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Off Topic / how the hell do you pick a career??
« on: September 07, 2016, 03:34:41 am »
gotta say i don't think i want to be poor as shit my entire life.

but most of my skills are... kind of worthless. drawing is worthless. journalism is mostly dead and i don't have connections and i don't want to make the grave mistake of an english degree. it's nice to dream about, but i know better. journalism is dying, and i'm not much of a talker. i'm articulate in writing, but i have really bad social skills... i am not a reporter, basically. i blunder up the english language when i speak. so as fun as it seems to be another ~youtube star~ it's not for me... never you mind that i hate showing my face on film... moving or still, for that matter.

i was going to school for network and system administration, but that is a field that is hard as nails to get into these days. it's so flooded and i feel inadequate. i've considered picking up another RHEL book and taking the exam after studying, but it feels... fruitless. i like linux, i was good at it and had the highest marks in my class, but i don't know, i'm bad at speaking and selling myself. while a bigshot college near me uses linux as their mainframe system, why pick me over the other RHEL-certified?

basically, i'm stuck. most of the things i actually like doing, are fruitless. and i'm really bad at things like programming... i just don't grasp it. i think most of my issue probably lies in the fact i need to know how to go about everything, and most of the time, the answer is "hurr durr go to school get job" but that doesn't explain... enough, i suppose, because usually, there's a lot more to it. cue, my shock at certification tests being more important than a college degree.

since most of you guys are older than me, i figure... why not ask?

how did you pick your career if you have one? how did you know what to do and where to go to achieve that?

Modern Video Games / wii u game prices
« on: July 06, 2016, 12:14:03 am »
kinda an awkward question but
let's talk wii u game prices for a bit.

bringing this up because the prices for the games don't seem to decrease. they're not budging, even though i doubt they're ~flying off the shelves at high demand~ or whatever.
every time i do bring it up people say "well they're still selling at that price" but it's the wii u, a horribly unbought console (that windwaker version sat at gamestop for months and you might be able to still buy it at some locations, 'selling well' and 'wii u' never fits in the same sentence) with a high attachment rate... which would conclude most buyers of a game have already bought the game they want.
(i think i'm seeing ~6 games/wii u?)

i could talk about the financials behind this not helping the wii u's case, being that you can buy a ps4/xbone for a higher entry fee, but the cost of games is lower across the board if you're willing to wait half a year (sometimes less or more, depending) and you'll have more people to play with and what-not, but that's not the point i'm trying to make.

anyway, as much as i'd like to collect for wii u, i still have a ps3 and i have a ps4 to buy for, and i'd rather have bulk than one game i'm not 100% sure i'll be playing for a long while.
(and as a collector, without endless cash)

i'm just thinking... why are none of the prices going down?

super mario 3d world came out years ago, and is still sitting at $60, and i doubt it's still flying off the shelves at anything but a snail's crawl at this point.
you will always have late entries to a console, but holding the value of a game at $60 for its entire life for those stragglers is kinda ridic to me.

i know to some degree retailers have control over this cost but every retailer has the prices frozen for these games... and as much as i'd enjoy having mk8 or ssb4 on my shelf, i can't justify it when i have a 3DS, PS3, PS4 and vita as well.

will those games ever lower in cost? or nah?

my thoughts are kinda scrambled but uh

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