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Off Topic / Re: ware do you live and where were you born
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:54:57 pm »
Redding, CA; and that answers both the questions.

General / Re: Fancy Meeting You Here...
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:28:44 pm »
I saw the "My Collection" widget in somebody's signature on another forum. So I checked the place out.

General / Re: Where do you buy your games?
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:26:17 pm »
1. Goodwill - You can't find better deals than at Goodwill. Cartridge games for $2-$3 a piece, PS1 & Dreamcast games for $3.99 (because they lump them in with music CDs), and PS2 & beyond for $4.99 a piece. And it doesn't matter what the title is or if it's complete or not (and disc-based games there are ALWAYS complete).

2. Video Exchange - A local used movie store in my town. They also sell a butt-load of video games used. The prices here are reflective of eBay, which is kind of disappointing. But then you don't have to pay for or wait for shipping and you get to physically browse which is always more fun.

3. eBay/Amazon - Because you can find pretty much any game between the 2 sites and once in a while you do find a good deal.

4. GameStop - I don't come to GameStop nearly as often just because I purchase a lot more retro-games than I do modern games. But when I do get modern games, it's usually at GameStop because they have pretty decent used prices.

General / Re: This game SUCKS!
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:19:17 pm »
Conan for NES. The game is a monstrosity and is broken in every sense of the word. I'm still angry 20 years later for being pulled in by the awesome artwork and the promise of Conan-style skull crushing.

The graphics are horrible, even by NES standards. And what's sad about that, is that the game was released in 1991, the same year as the Super Nintendo, so it should have been a great looking game since the NES had showed us all it's tricks by then. The enemies spawn randomly, and when I say randomly, I mean anywhere on the screen is fair game, at any time. So you could be in the middle of jump, and and enemy will spawn in front of you, which happens pretty often actualyl, and when it happens you suddenly plummet straight downwards like a falling rock to a fiery death below. And the controls, stiff as a corpse.

General / Re: This game DOESN'T SUCK?!
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:15:00 pm »
Viking: Battle for Asgard (360) - I picked this up used at GameStop for about $6.99.  There were multiple copies on the shelf, and at first glance I thought it was gonna be a stinker.  I was so wrong!  It's a great action, hack 'n slash game, and took me completely by surprise.  The in-game world is beautiful and the battles are epic.  I found the final boss fight to be incredibly difficult, though, and have yet to finish it for that reason.
The game was recently released for PCs, too, but since it was made by the developers of the Total War series, I thought it'd be a boring strategy game.
Not in the slightest.  You should give it a shot!  Especially since it's now been released for PC (didn't know that BTW).  :)

I loved Viking: Battle For Asgard, as well. And anyone that I've talked to that actually played it seemed to enjoy it, as well. I bought it for under $10 at Gamestop. Best of all there is like no loading times, travelling between areas and going from inside to outside is seamless. Criminally underrated game. However, the combat can get a bit repetitive.

General / Re: Intro thread
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:11:48 pm »
Wow, friendly site. Thanks for the welcomes!

Comic books
Which one? I guess spiderman for sure.
Welcome here.

Too many. I've been reading them for years upon years. I pretty much only read DC & Marvel comics with a few licensed titles here or there. But I read a ton of them! Let's see here: Green Lantern, JSA, JLA, Superman, Avengers, Spider-Man, Venom, Marvel Cosmic titles (Quasar, Nova, Warlock, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.), Star Trek, and plenty of others but those are the top ones for me.

General / Re: Intro thread
« on: December 17, 2012, 11:53:21 pm »
What's up everyone? Lifetime gamer here that's been playing since the NES days. I'm a big retro-gamer and a collector, which I'm sure many of you are as well; that's what brought me here.

Some basics about me:
-Total geek - Comic books, video games, sci-fi, and horror.
-Happily married
-American, from Northern California, born and raised

Merry Christmas everyone!

General / Re: This game DOESN'T SUCK?!
« on: December 17, 2012, 11:47:43 pm »
I stand by my statement that Bionic Commando for 360/PS3 is NOT a bad game. I played it all day long when I first got it and enjoyed it quite a bit actually.  Sure some of the story is wtf, and they totally make Spencer look retarded, but gameplay wise I found it very entertaining.

That's what makes me hate it so much. It is fun for the first few areas. Then it suddenly becomes nearly unplayable in it's difficulty. I mean radiation everywhere to the point that you can like never land, you are just constantly swinging while trying to battle enemies and those damn robot/mech things. Those annoying as hell flying orb things drove me insane, too.

The game just draws you in and then smacks the crap out of you.

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