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Guess I'll get this started.
Picked up some Genesis games, some Japanese games and the last of the Pokemon Games I was missing in the main series.

- Sea of Stars
- Witch Crafty
- Buddy Simulator 1984
- Astro Aqua Kitty
- Qube 2
- VR Skate
- Tennis On Court
- One Piece Odyssey (Walmart $10)
- Park Beyond (Woot $10)

- Sea of Stars
- Sojourn (Amazon $10)
- Scorn (Woot $35)
- Nascar Heat 5 (Walmart $6)

- Mario vs. Donkey Kong
- Sea of Stars
- Inscryption
- Akai Katana Shin
- Buddy Simulator 1984
- Cursed to Golf
- Silent Hope - Day One Edition (Woot $20)
- Metal Gear Solid Master Collection (Amazon $20)
- Rico London (Amazon $12)
- Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Amazon $13)
- Sea of Stars
- Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails
- Witch Crafty
- Akai Katana Shin
- 35MM
- Buddy Simulator 1984
- Pong Quest
- Dying Light 2 (Woot $12)
- World War Z Aftermath (Best Buy $10)

For whatever reason I never got this Pokemon game in the main series.
- Pokemon Black

Found this at a Goodwill for $3.
- Skate

- Summon Night 2

- Mystic Heroes

- Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi

- Kamen Rider ZO
- Baku-den: The Unbalanced Zone

- Herzog Zwei
- Zoom!
- Awesome Possum
- Fantastic Dizzy

- Eskimo Bob & Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure

General / My Top 30 Pick Ups of 2023!
« on: January 01, 2024, 01:29:44 am »
Another Year has past and time to go over what I found was the best pieces I added to my video game collection in 2023.
List is based on anything from rarity to just something I got excited to add to my collection or just loved playing this year.
I'd love to hear your best pickups for the year, It don't have to be 30, just pick the top 5, 3, or even one.
It could be a rare game, a game you played the most this year or something you always wanted and finally got this year.

So lets start my list of the top 30 pickups I got in 2023.

30. Cybervision 2001 Home Computer
An odd computer console from the late 70s that only sold at Montgomery Ward's. I saw this up for sale on Ebay and tossed a low bid on on it and to my surprise I won it. I really don't think anyone cared about this thing. lol
It's one of those systems that looked so 70s and wanted it in my collection, A system that will always get a reaction of "what is that?".

29. Wonder Boy in Monster Land (SMS)
A friend was selling his collection and he had a huge collection of SMS games, This was one of the games I've been wanting in my collection for years,
I finally got copy for a great deal and I finally got to play this game on the SMS.

28. LG DVS CD-i (VE-200)
I love adding odd and rare game consoles to my collection and this was so cool to find at a great price. There's a lot of CD-i consoles variants and when I see lists
of CD-i consoles this one is missing a lot. It appeared on eBay for an okay price, but I threw out an offer and it was accepted. Another system most people will see in my game room and not know what it is.

27. NIV Bible & The 20 Lost Levels of Joshua (GB)
This was a game that only makes this list because of it's rarity, I saw this on eBay for close to $600 and put it on my watch list, and I get sent an offer of under $200 and it came with the manual, I look online and saw only other one was sold for $500 and it was cart only. I had to take the offer.

26. Car Batter Joe (GBA)
This came into my local used game store with it's manual. It was priced at about $200, It sat there in the glass cabinet for a long time. One night I decided to trade in a tub full of scrap games I picked up from garage sales that I might have paid $100 for and they offer me close to $500 in store credit and I got this rare GBA game.

25. Final Fantasy I-VI Collection - US RELEASE (Switch/PS4)
These are one of the games I was so glad I was able to get an order in. I got both US ESRB versions, the PS4 version is the one that is more rare due to it didn't get an international release like the Switch version did. I bought that version to open. At this time the PS4 version will be one of the rarest and most expensive for the system in the future. I feel blessed I was able to get a copy of both.

24. Street Fighter Collection (SAT)
Another game my friend sold me, He had a lot of the rarest games for Saturn, He sold me this as part of the lot I needed for my collection. I'm always happy to find Saturn games for my collection.

23. Heart of the Alien (Sega CD)
I don't find Sega CD games often and when I went long distance game hunting I find a small game store I've never been too before and they had a huge selection of Sega CD games, I made a decent stack of games I needed in my collection and the owner made me a great bundle deal.

22. Scrapyard Dog (Atari 7800)
I've been slowly trying to get more 7800 games, I usually just look for loose carts, but I saw an open bid for a sealed copy of Scrapyard Dog and made bid and won it for about half of what people ask for a sealed copy.

21. Psycho Fox (SMS)
this was part of the bundle I got from my friend, Another SMS game that I've been wanting in my collection and its not a bad platformer to play too.

20. Hurricanes (SNES)
This game was never on my list of games I wanted till my buddy got a copy and I found out its a platformer and not a Soccer game. While its not the greatest game its still better then I thought it going to be. Guess its based on a cartoon from the 90s. But it was on my hit list once I found it to be kind of hard to find.
I made a HUGE trade with a big collector (there's more on this list).

19. Brutal: Above the Claw (32X)
I sold a ton of extras to a big reseller and used that money to get two games in my collection. This game was underpriced and sealed at a game expo.
The other game I got you'll see later on this list.

18. Mega Man Star Force 2 Zerker × Saurian (NDS)
I love the Mega Man series and this was one of the few I was missing. Found it at my local used game store and got it for a great price.
Think I still need three more Mega Man games on the DS.

17. Avenging Spirit (GB)
When I saw LRG do a reproduction cart, I almost bought it but I looked up to see if it got an original release, It did and I didn't recognize it due to its bland cover. I passed on buying the Reprint and watched auctions for an original copy. months later I see one with an open auction, I watch it and bid near the end and won it for about half the price of what others sell for. (whoo hoo)
It's a fun game, I don't know why they didn't put a ghost on the cover of this game instead of a gangster with a tommygun. 

16. Ogre Battle (SNES)
This was a game that felt like a torn in my side for years, Years ago I went game hunting with a buddy and he found this game before me and I missed getting one, then I was at an expo and I saw a copy at a good price and I wanted to see what else the show had and came back and it was sold, then later I find one at a good price online and I get a fake copy (yes I got my money back) Then out of nowhere I find one at a random game store I stopped at. It was in such great shape and a good price, I asked the owner if he could open the game for me and he did, it was the real deal and I picked it up.

15. Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda Edition
While I know, this system isn't that rare or anything, But when I saw the leaked pictures of the Tears of the Kingdom Switch, I wanted one so bad.
I'm not one that goes bonkers for variant color consoles, But every time I see a Zelda or Metroid special edition system, I'm in.

14. Soul Star (Sega CD)
When I bought that Heart of the Alien on Sega CD I also got this game, one they had a great price for it and they made me a bundle deal. It's a cool shooter, I always get excited getting new Sega CD games in my collection, I had a good year for getting Sega CD games this year.

13. Dungeon Explorer (Sega CD)
This was a part of the HUGE trade I made with a large collector, and I loved this game. This game is basically Gauntlet on the Sega CD.
Great Multiplayer on the Sega CD. So glad I got a copy of this game finally in my collection.

12. Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Collector's Edition (Switch)
I love Zelda games and when Breath of the Wild came out I felt this was one of the best Zelda games in a while. Then I get Tears of the Kingdom and I couldn't put this game down. For me this was my GotY. I beat this game into the ground. I'm sad to hear the next Zelda is not going to be apart of this series of Zelda but I hope they keep the open world with the next Zelda.

11. Ardy Lightfoot (SNES)
This was a game I've been watching for on eBay for a long time, The games that appeared online where ether in rough shape or way overpriced.
Then I made a HUGE trade with a big collector and he had this game in great shape and he had it in the box. I traded a ton of my extras to get a bunch of rare game I needed for my collection, there's more from this trade ahead.

10. Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus (SNES)
This was part of the HUGE trade, He had the game brand new in box, he was the one who broke the seal. Now this game is not good, but I loved the weirdness this game is. I love my weird games and I've been trying to get a copy for years and I finally get one and complete the weird Heath Hero games on SNES.

9. Futurama (PS2)
There was two high value games I was missing on PS2, This was one. Then my local used game store got a copy in and in great shape. I'm also love the Futurama series. I used my store points and got it for a great price. The game is okay, I only really recommend it if your Futurama fan.

8. Dungeons & Dragons Collection (SAT)
This was a game on my watch list on eBay for a long time, I couldn't pull the trigger till I could find a good deal for one. When my friend was selling his collection and I saw this in there, I bundled it with everything else I was getting and got it for a lot less then online.

7. Golden Axe Warrior (SMS)
Another hard to find SMS game my friend sold me in that bundle from his collection. I never played this game before and never looked up footage.
I thought it was going to be like the other Golden Axe games but it turns out to be a Zelda clone. One of my new favorite games for the SMS.

6. Super Turrican 2 (SNES)
Part of the HUGE trade with a big collector, this was another game I had a hard time finding in the wild or a good deal online. When I found it in his collection for trade I jumped to add it the games to trade my extras for.

5. Sonic Blast Man 2 (SNES)
Another game from the HUGE trade, another one of the SNES games I wanted in my collection and I finally got it.

4. Flink (Sega CD)
Part of the HUGE trade, This game was a game I almost bought years ago for like $50 and then I kicked myself because the game shot up in price not long after that. Glad I was able to get it in this trade.

3. Earthworm Jim - Special Edition (Sega CD)
Part of the HUGE trade, I had a tough time finding this game at all in the wild. I had to include it in this trade.

2. Radical Rex (Sega CD)
Part of the HUGE trade, I knew this was the number one game I had to get from this collector, This game usually at most has only one copy (if your lucky) appear
on sale online. He even wanted me to know that he saved the sticker that was on the original seal. This might be the most valuable but I feel it is rarer then
Snatcher, Popful Mail or maybe even Keio, right now there's six CIB Keio's and only one CIB Rad Rex on eBay as of writing this. Glad to have this in my collection.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Fire (32X)
This had to be number one, This was the other game I used the money I got selling a ton of extras to a big reseller. At an Expo I saw this game CIB and the seller made me a deal I couldn't say no too.
I knew this was my only chance to get this game in my collection so I had to pull the trigger and buy it. With this and Brutal off the 32X list I might just complete the 32X collection in the future.

And that's my best additions to my collection in 2023, Every year I wonder if I can top that last and this year I got a lot of grails off my list.
I hope everyone got at least one grail off your list of some kind, and may 2024 be better then the last year for all of us
in both collecting video games and in life. Here's too a wonderful 2024.  ;D

General / My Top 30 Pick Ups of 2022!
« on: January 01, 2023, 07:52:38 pm »
Another Year has past and time to go over what I found was the best pieces I added to my video game collection in 2022.
List is based on anything from rarity to just something I got excited to add to my collection last year.
I'd love to hear your best pickups for the year, It don't have to be 30, just pick the top 5, 3, or even one.
It could be a rare game, a game you played the most this year or something you always wanted and finally got this year.

So lets start my list of the top 30 pickups I got in 2022.

30. Nintendo Switch OLED - Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Edition

I've been looking for an excuse to buy an OLED Switch and when I saw this Pokemon edition I broke down and picked one up.

29. B Team Metal Cartoon Squad

A fun shooter using the stylist on the DS, it was never released in the US. I highly recommend checking it out.

28. AV Mahjong Club

This is one of those rare "adult" strip Mahjong games. But these carts are not easy to find, especially in the states. I got it with another game on this list.
Not an exciting game but a rare game worth making my pickups of the year.

27. Bubble Bobble Revolution USA-1

This game was originally released bugged that you could not finish the game, they had a way to ship the cart back and get a replacement cart marked (USA-1) that fixed the bug. I found a loose cart at a random game store, at a great low price. I bought a normal version and have both versions in the case. There is a USA-1 case but I was lucky to find the cart.

26. Super Princess Peach

I found this NDS game at a garage sale this year for about $17 CIB. This was one of those games I've been hoping to find in the wild and was happy to get it from a garage sale for cheap. I found a loose cart years ago at a garage sale but it was a fake cart, so glad I finally got an original in my collection.

25. Valve Steam Deck (512GB)

I was on the fence if I should order one, I ordered one and I'm glad I did. While I'm not a huge fan of digital games, this is a nice way to play most PC games
on a handheld console. I mainly picked one up for my collection of handhelds but I was impressed on what it can do. I still not going to spend a lot of money on
digital games but if I see a sale on one that I can only play on PC, this in nice to have.

24. Analog Pocket with Game Gear Adapter

I pre-ordered this almost a year ago, when it finally came in the mail I was excited. It has a great screen to play all GB/GBC/GBA games. The other reason I wanted this was the Game Gear Adapter. (I also ordered the T16, NeoGeo Pocket and Lynx adapters) This is worth owning to play most retro Handheld games.

23. Robotrek

I love it when I find a retro game I don't own at a garage sale, I picked up a huge lot of SNES games and a few other systems and found this game in there.
A $100 game for about $2. I was surprised when I played this game and found out it was an RPG. (yes I know its says it on the box, but I only saw the cart and thought it was a space shooter)

22. Milky Princess

This game's name always gave me a chuckle. I like those odd Japanese games that have something funny about them.
Saw a complete copy for a great price and just bought it as the odd game in the Super Cassette Vision Library.

21. Treasure Cove

I'm close to a complete Bally's Astrocade collection, but the ones I'm missing are all those odd third party games that are not cheap. I saw this one appear
for a great price and jumped on it.

20. Muncher

I've always wanted Pac-Man for my Bally's Astrocade, They made a Pac-Man clone called Muncher. It might even be the last game released for the system.
Its not perfect but its better then the Atari 2600 version.

19. T-Mek

I don't find 32X games often in the wild, especially games I don't own. I found this game while doing some out of town game hunting. It was at a great price.
When I'm out at stores I don't go to often I always ask if they do deals, like package deals. (i had a few other games) They look up the game and see it goes for
much more and told me they couldn't because T-Mek was way under priced and if I didn't get it they would mark it up. So I had to buy it. lol

18. Sega CD model 1 CIB

I was out hitting garage sales with a friend and found a huge Sega CD and 32X lot for $100. I already own a Sega CD model 1 but it's a loose system.
This system was next to new in the box, it had everything in the box even the bags. The system looked like it was never used. I was so happy to get a
box for this.

17. Yokai Watch Blasters Cat Red

My local used game store got this in, but instead of just buying it, I put together a tub full of scrap games in my extras that are hard to sell and traded them in.
I got about $360 in store credit and used some of it to get this in my collection.

16. Nintendo 64 (ice Blue)

I've been looking for the different N64 colors and I'm trying to find them all in the wild. This year I found one I didn't own from a Garage Sale for $40. It had it's
matching controller too. I just need two more of the US colors now.

15. Tsukuda Original Othello Multivision

I love my odd game consoles, this is a Sega SG-1000 made by Tsukuda Original. Found a system with its original controller and all hookups for a great price.

14. Casio MX-10

I saw this for a great price with a couple games, MSX games are always expensive and hard to get. The system is a basic MSX1 with it's original controller and
a couple Casio branded games.

13. NEC PC Engine CoreGrafix II

I love different variations of systems, I picked this up with the next item on the list and a LCD screen that attaches to it.

12. NEC PC Engine Super CD-ROM2

Very early in the year I found a CIB Super CD Rom2 and of top of that a working one. This was a deal with the Core II system.

11. DACTAR Atari

I saw this for sale online for a decent price and It was CIB. The DACTAR Atari is the system from Brazil. I ordered it and when it came the system shell was
destroyed in shipping, the seller just tossed it in the box with no protection. The seller was good enough to send me a new shell and this time he packed it right.
So I replaced the outer shell and it looks great now.

10. GameBoy Color Tech Demo Cart

This is one of those random WTF finds, I stop at a random Game store out of state and see this in the case with other Game Boy games. I had a hard time finding
a Value for this, The price was good and the last cart I can find sold was close to over two years ago. I figured I better buy it or regret it, because I doubt I'll see
one again.

9. Tank Command

I'm not far from a complete Atari 7800 collection and this was the game that held me back from going for a complete set. The rarest game for the system.
I found a copy for a extremely good price and it's CIB, I think the reason I got such a great price for it was the box was water damaged, but the cart and manual
are in great shape. I pretty much got the game for what a loose cart goes for. In 2023 I might push to get more 7800 carts now I got this one off the list.

8. Tris

Someone contacted me about a lot of TI-99 games, I looked at the lot and saw one I've never seen before. Tris is a Tetris clone for the TI-99.
I lookup online for a price or any info on this game and found next to nothing on it. Only thing I found on it was on few TI-99 rarity lists and it was rated ER (Extremely Rare). I tell the seller I can offer $150 for the lot (the rest of the games where common worth about $50) and based that price on other ER games for the TI-99. I found other TI-99 ER rated games sold for about $100. He tells me he wanted to see if anyone else offers more and a week later he contacts me telling me he'll sell them to me at the price I offered. This might be one of the rarest games in my collection that no one cares about. lol

7. Nintendo iQue

This is a weird Nintendo 64 item, this was the only way to play N64 in China. It's a controller that hooks up to a TV and you download games to the
controller (system) and play them. I believe they released the N64 like this in China due to their laws and how China bootlegs their games.
I found a Loose system with everything it needs to play it for a super low price. An odd piece of N64 history.

6. Solatorobo: Red the Hunter

This was one of my top wanted NDS games, I finally found a CIB copy with the outer box and soundtrack CD for a good price.

5. Atari Karts

I've had this on my list of games to add to my collection for years. I finally see an open auction for a complete copy and got it for far less for what most
are asking for it. While it's no Mario Kart, its not a bad Kart game and for the Jaguar, its playable. lol

4. Miss Peach World

This is one of those WTF games, Looking at the box art you'd think this was a Super Mario Bros hack where you play as Peach....
But the game is hack of Menace Beach/Sunday Funday, but it's an "Adult" game. The character looks like Merlyn Monroe more then Princess Peach.
So I own the Trifecta of crappy Menace Beach games.
3. Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

I'm slowly trying to complete my SNES collection. I try to knock off at least one $200+ game off my list every year. I was able to sell off a bunch of extras
and used the money to get this game in my collection.

2. Shining Force CD

While traveling to game stores out of state, I see this game for under the current going value. I had to grab it. Must have been sitting on the shelf a while.
This is one of the games I always thought I'd have to pickup at a game convention and just pay full retail. 

1. Crusader of Centy

This game has been on my most wanted list for years, The price has been going up every year. I finally saw an open auction of one in the box.
I threw a bid and the last second and got it for several hundred dollars less then it can go for and finally got this great game in my collection.

That's my list, hope everyone had a great year of gaming and found at least one item your excited to get in your collections this last year.
May 2023 have more surprises and great finds to add to our collections. And I hope everyone has a wonderful 2023 not just in video games.

Site Feedback / Cart pics instead of Box pics?
« on: February 12, 2022, 08:00:20 am »
I noticed that for some reason its showing many games in collection as the cart or disc pic instead of the front Box pic?
I think something needs to be fixed.

General / My Top 30 Pick Ups of 2021!
« on: January 02, 2022, 01:12:31 am »
Its a new year and time to look back on the best games I added to my collection.
As always I'll pick out 30 games and they are based on how bad I wanted them, Being pricy and found a good deal
or just because I think its super cool. I'd love to hear your best pickup from 2021, you don't have to list 30,
maybe your top 5, or top two. I know not everyone gets as much as I do in one year.  ;)

30. Circus Convoy (Atari 2600)
When I heard two of the original Atari 2600 Activision Developers where making a new game for the Atari I had to get a copy.
They even included patches and special patches if you made a high score (just like back in the day)
A quality game that feels like it could have come out in the 80s. A must own for Atari fans.

29. Castlevania Resurrection (DC)
When I found out a Dreamcast Castlevania prototype was found I was hoping someone would make a homebrew physical version.
I found someone who did and had to buy one. The game is no where near finished and is just buggy test levels it still great to see what
could have been. Fun to mess around with but that's about it.

28. Danganrompa Trilogy (PS4/Switch)
When this game first came out  on PS4 I didn't buy it due to I had the original CE for each one. Thought... Eh I'll pick it up later.
Then the game because rare, and prices shot up to well over $100. My local used game store even got a used copy and wanted $145 for it.
Then NIS decided to make more copies and I nabbed one before they sold out. Sucks to be one of those who payed over $60 for one now.
They also just released it for the Switch and I got the Collector's Edition of it too.

27. International Superstar Soccer 2000 (N64)
I'm slowly going for a complete collection for N64, The one game that I can never find in the wild is this game.
Online its been going for $70+, I found a copy and made an offer for $40 and the seller excepted. Down to only 4 games to complete
the N64 collection as of writing this.

26. Papers, Please (VITA)
As one of the last games released in the US I knew this game was going to sell out fast. I got on LRG's site as soon as they went for sale
and they sold out before I could finish checkout. So... I had to buy the bundle for $300. (came with other games and collector's Editions.)
Took almost a year to get to me. I had to do the same thing with Super Meat Boy and I hope I don't have to wait as long... But I fear I will. lol

25. Woody & Kunta: Treasure Island (GP32)
Many of you are thinking "WTF is this game?" It's for a rare handheld I picked up last year. When I picked up the system
it didn't have a game for it. I finally found a game CIB and was under $100. Just hate having a System with no game for it.

24. Mines of Minos (Atari 2600)
It's rare I pickup an original Atari 2600 game because most of the games I'm missing are super rare to find in the wild.
I saw an open Auction for this game I needed and I won it for a low amount. I want to say I got it for $11. Label isn't perfect
but the price was right.

23. SNK Gals Fighters (NGP)
This is one of the most wanted games for the Neo Geo Pocket. My local used game store got in a batch of NGP games and I saw they got in
Gal Fighters (US version) for $80. Online people want over $200 for a loose cart of the US version. Think they might have priced it based on the Japanese

22. Tamashii (PS4)
When Limited Rare games had a surprise game go up for sale on Halloween last year I jumped on it and got in a order.
Then later they dropped another game I still hope will show up in the mail. Then Limited Rare claimed "Their site was taken over
buy someone else" and they got it back, They claim Tamashii wasn't theirs. This publisher is so trolly I have no idea what to believe.
Just glad I got this game in my collection. Limited Rare just gets weirder and stranger every year.

21. Bishojou Alien Battle (FDS)
When Ebay announced that many offensive "Porn Video Games" would be removed from being sold, I looked up Adult games for consoles
and found a few that might get banned. Many will go under the radar, but a few could have issues. This could be one.
I sent an offer to the seller and got it for a decent price. I'm not going into details of this games content, but its kinda F'd up.
So far you can still order any "adult" console game on Ebay, I think the only ones effected are PC. You can still order The Guy Game and it was the first
I thought would be effected.

20. Sony Pocketstation
I can't believe it took this long for me to get one of these, Some say its a console, but I just think of it as Sony's version of the Dreamcast's
VMU. It's a cute mini LCD game. I got the Clear version and it came with a game.

19. Gryphon Knight Epic (PS4)
This was a game I missed ordering when it first came out. Then the price shot through the roof. I found a seller with Best offer and got him to except
at about half what people are asking. Its a fun shooter, I don't know if its worth $200-$300 fun. But fun to play.

18. S.O.S. Sink or Swim (SNES)
I've been hunting for most any non-sport games I need for SNES, I found this game in the wild with it's Manual and the store owner made me a
good deal for it. I never played it and its an puzzle adventure game that takes place on a flooding underwater base. Glad to finally play it.

17. Musya: The Classic Japanese Tale of Horror (SNES)
Another game that I finally found in the wild, Not the greatest game but not the worst ether. I don't know if I'd call it a "horror" game like in the title.
But I haven't seen this game in the wild in forever, when my local used game store got a copy in for almost half the price online I had to get it.

16. SWAT Kats (SNES)
Another SNES game I found at my local used game store at a good price. Again a game I almost never see and I had to get it. The game is...
Okay. Basic platformer shooter based on a failed cartoon. Glad to add this odd game to my SNES collection.

15. Donkey Kong Jr. Game & Watch
I stopped at my local used game store and I saw this in their cabinet. I asked to see it and it was next to new. As I was checking it out another
video game collector saw me looking at it and was hoping I'd pass. But it was under what it was going for online and this was complete and mint.
I had to buy it and add it to my small G&W collection.

14. Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys (PS2)
I remember first wanting this game when I saw the AVGN talk about it's ugly cover... Oh boy the Nerd really needs to play these games. lol
These Disney knockoff games need to be seen to believe how bad these are. I just love the ugly cover and the cartoon has to be seen to believe
how bad it is. This is the rarest of the Phoenix Disney rip offs and I'm proud to add it to my collection.

13. Legend of Oasis (SAT)
I'm always on the hunt for Saturn games I'm missing. I was at a gaming expo early this year and found this game there and the seller made me a deal.
The game is actually pretty good. An over head action game that not polygon graphics. Its holds up better then most Saturn games.

12. Collector Vision Phoenix
I was happy to get a pre-order for the Phoenix. It plays Colecovision games real well on a HDTV. Best way to play CV games today.
Now I haven't tested every game, but I tested many of it's popular games and it seems to play them pretty good. Glad I got one.

11. Metroid Dread Collector's Edition (Switch)
I was super excited to see a new Metroid game in the 2D style. I tried to pre-order it and it sold out everywhere by the time I found out.
Lucky for me on the night before it came out many stores had it up to order, so I ordered the Collector's Edition and Amiibo set.
I love this game, I was more excited to play this then Metroid Prime 4. I hope Nintendo makes another Metroid in this style in the near future.
Don't make us wait another 10 years Nintendo. lol

10. Oretachi Game Center Zoku Sono 15: Akumajou Dracula (PS2)
This was the arcade version of Castlevania, mainly released in Japan but supposedly it was released in the US as Haunted Castle.
The only version of it on home console was on the PS2 in Japan. I finally got a copy for my Castlevania collection.

9. Phillips Videopac+ G7400
Did you know there was an Magnavox Odyssey 3? In Europe it was released as the Videopac Plus and played both Videopac and Videopac Plus games.
The system is only slightly better then the older model. It was supposed to be released in the US but because of the crash of 1983 it was canceled.
Well I finally found one and made and offer and got a decent price for it. Glad to finally have one in my collection.

8. Hyper Shot and Space Shadow (FAM)
The second I saw this thing I had to have it. A machine gun Light Gun. It can play with any Famicom light gun game and has its own game that uses all it's
features. A light gun game that you can go full auto with and it even vibrates and has sound coming out of the gun. It even has a built in control stick and B button.
If it had an A button you technically could play any Famicom game with it. Only down side is you can't use it on a NES.

7. 1001 Spikes (PS4)
This was a game that the only physical copies made where sent to reviewers, I was able to negotiate a deal with a seller and got it close to half off his asking price.
This game could still get an official release, but its been out a while now and still only physical copies are super rare.
Glad to get it incase it is never officially released.... And if it does get a release I over payed for this game. lol

6. Gourmet Sentai Bara Yarou (SFAM)
A strange beat em up that I've wanted in my collection for some time, I was able to get a cart at a decent price. This game may be a little on the weird side,
But its a lot fun. I can see why Piko Released it as a Translated Homebrew (Gourmet Fighter).

5. Kyuin (PS1)
A strange "Cute'em up" that's been on my most wanted Imports for some time. I've see complete copies selling for $500-$1000+, I sent an offer to a seller
and it was excepted. A shoot'em up where you play a kid riding a vacuum shooting strange things. I had to have it. lol

4. Metal Warriors (SNES)
I was on the hunt for this game, I was at a Game Expo and a seller there made me a deal for a CIB copy for the same price other sellers want for a loose
cart. Was not expecting to get a CIB at all. This game is fantastic, I was playing it for hours.

3. Harmful Park (PS1)
Another "Cute'em up" that was number one game I've wanted in my collection for what seems like forever. I finally pulled the trigger when I got a copy
at the right price. If you like weird and silly shooters its a must own.

2. Burgertime (Arcade Cabinet)
I only have space for so many Arcade Cabinets and Burgertime was one on the top of my list. I've been searching for an original Arcade for years.
I finally see one pop up on FB Marketplace and it was at a good price. After seeing it I had to buy it. I love this Cabinet.

1. The Daewoo Zemmix
I've been hunting for an original Zemmix sense I first saw one in a gaming museum many years ago. A few popped up on EBAY but always sold for way more
then I wanted to spend. Finally one showed up and I made the seller an offer and to my surprise he excepted. This has to be one of the rarest consoles in
my collection. I'm so happy to own one after many years of searching.  ;D

Again post your best pickups of 2021, I don't expect 30, just your top 5.  ;D

General / Top 30 Pick Ups of 2020!
« on: January 02, 2021, 12:03:04 am »
Another end of the year and it's time to go over all my pickups of 2020 and list thirty of my favorite pickups from this past year.
This list is based on a mix of rarity, value, just because I was hunting for it or maybe a good story behind it. Just my personal favorite pick ups.
Please list some of your best or favorite pick ups from 2020, I don't expect 30, just list as many you fell where your best from this last year.

First a few honorable mentions...

32. Atari VCS
The system isn't the best I know, but after two years, so many delays and so many people saying it would never come out... it finally came in the mail. I don't expect to use this console much, I honestly expect it to be a future failure, but happy to add it to my collection.

31. Ra-One (PS2)
This is a hard game to come by, it was only released in India. I picked up the PS3 version some years ago and saw one on Ebay for the longest time not selling. The seller contacts me with an offer and I countered and he accepted. The odd part of this game its has "promotional copy not for resale" printed on the game and the back of the box. So this might be a review copy.

Now on to the TOP 30 PICK UPS of 2020...

30. Pachiokun Special 3 (Super Famicom)
This is one of the rarest Super Famicom games, it rarely shows up on Ebay and when one popped up for $6 I snatched it up ASAP. While the game is super rare, its just a pachinko game and there's not a high demand for it so it usually goes for pretty cheap.

29. Album Club: Mune Kyun Saint Paulia Jogakuin (Sega Saturn)
I saw this game played online and it made me laugh at the crazy Japanese game. I looked up what a copy goes for and see one copy going for $300 and thought I can wait. I put the game on my watch list and it took almost two years before another copy appeared, this time the seller was asking $60 or best offer. (i had too) I offered $50 and he excepted. The game is dumb as hell but it was weird Japanese enough for me to want to own.

28. Pokonyan! Henpokorin Adventure (Super Famicom)
While I was on a Super Famicom hunt I came across a copy of this game way under priced. This game sells for $80-$100 and this seller was asking $40. Other then a discolored back it looked it good shape. I bought it and after a long wait I get it and it's fine. Not going to complain. Glad it wasn't one of the games I lost in the mail due to Covid.

27. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Wii Remote (Wii)
I didn't buy Skyward Sword when it first came out, I got the game later on but I always wanted the Wii Remote. I was at my local used game store and they get one in in perfect edition. They where asking $40 and I had to get it.

26. Camp California (TurboGrafx CD)
I went out game hunting to several new game stores I've never been to before and the first store I get too had a large lot of TurboGrafx 16 games that just came in. I picked out three games and they had a coupon for 20% off sale going on. I never played this game and to be honest had no idea what kind of game it was. It reminds me a lot of Wally Bear for the NES. The game isn't that great but a rare T16 game for my collection.

25. Radirgy (Sega Dreamcast)
This was an odd shooter I was looking for and I see one on Ebay for a decent price and he had that Make an offer so I got it even cheaper.

24. Steam Hearts (Sega Saturn)
This rare shooter is mainly known for it's "Adult" cut scenes, as a shooter its not bad and its usually a very pricy game. I found a copy and made an offer with the seller and got it a lot cheaper then it usually goes for. 

23. Time Bokan Series: Bokan to Ippatsu! Doronboo Kanpekiban (Sega Saturn)
This is another goofy weird Japanese shooter that usually goes for way over $100. I find a seller who took way under that and had to pick it up.

22. Sparkster (SNES)
I recently sold an extra copy of Mega Man 7 and used the money to get this game I've wanted in my collection.

21. DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou (PS2)
Early in the year I was looking for one of those crazy Japanese bullet hell games, I was able to pick a copy up on the cheap online and paid about half what it goes for today.

20. Espgaluda (PS2)
Another Japanese shooter that I wanted, biggest issue I had was finding a copy with the Soundtrack at a good price. I find one that was a good price but they show a stock photo. In description they list it as complete with box, manual and two discs. So I took a chance and the game came in like new shape with the soundtrack. Glad I took the risk.

19. The Rumble Fish (Atomiswave)
I swear I'm slowly going for a complete Atomiswave collection. I got Rumble Fish 2 last year and was looking for part one at a good price. I find one WAY under priced but it had one thing that worried me. The seller was in China. He had pics of the board and it all looked legit and the serial number wasn't a fake one. Usually when I see a game coming from China I pass due to they are noted for selling fakes. I took a chance and bought it. Took a month to get to me and I checked it out. Works great and its the real deal.

18. Choujikuu Yousai Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie (Super Famicom)
As you can tell from this list I like Shooters, I was on Ebay looking for cheap Super Famicom games when I found a copy of this shooter going for low price. I save it to my watch list and the seller sent me an offer even lower. I had to buy it. Glad this wasn't one of the games I lost in shipping when I ordered a bunch of Super Famicom games. (lost 3 out of 21 games, Thanks to Covid 19) Many of the Super Famicom games took over six months to get to me.

17. Soldier Blade (TurboGrafx 16)
Second of the T16 games I picked up from that game hunt (that I all spent my gaming budget at the first store) This is a fine shooter for the T16.

16. Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ (NDS)
In May I was out of town game hunting and stopped at a hole in the wall game store. I was looking around seeing nothing then I see this rare DS game in their cabinet. I was under priced. I had to ask if they would a lower price (not by much but at these mom & pop stores something they make deals) He guy said he'd look it up and at that point I knew I wasn't getting lower. He sees it goes for about $80 more online and tells me he can't go cheaper then what he had listed and I knew if I didn't buy it he was going to correct the price. This is a good shooter, I'm glad I picked it up.

15. Gamepark GP32
This was a handheld console I always overlooked because I thought it was a emulator system, later versions where but the GP32 had its own library of games. I find a loose system for a very good price and got it, but now I need a game for it. Games are not common and most want over $100 for even a loose game. I'll get a game for it when I can.

14. Tchibo Tele-Fever
This was a rare console that was a random find on Ebay. I was looking up rare game consoles and after going through a ton of stuff I don't consider "rare" I see a system called the Tele Fever. I looked it up and find out its a rare German version of the Arcadia 2001 and it had its box and one game with it. The seller already had a decent price for it, but he had that "make an offer" so I had to. He excepted and took a month to get to me, only issue was the box got water damaged in shipping but the console survived just fine. Another odd console in my collection for sure.

13. Microsoft XBox Series X
I always pick up the newest game consoles nowadays and on the day this systems where taking pre-orders I got off work at 3am and rushed to my nearest Gamestop, Found the first one had way to many people camped outside so I rushed to a smaller store not to far away. They had three people in line and they said there was four Series X's available to pre-order so I camped out there. I got my pre-order in and got my console as soon as I could pick it up. Been playing it more then the PS5 to be honest.

12. Sony PlayStation 5
Sony kind of dropped pre-orders with no warning and I was at work. I thought I was screwed. I was on my phone at every free moment trying to get a pre-order in. Every site was crashing and running at a snails pace. Many times I had it in my cart only for the site to crash and I'd have to start over again. I missed the first wave but knew Best Buy wasn't taking pre-orders yet so I kept checking their site. at about midnight my time they appeared up for pre-order and again, the site crashed so bad it barely ran. I kept getting the system in my cart then crash. start over. Finally after three hours of this I get one in my cart, pay for it and right as I hit confirm order the site crashed. I thought I was back to square one. I try again but the site told me I couldn't add to cart due to there was a limit. I checked my purchases and it got through. The system came two days after launch but I got one and I was happy. I feel bad for those trying to get a PS5 now, good luck guys. This is the main reason these new consoles make the list, because how hard it is to get one right now, I feel blessed to be able to get both at launch.

11. Neutopia II (TurboGrafx 16)
The third of the T16 games I found on that game hunt. This was the game I had to buy. I love Zelda games and this was its clone for the T16. I was always close to pulling the trigger on this game on Ebay but never found one at a good price I wanted to pay. I was shocked to find a copy in the wild and at a decent price. (plus that 20% off)  ;)

10. The Space Adventure (Sega CD)
Of the hardest to get games for the Sega CD this was the last one I needed. I've been trying to get a copy for $500 or under for a long time. I see a copy go up on Ebay for $600 or best offer. I had to make an offer. I tried my luck at $450 and the seller countered with $500 and I had to buy it. Most sellers want $600+ for this game.

9. Last Resort (AES)
I love Neo Geo AES and always on the look out for new games. I see a loose copy of Last Resort with a make an low offer and was surprised when the seller accepted. Loose AES games are not as popular with collectors but I don't mind. Its a decent shooter for the AES and I had fun playing it.

8. Meteorites (Atari 5200)
I was down to missing three games for the Atari 5200, I see a CIB copy on open bid auction. I watch and and to my surprise I win it for less then a loose copy goes for. This is the second rarest game for this system.

7. MissileVader (Supervision 8000)
About two years ago I got a super rare game console from Japan called the Bandai Super Vision 8000, only issue it had no games with it. I hate owning a console and not having at least one game with it. I've been looking for a game to appear on Ebay ever sense. A couple months ago one appeared but the seller wanted way to much for it. I had it in my watch list for a long time then one day I get an offer from the seller, I replied with a counter offer and he accepted and I finally have a game to play on this rare console. Its basically Space Invaders. lol

6. Atlantis (Odyssey 2)
I figured out I had all but one game for my Odyssey 2, I had to complete it. I hunted for almost a year looking for this last game I needed. I finally find a loose copy on an open auction. I waited and snipped at the last second to win it way lower then it usually goes for. Now I have a complete US game collection for Odyssey 2.

5. Starblade Alpha (PS1)
Last year I got every PS1 game but this one, I could never find a copy complete in decent shape and at a good price. I found a complete copy on an online site that I've never ordered from before. The game looked in good shape and it was under what people on Ebay where asking so I ordered it. I got it with no issues. This was the last game I needed for a complete US PS1 collection.

4. Panasonic MSX2 FS-A1 Mk II
I've been hunting for a good MSX2 lot for some time now, most want $300 for the console and nothing else. I find a lot with three games and a controller and make an offer for it for $250. To my surprise the seller excepted.

3. Atari 2600 - Six Switch Heavy - (Sunnyvale version)
I had every Atari variation ever made in the USA but could never find an original Heavy Sixer. I was always hoping to find one at a garage sale. One day I see one online with original box for a good price and I had to pull the trigger and finally get one in my collection.

2. Sharp SF1
This was a story I'll tell for ages how I got this TV/system. In case you don't know its a Super Famicom built into a CRT TV. (It plays SNES games with an adapter)
I've been wanting an SF1 TV for years but they always where way over priced and shipping from Japan was insane.  I saw one appear on Ebay for a good price and came with five games. but he had "make an offer" so I had to and got it for $700 + $50 shipping. It was coming from Japan, and took two weeks to get to me. When it finally came it I was excited to open it but found the TV had been badly damaged in shipping. It was in pieces. It didn't even turn on. I told seller what happened and he refunded my money and told me to keep it. Well I knew I had to try and save this rare system. I took it to a game store that repairs consoles and he hesitated to try and fix this just because he never seen and SF1 let alone repaired one. He was a huge Nintendo fan and like me wanted to see this repaired. He got everything repaired but found the tube had issues. So he found a TV repair man that at when I called him and told him I wanted a CRT TV tube repaired he thought I was nuts. Telling me its not worth repairing. But after I explained the Rarity of this TV he took it in and got the tube looking great. In the end this TV cost me about $275. I love this thing, quick and easy way to play SNES and Super Famicom games.  ;D

1. Entex Adventure Vision
This was my white whale of game collecting for years and early this year I finally got one. It's a strange tabletop game console from the early 80s that has red and black graphics before Virtual Boy. It also has no screen, it uses a fast rotating mirror to display the game. Hard to find a system at all let alone one that works. I saw one on Ebay for a high price and he had "make an offer" so I made an offer and thought "there's no way he's going to except that price"... To my shock he did.  :o I now have it on display in may game room next to my Vectrex and Virtual Boy systems.

Guess I'll start off the new thread....
I picked up a rare game console and went game hunting today and found a bunch of rare games I had to pick up.

Picked up the other new Tiny Arcades.
- Burgertime
- Mappy

- Mighty Switch Force! Collection
- Vitamin Connection
- 1971 Project Helios
- Trails of Mana (Best Buy had it for $15)
- Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (on clearance for $14)
- Monopoly (on clearance for $14)

- Blair Witch
- Apex Legends - Lifeline Edition (on clearance for $7)
- Rugby 15 (on clearance for $7)
- Mud Runner American Wilds (on clearance for $9)
- The Walking Dead: The Final Season (clearance for $10)
- The Crew 2 (on clearance for $11)
- Disney Classic Games: Aladdin & The Lion King (on clearance for $8)

- Evoland Legendary Collection
- Metagal
- Firefighters: The Simulation
- Firefighters Airport Fire Department
- Mystik Belle
- Mighty Switch Force! Collection
- Apex Legends - Bloodhound Edition (on clearance for $7)
- Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip (on clearance for $8)
- Disney Classic Games: Aladdin & The Lion King (on clearance for $8)
- The Crew 2 (on clearance for $5)

- Fossil Fighters Frontier (on clearance for $9)

Saw this for $7 at my local used game store.
- Viewtiful Joe: Redhot Rumble

I made a list of game stores that I never been to before, and I spent all the money I brought to buy games at the first store. lol
They just got in about 30 TurboGrafx 16 games and I had to get these, they had them under what online asks for.
It's always a big deal when I add new TurboGrafx games to my collection.
- Neutopia II (has manual)
- Soldier Blade (has manual)
- Camp California

And last a new game console...
- Tchibo Tele-Fever
It's basically an Arcadia 2001 from Germany. The box got a little water damaged in shipping.  :-\
Another odd console added to my collection. It came with one game...
- Jump Bug

I'm going to take a wild guess that my next update will have two more new consoles added to my collection,
 I think you guys can figure out what two consoles they are.  ;)

General / Top 30 Pick Ups of 2019!
« on: January 02, 2020, 01:00:19 am »
It's been a pretty good year as far as adding rare games to my collection, going through what I picked up this year I was tring to figure out an order, Rarity? Value? Best games? In the end I put together games that where ether rare, had a good story, or something I have wanted for a long time and finally was able to get. I put file pics for the consoles and a pic of all the games at the bottom.
So here are my personal best pick ups of 2019.

The first three are honorable mentions....

33. Pac-Man 2 (Select-A-Game Machine)
I picked up a Select-A-Game Machine handheld a few years back, It was the second handheld ever made. But I had no games for it. I watched auctions for a long time just looking for a game for the system, I hate having a game console and nothing to play on it. One day one finally came up and was at a good price, a loose copy of Pac-Man 2. Most of the time I see Pac-Man 2 it's sealed and they want $200-$300 for it. But I was able to get the seller to sell me the loose game for $40.

32. Poop Slinger (PS4)
Probably the only modern game on this list, With all the S**t that came with this game and it's still going for about a grand online. With only 84 copies at the moment I'm lucky to have been able to get a copy. There's still a chance the rest will show up, but if they don't this is the holy grail of my PS4 collection.

31. Kirby's Air Ride (GC)
Why is this on the list you ask? Well it's because for many years I've been hunting this game I had a problem with it. Not that I couldn't find the game, oh no. I found it several times and I always passed on it, why you ask? Because every time I found it it was the Player's Choice version. I try and avoid players choice or greatest hits versions unless it has something different. Finally I found a copy that wasn't insane priced and it was the black label. Yay the curse is broken. lol

Now on to the Top 30...

30. Mushihimesama (PS2)
This was a game I've always wanted but just never found a copy at a good price. Every time I made offers it was rejected or counter offered with $1 off. Finally someone accepted my offer but I was kinda scared about buying it. Why? Because they only showed a file image. All he listed was good condition. I tried asking the seller questions but it was confusing how he answered. I can tell he didn't speak English. I even sent a google translate asking about box, manual, condition etc and he never answered back. For the price I took a chance hoping I wouldn't get a disc only copy. When it came (took a month to get to me) I see it was in great shape and complete.  :D
I also love the cover art on this game.

29. Shinnyuushain Tooru-Kun - AKA Mikie (Sega SG 1000)
I have a brother who's not big into video games, He loves my collection but it's hard to get him to play any of them. Early this year Me and all my bros went to the biggest arcade you can go to, it's called the Galloping Ghost. While all my bros where having a ball playing all the arcades, my one bro looked kinda lost, he'd test a game and move along quick. I saw an arcade called "Mikie" I've never seen this game before and had to try it. My bro saw me playing and I made the joke it was a game named after him. (his name is Mike) I was trying to figure out the game when I let him try and he finally found a game he wanted to play. He and I must have spent an hour figuring out this game alone. He loved this game and I liked it too. I never heard of Mikie so I looked it up and found out it was only released in Japan and Europe. Then I looked up if it was released on any consoles and it was. On the ZX Spectrum and the SG 1000. The ZX Spectrum was dirt cheap but the game wasn't very good on that system. (still bought it) but the SG 1000 was a lot better. Of course the game is rare. lol
But still found a cart only copy for a good price.

28. Kang Fu (CD32)
This was a game I was going after way before AVGN made a video, in fact the one the Nerd got was the one I was trying to get because I was talking to the seller about a deal when it suddenly was sold. It was the only one on Ebay and right after it sold the Nerd did his CD32 review a month or so later. After the review another showed up and again I made an offer to the seller and he took it.

27. Sega Ages (SAT)
Every time I go to gaming expos I look for Sega Saturn and CD games. I rarely find them in the wild and this game was on my hit list for a long time. I found a vendor who had it and I made an offer and he kept telling me no. Then by the end of the show I asked one more time and he finally broke and gave it to me at the price I wanted.

26. Lords of Thunder (T16CD)
It's super rare for me to get a new TurboGrafx game today, anytime I pick one up it's a big deal. Found this at a show and the seller made me a deal and I had to grab it.

25. Segagaga (DC)
This has to one of the games I have been asked "Do you have..?" and had to say no. It's famous for being the last Sega game on the DC in Japan and it's weird premise. Its pretty much an RPG about the gaming developing industry, enemies parody Sony Playstation and Nintendo. 

24. Polybius (Atari 2600)
A few years back a guy on Atari Age forums advertised a homebrew of Polybius. I wanted a copy but missed out. He only made like 20 copies. I always loved the urban legend of Polybius and wanted a copy (of some kind) on the Atari. I searched for atari repro makers on Etsy, Ebay and few a few others but none had this game in their repros. Then Hard Copy Games Announced the game. They only made 80 copies if I recall, I got one that morning to try and get a copy but the game sold out so fast I couldn't even finish paying for it.  :(
I thought I lost the game again just like the urban legend. Then I saw on a Facebook group someone willing to sell his copy. I messaged him an offer and he excepted. I didn't pay anywhere near what Ebay sellers are asking but paid over what Hard Copy Games was asking.
Now I can mess with people with the urban legend of Polybious on my Atari. lol

23. Kowai Shashin (PS1)
This is a game I only recently found out about, I was watching horror games on the PS1 and they added many Japanese Horror games. One was Kowai Shashin, they talked about how the game sold poorly because people really thought the game was cursed or Haunted.
The game is about exorcising spirits from real photos of haunted places and accidents. I loved the spooky lore of the game and looked it up but found it was extremely rare. Only one or two are ever on Ebay and are usually sealed because I guess no one bought it. lol
I finally found a seller who was on Euro Ebay who had a sealed copy for a quarter of the price everyone else was asking. I had to message him and ask if he'd be willing to sell to me and ship to the US and he was okay with it. Now I'm stuck with do I open it and play it or keep it sealed. I don't wanna get cursed.  ;)

22. Goldstar 3DO
I had every US 3DO but the Goldstar, I passed on it many times in the past then it became impossible to find. I saw an open bid online for the system and a few games and I ended up getting it all for under $100. Now if I can find the LG Alive 3DO I'll have all versions.

21. Koei PasoGo
A hand held that's not only rare, but a system that pretty much just plays different variations of Go. Not a gaming console I'd ever play often but a rare piece of gaming history I'm glad to add to my collection this year.

20. Umihara Kawase (SFAM)
This was a game I've wanted for a long time, every time I looked it up people wanted over $100 for it. Then it was remastered and released on Vita, I got a copy for Vita then kinda forgot about the Super Famicom version for awhile. One day I looking up Super Famicom games and looked up Umihara Kawase again, to my surprise I see one copy selling for $25 buy it now. Looking at other auctions it had come down in price but most still wanted $60-$100, I just bought the game, I feared it was a repro, but once I got it I saw it was an original.

19. Super Ghosts & Ghouls (Super PC Engine)
I always wanted another game for my Super PC Engine, I was looking online when I found a copy of this game for super cheap and the only reason was it was missing it's slip cover.

18. Kid Dracula (GB)
There's only a hand full of Game Boy games I really want bad, this was one of them. I picked this up from a vendor at an expo for a decent price. The game is next to mint.

17. The Rumble Fish 2 (Atomiswave)
I was doing an expo and brought my Atomiswave and hooked it up for people to play. It got a lot of attention. People came up to me asking about it and wanting to buy it. I told them it wasn't for sale. One guy asked about the games I had, I told him I was mainly looking to get all the games that you can use a Joystick with because racing games, light gun games and other special controlled games would not work with a joystick. He mentioned if I had Rumble Fish, I told him no because I don't think I can use the Joystick with it. He looked at me strange and told me I could, It's a fighting game. I was surprised to find out this was a fighting game, I just saw the title Rumble Fish and thought it was a arcade fishing game and never looked up the game. lol
After the show I used some of the money I had left and found a copy of part 2 for good price and picked it up.

16. King of Fighters XI (Atomiswave)
Atomiswave games are not exactly easy to get, you almost have to buy them online. You also have to be careful of bootleg copies from China. After showing off the Atomiswave at the show I got the itch to get a few more games, I got Rumble Fish 2 then I made a few offers on other games but the only one that accepted was a copy of King of Fighters XI.

15. Sinclair ZX Spectrum 2+
This was a console I've always been on the fence about collecting, But the model 2+ had a built in tape deck and I figured I'd see if I could get a deal on one. Well I ended up getting a lot with over 100 games for about $150. I had issues finding the right PAL converter to get it to play on my HDTV but finally I got the right part I needed and was jumping for joy when I finally got to play it.

14. Palmtex Super Micro
One of the earliest hand held consoles (third if I recall) I got a deal on the system and all three games. This thing is fragile, I'm honestly afraid to use it much just because I might break it.

13. Mad Panic Coaster (PS1)
This was a game I first saw on a YouTube video and I knew I wanted a copy, it's kinda rare and usually people want over a $100 for a copy. After many offers I finally got a complete copy and got to play it and it's a weird hidden gem.
12. Pu-Li-Ru-La (SAT)
A game I've wanted in my collection and to play. It's Japanese weird and a beat em up. It's been on my want list for many years til finally I got someone to cut me a deal I couldn't say no to.

11. Sega Master System Compact
A rare Sega Master System only released in Brazil, the console is also a controller and can even be used Wireless (kinda)
I got one in the Box no less for about $100, an odd game console for sure.

10. Color Bar Generator (Atari 2600)
This was a "game" to be honest never crossed my mind to get, I just happened to stop at a hole in the wall pawn shop and looked through their games, I bought a couple then started talking to the guy and find out he's a game collector too. He tells me he had a rare game I might be interested in and shows me the Atari Cart. I first thought... Is this the real deal? I had to look it up. The guy gave me a price on it and I knew this was one of those if you don'y buy it you'll never get a second shot at this. He din't except cards or paypal so I had to put money down to hold it and come back the next weekend. It's worthless as a game, but valuable as a piece of gaming history.

9. Demon's Crest (SNES)
This game took me forever to find in the wild. I saw it online and shows but they always wanted a price I didn't want to pay. One day I stop in my local Gamestop and see the clerk cleaning up some SNES games, I ask what they got in and he shows me Demon's Crest. My eyes widened and I knew it was coming home with me. After my Elite discount I got it for about $60.

8. Rakugaki Showtime (PS1)
This was a game I've wanted for years, but it was always pretty expensive, one day one popped up on Ebay with an open bid and I got it way under what others wanted for it. This is a game worth playing if you get the chance.

7. Paranoiascape (PS1)
This was a weird game I saw in a video of random PS1 games from Japan and I knew I had to get a copy. Only one problem, no one was selling any copies. After a year of searching one finally popped up on Ebay for a pretty high price. I was able to talk the guy down to a much more fair price. Funny thing is now there's four copies online. lol

6. IGS Poly Game Master (PGM) Custom
I been searching for a Custom PGM for a while, I even started buying games while they where still cheap. If you don't know what this system is its the China answer to the Neo Geo MVS. Most of the games even feel like knock offs of MVS games. I finally found a guy who  customized arcade mother boards to be gaming consoles and he gave me a deal I had to take.

5. Sega Naomi Custom
The Sega Naomi was an Arcade mother board that pretty much gave birth to the Dreamcast. The same guy who had the PGM had this and made me a deal on both and I had to get them.

4. Elevator Action Returns (SAT)
I'm a huge Elevator Action fan, I played the Arcade back in the day and still hunting for an Arcade to go in my Arcade room, I found out there was a Sequel arcade, I played the Elevator Action 2 arcade and wanted to know if it was released on console. Well it was but only in Japan. Later when I got a Japanese Saturn I looked up the game and found out it was not cheap. After much waiting and watching Ebay I saw one up for open bid. I figured it was going to go for over $200 but I watched it. I waited til the last minute and snipped a bid and got it for about $100.

3. Rendering Ranger R2 (SFAM)
This is the most expensive Super Famicom game that was a public release. A great game that I that would be hard for me to get unless I wanted to blow close to a grand to get. Well I did my 3rd Game Expo and made some good money that day selling extras. I couldn't find anything to use the money on at the show so I looked online. I found a copy of Rendering Ranger and made an offer. They guy excepted and I used the money I made to get one of the hardest games on Super Famicom to get in my collection.

2. Aero Fighters (SNES)
This was a game I thought would haunt me, It's the one SNES game that's was released to the public that is super expensive. I did an expo selling my extras and made about a grand, I knew I wanted to get something super rare and a seller offered me this game at a price I would never see again. A great game for sure, but if it wasn't for selling so many games that day, I might have not gotten this game.

1. Commodore SX-64
This has to be the best find this year, I stopped at a garage sale and saw it on the table, The guy knew what he had but I still got WAY under what online would ask. This is the first portable computer and plays cart games with ease. I asked to test it out at the sale and she ran with no issues. Even came with a game and joystick. The thing weighs about 25 pounds with its tiny three inch screen. lol
I Love it.

I'd love to hear your best pickups of 2019, it doesn't have to be 30 but maybe top 3. Go ahead and list them below.  8)


Okay, I've seen for a long time that people want over $80-$100 for a Physical copy of Fortnite. (the original copy, like pictured above)
The physical version is rare and today my local used game store got in a copy for PS4. They claimed it still played the Campaign mode.
My friend had points to get a discount so I added it to his sale and I got the game for about $40.

Why would I buy this? Mainly I wanted to see what this game would do if I put it in my console today. Is it worth the $80+ people are asking online for it or are they ripping people off.
I get the game home and test it out, it asks if I want to update and I say no, I wanted to see what it does without any update.
It loaded up with an old loading and title screen then when I pressed start. It told me I had to update the game. (Fine)
So after a long 20GB update, it changes to the season 9 titles and loading screens and loads up fine. I choose Campaign - Save The World
Seeing if it would start up.... and it tells me I need to pay $40 to play the game.
So I paid $40 for a physical disc to pay another $40 to play the game. lol

Multiplayer of course works but its a free to play anyway. Basically this disc turns Fortnite into where you have to put this stupid disc in to system to start playing it. That's all it does. So yes it's a rip off like I thought. The only reason to buy this "dead game" is to complete a PS4 collection. I'm tempted on returning the game because it doesn't work but also kinda like owning it in my collection, as a warning to other collector's.

I knew the game was free to download and play online, But I always heard mixed things about the physical copy of the game.
Some people think it worth something because you can play in the original campaign. Thinking it's on the disc. But from What I tested it's not so. Unless you just want to see the OG loading screens and title screen. lol
If anyone knows a way to use this disc for anything let me know. Otherwise it just looks nice with the rest on my collection on the shelf.
lol  :P

General / April 2019 - Recently Added to Collection/Recently Purchased
« on: April 07, 2019, 04:44:53 am »
I can't believe we're seven days in April and no one made a new pickups forum.
Anyway I got my console back and it works great.
Here's what was added to my collection this week.

- Golf Story
- Golf Story - Collector's Edition
- Dust: The Elysian Tail
- Dust: The Elysian Tail - Collector's Edition
- Fox n Forests
- Dead of Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet

- Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (on sale for $5)
- Another World
- Another World - Collector's Edition
- Arizona Sunshine
- The American Dream
- Fox N Forests
- The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

- Another World
- Another World - Collector's Edition
- Sayonara Umihara Kawase

- FIFA 15

- Puzzle Kingdom
- Kirby Canvas Curse

I've been wanting a good quality made of this never released Sega CD game.
- Penn & Teller's Smoke & Mirrors

- Galf

And last another custom built Consolized Arcade Motherboard.
- The Sega Naomi
I made a deal with the seller to get both this and the PGM for a great price. But the Naomi had issues when I tried to use it and had to ship it back to be repaired. Works great now. Its basically the Mother of the Dreamcast.
 I also picked up a few games for it.
- Guilty Gear X
- Power Stone
- Zombie Revenge

Next week I'll be in Milwaukee for the Midwest Gaming Classic, Who knows what I'll find and bring home.

General / March 2019 - Recently Added to Collection/Recently Purchased
« on: March 04, 2019, 01:30:10 am »
Guess I need to add a new thread for March.
Lets see what goodies I added to my collection.  ;)

- WWE 2K18 (on clearance for $9)
- Bendy and the Ink Machine
- West of Loathing
- Blade Strangers
- Remilore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore
- West of Loathing - Collector's Edition

- Best of Playstation Network

My local used game store had a sale B4G2 free. Some of these came from that.

Picked this up from my local used game store.
- Solitaire & Mahjong
- Pirates: Hunt for Blackbeard's Booty

- 1001 Touch Games

- Def Jam Fight for NY

- Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
Picked up a bunch of the Simple 2000 series (many where released in Europe)
- Fighting Angels
- Party Girls
- Pink Pong
- Zombie Virus
This game is basicly Pikmin with cats.
- The Neko Mura no Ninnin Pagu Daikan no Akugyou Sanmai
And this has the best title. lol
- The Maid Clothing and Machine Gun

Picked up a couple odd games for the PS1.
- Tokyo Insect Zoo
And this is a fun game that should have been released in the States.
- Mad Panic Coaster

Not often I add a T16 game to my collection, A sent an offer to a seller and he excepted.
- Super Star Soldier

From the B4G2 free sale.
- Micky's Ultimate Challenge
- F-117 Night Storm
- Asterix and the Great Rescue

More from the B4G2 free sale.
- Rambo III
- Rocky
- Alien Syndrome
- Pro Wrestling

Picked up a few games that interested me to get for the ZX Spectrum.
- Soft & Cuddly
- Skool Daze
- Jet Set Willy

General / October 2018 - Recently added to collection/recently purchased
« on: October 01, 2018, 07:28:26 am »
Not a lot the last couple weeks. But still some nice finds. Also picked up a few more odd games from Japan and Europe.

Figured I'd pick these great games up.
- Undertale
- Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero - Ultimate Edition

Not often a collector's edition has one for the "updated release". But this one was really cool.
- Friday the 13th the Game - Collector's Edition
Finally you can play this game offline and single player.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 - Collector's Edition

- Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

My local used game store got in some games I don't see often and they where only $3.
- Fairytale Fights
- Hail to the Chimp

- Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

- Rain Drops
I found out Nintendo made a Pokemon game that never got released in the USA and a strange one at that.
- Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure
Yes a Pokemon version of Typing of the Dead, it even comes with a keyboard for the DS.

I was at my local used game store talking with the employee's and a man came in with a box full of movies, music CD's and I saw something in the box I had to see. It was an empty box but it had all the papers, manuals etc. They acted like they where not going to buy it but I told them I would if the price was low. They ended up buying it and I got it for $15. I honestly never see this box.
- Nintendo Gameboy Advance E-Reader Bundle box
They also got in this game for only $6.
- Phantasy Star Collection

More fun and weird PS2 games not released in the US.
- Demolition Girl
I found out that weird game about a Godzilla sized girl in a bikini game was released in Europe.
- Gregory Horror Show
I thought it was funny last update post someone suggested this game and I already ordered it. lol
- Come On Baby
A weird game where you play as baby's doing goofy mini games. Another weird Simple2000 game.

My local used game store got in this rare SNES game and was only asking $50.
- Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckaroos

They also got in some Game Boy game I needed and where priced under going value.
- Lock'n Chase
- Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise
- The Jetsons: Robot panic

And last a Colecovision bundle I pre-Ordered like 6 months ago I forgot all about it. lol
- The Castle & Castle Excellent

Seems like all these Limited Run Games (from various companies) that are coming out are taking a lot of my Gaming Dollars lately.
Kinda wish they would slow down a little so they are not so hard on my wallet. lol
Plus I must have 20 orders with LRG alone that have not arrived yet. Feels like they are overdoing it just a little. 

General / September 2018 - Recently added to collection/recently purchased
« on: September 02, 2018, 10:50:46 pm »
Well I guess I need to start the September Pick ups thread.
Didn't do any garage sales due to mot much even going on. Mostly mail orders coming in.
But I did get a new rare game console added to my collection.  :D

Interactive Figures
These where on clearance for under $5.
- Crash Bandicoot & Dr. Neo Cortex

First a collector's edition from japan that's English friendly.
- Bullet Girls Phantasia - Collector's Edition

A couple odd Wii games I don't see that often.
- Sniper Elite
- Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

My local used game store got in a sealed DS gme and it was only $4.
- Lost Magic

Picked up a GC I was missing, only $4.
- PK Out of the Shadows

Been on a binge looking for odd foreign titles.
First a weird game from Japan where you grow a girl like a planet and fall in love with her.
It looked so weird I had to get a copy. lol
- Tomak: Save the Earth Love Story
Next a game that is SO BAD I just had to have a copy.
- The Mouse Police

I was never a big fan of the N64 controller and when I saw this I wanted one.
- Brawler 64 Gamepad

A game I always wanted but never found one at a decent price, I also wanted the English version.
- Vib-Ribbon

Picked this up pretty cheap CIB.
- Hyper V-Ball
and this next game pissed me off. Its a SNES game that WILL NOT WORK IN AN ORIGINAL SNES.  :o
Yep, it only works in clone SNES consoles like the Retron 5. I guess "some" SNES systems will play it but 99% of them will not read the cart. DO NOT BUY unless you play it on a clone console.  >:(
- Return of Double Dragon

I bought this mainly for the box and it was in better shape then mine.
- Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble

This is a game I've been looking for a long time for, it rarely shows up on Ebay.
Finally one appeared and I talked to the guy and got him to take about $20 off the asking price.
- Kick Challenger: Air Foot

And last the New game console, I finally bought a PS4 Pro, but not just any Pro the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro.
A fellow collector bought it and changed his mind,  he just wanted his money back and offered it to me.
This was not cheap and he bought the Gamestop Bundle and it was $800.  :o I got him to take $725 and he kept the $75 gift card.
This is a console I know will only go up in value and will be sought after like the Anniversary edition and the Taco Bell Gold edition.
It's so beautiful, its basically a see through dark blue with gold trimming. Even lights up blue lights from inside. Even has a gold plate with the number on it. Only 50,000 where made. It also came with the limited Edition Headset and a year of PSN. I know I'd regret not buying it so I caved in and brought it home. Looks awesome next to my Taco Bell Gold PS4.  ;D

Classic Video Games / Rare Wii & Wii U Games?
« on: March 25, 2018, 11:37:20 pm »
I'm trying to hunt down as many of the rarer Wii/Wii U games while I still can. There's so many shovelware on the Wii and many of them not many copies where made. Maybe you guys know a few I should be looking out for?

Here's the list I've put together so far based on online lists and talking with other collector's.
I personally don't think many of these games are that rare, some are pretty easy to find just hold value is all.
There's a few on here that are dirt cheap but not many copies are out there.

101 in 1 Sports Party Megamix 
Aladdin Magic Racer
American Mensa Academy
Arc Rise Fantasia
Atrevete A Soñar (Mexico Exclusive)
Burger Bot
Castle Of Shikigami III
Chuck E. Cheese's Sports Games
Chuck E. Cheese's Super Collection
Classic British Motor Racing
Crazy Machines
Data East Arcade Classics
Deer Drive Legends
Disney Violetta: Rhythm & Music (only available from one guy online)
Dokapon Kingdom
Dragon's Lair Trilogy
Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (not rare just holds value)
El Chavo (Mexico Exclusive)
Emergency Mayhem
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Fishing Resort
Formula 1 2009
Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Free Running
Fritz Chess
Get Fit With Mel B
Godzilla Unleashed
GTI Club
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus
Gunblade NY and LA Machine Guns Arcade Hits Pack
Ivy the Kiwi
Ju-On The Grudge
Just Dance 2018 (just because its the last Wii game ATM)
King of Fighters Collection
Kirby's Return to Dream Land
The Kore Gang
Kororinpa: Marble Mania
Last Story, The - Limited Edition
Let's Dance
Let's Sing 2016 (game was recalled)
Little Kings Story
Lost in Shadow
Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring (Mexico Exclusive)
Maximum Racing: Crash Car Racer
Maximum Racing: Drag & Stock Racer
Maximum Racing: GP Classic Racing
Maximum Racing: Super Karts
Maximum Racing: Rally Racer
Maximum Racing: Sprint Cars
Maximum Racing: Super Truck Racer
Metal Slug Anthology
Metroid Prime Trilogy - Collector's Edition
Minicopter Adventure Flight
Mr. Bean's Wacky World
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
My Horse & Me: Riding for Gold
My Personal Golf Trainer
National Geographic Challenge!
One Piece: Unlimited Adventure
The Oregon Trail
Pandora's Tower
PDC World Championship Darts
Phantom Brave
Reader Rabbit: Preschool
Rogue Trooper
Rune Factory Frontier
Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love
Samurai Shodown Anthology
Smart Series: Jaja's Adventure
Smiley World: Island Challenge
Sudoku Ball Detective (as far as I can tell this game was not released in the USA and I've yet to see proof it has)
Super Sonic Racer
Target: Terror
Titanic Mystery
Truck Racer
Ultimate Shooting Collection
Veggy World
Walk it Out
Xenoblade Chronicles
Any 2 for 1 Power Pack combo game
Cooking Mama 2 Pack
(personally I don't think these "combo" games are needed for a complete collection unless your going for all variations)

Wii U
Barbie Dreamhouse Party
Bayonetta 2 (with Bonus Disc)
Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts
Cars 3
The Crood's Prehistoric Party!
Devil's Third
Funky Barn
Game & Wario
Hello Kitty Kruisers
Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver
Just Dance 2018 (just because its the last Wii U game ATM)
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (rarer then the switch version and i'm sure will hold some value)
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
NBA 2K13
Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing
Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
Turbo: Super Stunt Squad
Wii Sports Club

If you know of any games I should add to this list, then please let me know.

General / All my Pick Ups 2017
« on: January 06, 2018, 11:40:45 pm »
It's that time of year where I show just how much I pick up in one year.
There was a lot of good additions to the collection and many new game consoles.

A nice CDi lot I picked up from my local used game store, Also I was on a kick hunting a lot of rarer Wii U titles this year. Also I expect a lot of LRG games.

These where all from a discount books outlet store and they had a sale that was $1 for everything so I pretty much bought any game I didn't have and was complete.

More from the Discount book outlet sale.

Resident Evil VII collector's edition and more rarer Wii U games I hunted down. Also those Pokemon Hack carts that where $6 a piece. I still get a good laugh playing Pokemon Cock Version.

Some clearance games, more rare Wii U games (though Lego City Underground had a re-release)

Kinda have buyers remorse getting For Honor Collector's Edition, It's not that great of a game and it takes up so much space. I still need to get Just Dance 2018 on Wii U so far it's the last game made for it. Also finally picked up a PSTV, love being able to play Vita on the big screen now.

Found the Interactor sealed at a thrift store. A game store I visit game just game a bunch of weird bootleg Genesis games for next to nothing. Also picked up 2 really odd hard to find Wii games. (that only a collector would even want to buy.) lol

Ah Nintendo Switch Launch day.

Damn I get to many collector's editions. lol Picked up Winning Post on Saturn for about $50 if I recall.

I swear every other pic has a LRG in it.

Some of the pick ups from MGC, Finally found a homebrew Sonic.exe physical cart.

A few more pick ups from the MGC, got a great deal on that Columbia Home Arcade.

Holy Clearance Bin Batman!!!

The Neo Geo lot that I got a discounted price because I let the seller see my Game Room. lol

Two rare game consoles entered my collection that day.

Garage sale season has begun, I found a lot of Wii this year.

Finally got a Sharp Famicom Twin Turbo and I still cant believe I still find nice retro lots from garage sales.

I tried a different camera for this pic, Most of this was from garage sales.

A nice find on a NES action set complete in box from a garage sale and some weird homebrew games.  ::)

Mostly garage sale finds, that pac-man sits on top of my aracde.

Kinda got scammed on the Colecovision, it was like $60 and I was told it was never opened. I loved it was the CBS version but I broke the "seal" and it was a VERY used standard CV. (Even had a sticker of the controller saying "broken controller" Still love the box though.  ::)

I NES lot a picked up for cheap.

More garage sale games mixed with other games I picked up, I great deal on the Blue PSP from a garage sale.

Picked up a homebrew of Zelda BS, still haven't gotten around to playing that.

Pretty much everything in this pic came from one garage sale.

Finally got Magical Chase in my Collection.  ;D (repro)  :( oh well still got to play it. lol
Also got an Earthbound in a trade from a trade show I was kicked out of because my prices where to cheap. lol

I don't know why I keep picking up Commodore VIC20's and C64's ever they don't work or they are hard to find a home for. lol

Found an extremely rare GBA SP at my local used game store, I had to buy it.

I think the only things NOT from a garage sale is Giana Sisters and the two Japanese games. That skiing game is one of the most funniest games I've played.

Most all of this came from garage sales.

That cars 3 game on the Wii U could become an extremely rare Wii U game later down the road.

This all came from garage sales. A nice N64 lot for $20! woot.

Finally got a Neo Geo CDZ in my collection. Also found a little hole in the wall game store out of town that had some nice deals.

This is what happens when you pre-order several games in one order on NIS America web site, they hold it all till everything is released and you get a big box fill of stuff you ordered almost a year ago. lol

A great Genesis lot from a garage sale.

A nice find on that Namco Museum Vol. 5, I paid like $2 for it at a sale then looked it up and saw it sold for $80.  :o

I always have a soft spot for Atari lots at garage sales and a great SNES lot too.

Found two rare Colecovision games I didn't have from a garage sale and a WTF PS2 game from Europe I had to have. lol

From the Chicago Game Summit, I found a guy who had a ton of Saturn games that where in like new shape, he made me a deal of a bunch of games I could not pass up.

Many games that looked so weird I had to track down a copy. Also a great deal on a couple MVS carts.

still mad that Sonic Mania had no physical game inside, love the statue though.

A couple extremely rare games for a rare Japanese game console.

A nice NES lot from a garage sale and a rare PS4 that was only available in a taco bell contest. My local used game store had it priced with the rest of the PS4's. I had to buy.

Oh yes, the day I stood in line to get a SNES Classic and picked up a SNES box the same dy for cheap.

My local game store got in a bunch of Japanese games and priced them super cheap, I bought most of them. lol

I swear PS4 is going to be a pain to collect latter down the road, there are so many odd and exclusive titles for the system.

Went to the Galloping Ghost Game Trade event and finally got a Turbografx 16 CD, I had a had time wanting to pay the prices due to I owned a Turbo Duo.

Mostly Black Friday deals.

Had to get a Xbox One Scorpio Edition. Also completed the "adult" Japanese set for Super Famicom.

I still can't figure out why I payed $120 for Street Fighter II on SNES. lol

And that's everything I got in 2017. (there is a few I picked up just before the new year but they will be in the next pick ups post) Hope everyone had a good year and have a better on in 2018.  8)

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