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Classic Video Games / Questions about Collecting New/Mint PS1 Games
« on: August 29, 2018, 12:08:59 am »
I decided to collect some of my old favorite PS1 games in mint condition and have been buying a few. Some are more difficult to find than others in relatively perfect or near perfect factory wrapped condition.

I have a few questions for the more experienced collectors?

If a PS1 Game being sold as New is not Y-Fold Sealed but has a shrinkwrap seal, does that mean the game has been resealed and is not actually a new game, or as valuable? Do some New games actually have a shrinkwrap seal by the manufacturer/factory seal instead of Y-Fold?
(Y-Fold=New, Shrinkwrap=probably resealed in a store?)
Also, as a side question, would PS2 games follow the same general rule with the Y-Fold vs. Shrinkwrap relating to my above question as to whether only the Y-Fold Seal is the only truly Brand New seal and the Shrinkwrap is probably used?

Is it worth it to buy a Greatest Hits PS1 game New with Y-Fold Seal or is it better to buy a shrinkwrapped Black Label?

Most of the PS1 games will be about 20 years old by now, so from a collector point-of-view do you think some minor tears in the Y-Fold seal is acceptable, and potentially a single crack on the plastic case?

Many games are difficult to find in near-perfect or perfect condition so should a collector be patient and hope for that near-perfect or perfect copy someone held onto and preserved in Excellent, Brand New condition or is it better to buy a Brand New Copy in Great Condition with minor tears and potentially a minor crack or minor-moderate crack on the case, and maybe settle for a shrinkwrap seal instead of Y-Fold, and maybe a Greatest Hits instead of a Black Label (original release)?

Also, many of the PS2 games I want to buy will be about 15 years old on average and there aren't as many PS2 games I want to collect but the ones I do are somewhat scarce and difficult to find so I assume I'll also need to settle for some imperfections, like I mention above.

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