If you have any questions, just PM me or ask in the thread. Additional pictures will be made available on request! First come, first served. Thanks!

Hardware and Tech / Original Xbox: Disk Drive Replacement/Fix?
« on: February 20, 2017, 01:20:30 am »
Hey all!

So, quite some time ago, I posted that my original Xbox was having issues. It would either...

1. Come up with an error message when a disk was inserted, saying it wouldn't read. OR...

2. Would read the disk, it'd play for 10 or 15 minutes, then stop and show a disc read error.

Well, I tried cleaning the laser lens, tray, and spinner. Loaded up Tenchu, plays fine for about 15 minutes, then suddenly the music stops, and we've got the error message. I assume this means that a dirty lens isn't the issue, and the disc drive is. For the record, I have cleaned the disk, and the error persists. I tried a different game and it wouldn't load at all, but that one is very damaged. The Tenchu one looks fine to me.

I was wondering if anyone has repaired a disc drive, or knows a place to get a replacement *cheap*? Ebay wants $50 for a used or new drive for the original Xbox; the price I could basically buy a new console for. I wouldn't have a problem fixing the old one for the most part, except I don't know what's wrong, and trying to find info on the internet hasn't helped much.

Hey all!

In case you haven't seen it, Borderlands 2/Pre-Sequel are free to download until October 30th (ish)! I didn't finish 2, but I also haven't played the Pre-Sequel, so I definitely plan on checking them out. :D Oddly enough, I always liked playing it as a single-player game better than with friends.

*Update: Whoops, it's just free for the weekend, after which time you have to buy it! My bad. v.v;;;

General / Good Star Trek Games?
« on: October 23, 2016, 10:58:57 pm »
Hey all!

With Halloween coming up and all, I decided to try and start watching Next Generation where I left off some time ago since Star Trek piqued my interest, again. Although I've watched the AVGN's video on Star Trek games, I was wondering if y'all had any experience with them, and could recommend a good one?

I'm not looking for anything in particular (I'm already occupied with Fire Emblem Conquest at the moment), but was just curious as to if there were any good titles out there, whatever genre or gameplay style they might be.

General / SHMUPS, Fighters, & How to Enjoy Them?
« on: June 04, 2015, 12:34:58 am »
Hey all!

This topic is an idea that has come to mind before, and now seems like a good time to get it out there, so I figured I'd post it.

I've enjoyed a lot of games over the years; racing games, shooters, various types of RPGs, interactive visual novels, strategy games, and others, of course. Naturally, everyone seems to gravitate toward a handful of genres, and typically will tout a few as their favorites. Two genres which I have not really been able to 'get myself into', however, are SHMUPS and fighting games. Back in the day I enjoyed Tekken games, and I certainly enjoyed the demo of Einhander as a kid, but as a young adult I've never really been able to 'get into' these two genres very much.

Normally, I might just avoid these genres, but it's very hard to review a genre you don't know how to appreciate/enjoy. So it made me think that creating this thread might be useful in the future, or at the very least provide a little bit of insight and some fun discussion.

So, the question is; how do you play/enjoy a SHMUP/Fighting game? It's not just a question of what makes one good or bad, but also a question of how these games are 'supposed' to be enjoyed (before we get to the argument, I'm well aware that many different people play/enjoy many different games in many different ways, but I do feel that each genre has it's own set of player expectations/attitudes which the makers of these games generally keep in mind.)

I do have some SHMUPS and a fighting game or two, but I guess I don't really know how to enjoy them. For example, I've already beat the main story of DeathSmiles; it only takes perhaps 20 minutes to do so. However, this is obviously a game that is meant to be replayed, keeping in mind things like score and deathcount. So I might, for example, as the question "what do I do next?" Is it all about getting a high score? Speed runs? Etc.? Are there goals that SHMUP players tend to go for when playing?

As another example, I have Persona Arena, and will probably get Skullgirls. But how do I get the most out of my experience? Learning movelists and mastering characters? Beating arcade mode at the highest difficulty? What do fans of the genre usually do?

I hope I've been clear enough, I realize that my words are probably a bit murky. ^^; I'd like to be a fan of and enjoy these two genres, but I'm not really sure what the typical way of doing so, is. I'd like to learn more about how people play these games, and how to get the most out of them.

General / "PS3 Cache Failed to Mount"
« on: April 17, 2015, 12:17:50 pm »
Hey all, quick tech question.

I was playing Spec Ops, when I suddenly encountered some stuttering, then I get a message that says "PS3 cache failed to mount." This also happened with Uncharted 2, I think.

Any suggestions for what I should do to fix this? I tried restarting the chapter with a fresh save, but still get the same issue after a while. I've tried doing an internet search, but there's not much out there for an answer.

I already tried deleting the game data and install (minus saves) and re-installed both, but am still having issues.

Any help would be appreciated!

X-Men (Sega Genesis) - Cart Only

Final Fantasy XI Online (PS2) - Quick start guide, game manual, 2-discs, ps2 box and outer sleeve (good used)

Marketplace / SALE - $1.49 each - Mighty Switch Force 1 & 2!
« on: March 12, 2015, 10:31:58 pm »
Hi all!

Since we tend to share game deals around here, just wanted to let you all know that both Mighty Switch Force games are on sale for $1.49 each until 3/19 on the Nintendo E-Shop! I just watched a review yesterday about it for the second time, and thought that I might want to get 'em. Just wanted to let you all know.  :D

General / What Qualifies as "Complete?"
« on: March 12, 2015, 12:39:03 pm »
Here's a question I've been wondering about...

I see a lot of people who are always looking to buy manuals, game boxes, etc. So I was curious... if a game is 'complete', does it need to have all of the original items together when you buy it, or can you piece together a 'complete' version?

For some reason, I have this sort of nagging peeve about 'piecing' a game together; if a 3DS game has the cart and box, but not the manual (for example), I tend not to buy it because it doesn't feel... 'naturally complete?'

So, can a game be 'pieced' together and listed as complete? Do you usually put a note about this somewhere? If you were to resell a game, do you have to make a note about it? As an afterthought, does replacing a box (let's say a PS3 clear case) with a licensed new one (because the old one had a hole or something) still count as being the 'original' game?

I know this seems a bit silly, but it bothers me a bit, for some reason.  :P I guess it's like when you buy antiques; if something is refurbished, you usually say that. But games don't seem to have that same principle, since you can always replace bits and pieces easily enough.

Let me know your thoughts.  :D

General / Buying (JP) Imports
« on: March 04, 2015, 04:16:54 am »
Hey all,

So I was wondering, is Ebay usually suitable for buying JP imports? I'd like to get a few of the old games from the Megami Tensei series (eventually), but I want to be sure that I'm buying the real thing. (I'll probably throw a random gameboy game or two in there as well, since I like the little pieces of anime art on the cartridges lol  :P ). As far as I know, cart-based games tend to only get pirated like that if they're worth big bucks, but I've never bought imports online before.

I've browsed around, and Ebay seems fine, but I thought I'd ask and see if there is anything I should be wary of or look out for, since I haven't bought import games before.

Marketplace / Looking for a GBA SP - AGS 101
« on: February 05, 2015, 03:06:26 am »
Hi all!

Posting this for a friend. Anyone got a GBA SP (AGS 101) for sale? He's looking to buy one for a decent price, preferably. Color does not matter.


Classic Video Games / Best 'classic' PC to begin collecting for?...
« on: January 20, 2015, 03:14:20 am »
Even though I hardly ever seem to buy new (old) consoles nowadays (as I'm trying to work on my game library instead of my console hoard xP  ), I've been watching some of LGR's videos on YouTube. So, I'm just curious, what is the best PC machine (or whatever technical term should be used) to begin collecting for?

When I say best, I'm considering the following factors:

1. Price for the machine
2. Average game prices
3. Other initial investments/upgrades required (memory upgrade, etc.)
4. User-friendliness (learning how to operate the machine, ability to upgrade if/when necessary, etc.)

As always, I'm sure that this isn't something I'll immediately begin doing, but this information is always handy to have. xD I also understand that there are factors, such as game genres and such, that can determine what machines are best for an individual. However, I'm just looking for a general answer based on the above criteria.

Also, any suggested places of where to purchase (Ebay is the obvious one) would also be appreciated. Suggested games are also welcome, as are any suggestions in general, really.  :D

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