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Re: Personally, still the best game franchise from the Nes days.
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Never liked Mega Man to be honest. The difficultly, the level design, the repetitive boss battles
I can understand why those things could be pretty alienating or unappealing.
and the absolutely dreadful art style and generic character design.
But thems fightin' words!

Rock man, Paper man, Scissors man... I think all of those are actually characters. Just throw a dart at something in the room and call it a robot master. Hell, just call the next one Dart man. Change his color and the pattern of his projectile and viola. The art style is somewhere between Thomas the Tank Engine and Legos, or something.

The funniest megaman boss's name in the franchise I think is called Hardman, what better name for a boss than Hardman? huh? :P

Also has anyone ever played "Megaman 8 bit deathmatch" mod for the online original doom engine " Zandronum"? you should be able to look up the game mod online then download it from

and for Zandronum but it takes some PC knowhow to get this up and working on your PC but the both this doom mod as well as the this Zandronum online engine is free.

once you have Zandronum you need to locate your doom wad files in which come with your copy of original dooms on Steam inside the steam apps folder on your hardrive, or your doom CD (if you have doom on CD)

But the doom wad files is required to play this megaman game I think
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