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General / Re: Your Most Reliable Gaming Devices
« on: April 29, 2019, 02:18:29 am »
Everything I own is reliable. It's newer system that tend not to be. My Xbox 360 died twice on me back when they first came out and I just had a slim PS2 not make it in a move. I had a fat PS2 die on me as a kid as it stopped reading discs. Everything else works perfectly fine and has for years and years. As long as you keep the dust out and handle them with care they will last as long as you want.

Don't compare yourself to others. I have a massive game collection, tens of thousands of dollars just in physical games, but I don't talk anyone down or bring people down for having smaller collections. Everyone starts at the beginning and I remember when I bought my first couple of retro games and put them on a shelf. I was too in a few positions where I had all my games in a storage room for months or boxed up for years because I had nowhere to put them. Be happy with what you do have because even when my collection was small I was proud of it. Just because someone's collection is bigger doesn't also mean it's better. I have a friend who has just shovelware because he's too cheap to buy anything good and is proud of it...more power to him. Someone needs to buy up all the shovelware rotting in the game stores.

Usually, I only do this for a series I truly love. For example, I own every single version of every Mortal Kombat game on every system except for the last two releases. Before I had a high-end gaming PC I solely gamed on consoles my whole life until about 10 years ago, so I rebought a lot of games that were for consoles on Steam. Sometimes I just had a version that I played when it was released, but later bought it on another console that it was best for. For example, I rebought ALL of my PS2 games on the original Xbox as I never had an Xbox growing up and all the multi-platform titles run best on that system. Some games I bought have different cover art or were released at different times on different system with different features or collector's editions. There's lots of reasons.

General / Re: Collectors on Ebay acting like morons
« on: January 14, 2019, 01:26:31 am »
I haven't bid on an eBay item in 7 or 8 years. Unless it's available for Buy It Now I don't bother anymore.

There's a difference between hoarding and collecting. If you're just buying stuff up to keep in a storage somewhere to lock away forever it's pretty selfish, but most everyone here and fellow collector's don't do this. I just did a Goodwill run recently and instead of buying up every cheap game I saw whether I had it or not, I left the ones I already had for others to find, including consoles. I only need one of every console unless it's some type of special iteration. There are people who buy up entire shops and hoard it or flip it on eBay and it goes against every collector's merit.

Hardware and Tech / Re: PSP pandora battery DIY
« on: December 28, 2018, 06:33:32 am »
I have 2 bricked psp one 1004 and secound 2004 i want to unbrick them but pay 160$ for pandora batery is too much anybody do it yourself from psp slim batery?

You're better off just buying another PSP for $30 or so. The 3000 units are just fine and the best of the 3.

Classic Video Games / Re: doom 3 or doom 3 BFG what better
« on: October 26, 2018, 01:34:18 am »
Te BFG version I was told on the PC at least is a fake version of Doom 3. That included, all the Doom 3 expansion packs plus, original "Ultimate Doom" and "Doom 2", (all in one) I used to play Doom 3 BFG edition on the PC but I never played it through because I never really liked it as much as the original Doom series mainly because Doom 3 didn't really fit the doom story line.

This is a hard one mainly because the Doom BFG edition gives you more for your money, then the regular Doom 3 but, but Doom 3 BFG edition I was told is only a fake copy of Doom 3 made by the makers of Steam so I am current undecided of which is better :-\

 because I never played the original version of Doom 3 only the BFG version.

Check your facts bro, don't spread rumors. Valve would never do this. The PC version is just really buggy and the consoles versions are better on that front. Check your facts before posting something like this. It was published for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 by Bethesda.

Problem with discs are the read speeds. There's a reason you have to install games to HDDs these days before playing.  There's so much data that has to be read at once that discs are actually holding games back. I would still like physical copies such as collector's editions or something, but cards are a good way to go. Their read speeds are much faster and can hold large amounts of data, but they're costly.

General / Re: good place to start
« on: October 18, 2018, 12:56:38 am »
Start with common games first. Xbox, PS2, GameCube, are a good generation to start with. Nearly every game is widely available (the common ones) and the systems are cheap (under $50). When you collect try to get everything CIB (complete in box) unless you really don't have the storage space or care about that stuff. Most common games for those systems are under $10 some go for about $1. Once you get the hang of it you can go for handhelds, older retro consoles, or even current generation consoles. Once you start collecting you can build lists, rank them from rarest and most expensive to cheapest etc. I usually didn't tackle the rare expensive ones until I had all the common cheaper ones off my list. I also tried to get hardware as nice as possible. Check local game stores first as sometimes they're cheaper than online stores. I usually go into my local game stores (or drive up to 100 miles sometimes) with all my consoles in lists on Google Keep sorted by price range and rarity and I go from there.

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