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Re: VGcollect Checking In Thread (May 2019 edition)
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Still active but circumstances have changed - now have a 10 week old son, so most of my time is spoken for and the remainder is more likely to be spent gaming rather than getting more, despite which I've built up plenty of store credit at my local indy game shop and CEX to splurge on games and blu rays over the year. CEX Have a lot of casual PC games and noughties PC games for 50p + £1.50 postage, so for a couple of quid I can pick up something different.


Re: VGcollect Checking In Thread (May 2019 edition)
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Summer 2019:

Not really into game collecting that much anymore. I don't game hunt, and I don't shop for new releases much either. 2019 has been a record for smallest amount added to my collection in probably 10 years (I started about 10 years ago). In some ways I consider myself done collecting, but there are still some loose ends I want to tie up eventually. Mostly concerning Sega Saturn, PS1, and Nintendo Wii. However, I've lacked the motivation or will to spend money on these collections any further.

I've become more interested in finding ways to enhance my current collection, as I want to work towards making my cart-only games boxed, in particular with the N64. I've also become for the first time interested in old CRT style televisions for classic gaming. I really like the way that old games look better on CRT televisions compared to a modern LCD. I found a relatively good cheaper made set that I took home a while back, but I'm still on the hunt for a mint condition CRT with component in, like a late model Sony Trinitron WEGA or Panasonic TAU to play all of my 5th-gen and earlier consoles on. I am looking to buy one of the upcoming universal competent cables that will work with non-moded consoles on a CRT, but I may also mod some of them if needed to output better video since NTSC's standard composite was always trash compared to Europe.


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I dont know how I missed this thread.

Im still collecting PS4. But as far as my job and my gym time, Im pretty much not doing anything else Mon-Thurs so I dont post like I used to.


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Im still here! I haven't checked the forums for quite a bit because my work and researching stuff is taking up the lions share of my time.
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